Awaken Journey 7: 5 Day Immersion Retreat + 7 Week Mastermind

      Denver, CO, USA

      29 reviews
      Apr 26 - 30, 2023
      Group size: 4 - 20
      Awaken Journey 7: 5 Day Immersion Retreat + 7 Week Mastermind
      Denver, CO, USA

      29 reviews

      Apr 26 - 30, 2023
      Group size: 4 - 20

      About this trip

      Join up to 16 journeyers for what alumni call the "most transformative experience" of their lives. Feel greater peace, love, joy, and harmony; learn how to flow with life's challenges; and manifest durable transformation in this 8 week journey, including:

      • 5 day in-person retreat,

      • 3 psilocybin mushroom ceremonies,

      • 2 weeks of virtual preparation,

      • 5 weeks of virtual integration,

      • Inner Circle peer support groups,

      • ongoing community access, and

      • tax-deductible donation to Ceremonia church.

      Awaken is the first of Ceremonia’s 3-stage Arc of Durable Transformation: Awaken, Heal, and Manifest. Our intention is to guide members to unimaginable levels of peace, joy, and spiritual connection while avoiding undue suffering.

      Awaken’s 5 day weekend all-inclusive retreat includes experiential workshops at the intersection of psychology and spirituality, science and shamanism. Our objective is to facilitate safety and skill with surfacing, allowing, and being with what may arise in the psychedelic experience. The 5 day program is organized as Mind, Body, Spirit, Unity, and Integration informed by the latest technologies of psychotherapy and ancient wisdom of sacred shamanism. These tools then become integral parts of how we can relate with our feelings and triggers back in the real world to be our Highest Self instead of avoiding or suppressing. 

      We gather in Ceremonia's sacred space in beautiful Denver, Colorado with a carefully curated group of amazing and loving souls. Awaken is suitable for members who have little to no experience with ceremony or psychedelic therapy as well as those who could benefit from a more guided transformational process. Our experienced facilitators and team of therapists have guided more than 300 founders, leaders, and creators through their transformational journeys with plant sacraments.

      As a non-profit 501(a)(8) entheogenic church, your donation is tax-deductible. Visit our website for more information about Ceremonia and what sets us apart.


      "Working with Ceremonia was truly life-changing... the impact on my life, relationships, kids, and even business cannot be overstated. I don't just feel like a different person. I am a different person."

      - Josh Linkner

      5X Tech Entrepreneur, 2X New York Times Bestselling author, Venture Capital investor

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      "This weekend with Ceromonia was life changing... The space is beautiful and really fun; the other participants had great energy and open hearts; and the overall experience was magical... Highly recommend for anyone who wants to get to the next level and is looking for truly expert guidance!"

      - Alex Raymond (CEO of Kapta & Host of the Conscious Entrepreneur Summit)

      "This was a really beautiful transformative experience... there's a tremendous amount of growth that happened and ultimately, I'm just humbled and honored to have been a part of it... the type of work that transpired here has has the power to change the world because because we're changing ourselves... if you're looking for something different, that's going to require you to do something different. And and I know that I've experienced something truly magical here."

      - Dillon Dygert (2x Exited Founder)

      "I just feel much more integrated and free and open and very humbled for the path ahead.... living from a place of selflessness and from a place of love and abundance and selfless service and care and community.... it shows and you're just integrity and dedication is very inspirational and valuable for the world. Thank you"

      - Elvie K (Head of Strategy at Major Financial Firm)

      "Austin is incredibly caring, wise and experienced in this subject matter. He has taught me a great deal about psychedelic and plant medicine integration and has been instrumental to my own personal consciousness journey."

      - Dr. Anna Yusim (Clinical Faculty, Yale Medical School)

      Best-selling Author, Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Love a Happier, More Meaningful Life

      "The retreat space, the retreat environment, invites an opportunity for growth, because you're around all different kinds of people from different backgrounds and different states and countries. And if you come with an open mind, you can receive a lot of healing and a lot of support. "

      - Kathleen Hooper (Musician)

      "It's really allowed me to relate to the world in a different facet with without having to try to figure it out myself. "

      - David Coombs (Coach)

      "As the CEO of a psychedelic medicine technology company, I'm so happy to have met Austin and developed both a deep personal friendship, as well as a fruitful working relationship with him... One attribute that is immediately obvious about Austin is his ability to balance both the theoretical and the emotional sides of personal growth... I am incredibly grateful to have Austin in my life, and couldn't recommend him more highly for anyone seeking the masterful blend of skills he offers."

      - David Champion (CEO of Maya Health)

      "[It] was the most profound experience of my life and having Austin hold space with such grounded, beautiful love, helped me to feel absolutely safe within my own, personal journey of self-discovery."

      - Erik Oberholtzer (Founder & CEO, 58% Water)

      "It was the combination of Austin’s spiritual and practical approaches that really freed me to continue my path. Understanding my physical body, my brain, and the interaction with the work, was crucial for me to grow and evolve... Simply put, Austin guided me into the work and has inspired and energized me weekly in the proceeding nearly two years. The beautiful symmetry of the leader and guide also seeking comfort, support and guidance from those whom he is leading became part of my blueprint; we all are on the path, we are all one, we are never alone, there is a way and all of us are guides in our own way."

      - Matthew Horeczko (Attorney & Founder of Matt-Law)

      Legal Plant Sacraments

      As a non-profit church located in beautiful Colorado, we provide access to these transformational experiences in a way that most providers cannot.

      The sacred entheogens that we serve are integral components of the Ceremonia religion. As such, our sacred practices and use of these sacraments are protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which has been upheld in the Supreme Court in concern with other plant sacrament churches. Additionally, Colorado recently decriminalized psilocybin mushrooms and DMT (the psychotropic compound in Ayahuasca) on November 9, 2022 in Proposition 122.

      Awaken is designed for members who have little to no experience with ceremony or psychedelic therapy. Within the retreat, our experienced facilitators serve the sacred entheogenic sacrament of psilocybin mushrooms in three ceremonies in accordance with the Ceremonia sacred practices. These are provided in escalating doses as an introductory on-ramp to the psychedelic experience.

      A Sacred Space

      Ceremonia’s home offers a truly special campus for our journeys and your next event. The 8,800 sq. ft. space on 2 acres features a heated indoor pool, steam room, hot tubs, and large workshop spaces. Ceremonia is conveniently located halfway between Denver and Boulder just forty minutes from Denver airport.

      • 40 ft heated indoor pool
      • massive outdoor patios
      • steam sauna
      • cold plunges
      • indoor hot tub
      • outdoor hot tub
      • koi pond and grotto
      • meditation spaces
      • 2 acres of land
      • 10 minute walk to Standley Lake

      Ceremonia & the Team

      Ceremonia is a non-profit, entheogenic church that combines the most advanced practices in psychology with the wisdom of sacred shamanism. Our goal is to produce deep and durable transformation in service of greater connection to one’s Higher Self—the Divine within—by facilitating a synthesis of science and spirituality through online mastermind trainings and experiential retreats.

      Austin Mao (Co-founder & Head Minister) is a writer, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and certified psychedelic integration coach. Most recently, he was the Program Director and facilitator for 1Heart, a leading Ayahuasca retreat for thought leaders and founders. Since 2020, Austin has participated in the spiritual journeys of more than 300 entrepreneurs, including Fortune 500 executives and Silicon Valley Unicorn founders.

      Chuchu Wang (Co-founder & Facilitator) Chuchu is a meditation and breathwork instructor, certified yoga teacher, and sex and relationship coach. She has been an Operations Manager and Elevation Leader for 1Heart, a leading Ayahuasca retreat for thought leaders and founders. As Steward and Facilitator, Chuchu lends her creative talents and heart-led wisdom to our sacred space and the spiritual journeys of our members.

      Supporting Staff include leading psychologists and psychedelic-assisted therapists.

      What’s included

      • 5 Day All-Inclusive
        Awaken your Highest Self in an all-inclusive immersive experience with a curated group of up to 16 souls. Includes luxury lodging, 3x meals a day, and spa time.
      • 3 Sacrament Ceremonies
        Journey inwards with three guided psilocybin mushroom sacrament ceremonies supported by experienced facilitators and therapists.
      • 2 Weeks Preparation
        Prepare for the journey ahead with two weeks of workshops, peer group calls, training videos, psycho-spiritual readings, consciousness exercises, meditations, rituals, routines, and nutrition guidance
      • 4 Weeks Integration
        Receive post-retreat support in integrating revelations and commitments with four weeks of integration workshops, peer group calls, accountability support, exercises, and more.
      • Facilitated Workshops
        Surface suppressed energies and learn tools to observe, allow, and let go of limiting beliefs with fellow inspirational leaders.
      • Yoga & Meditation
        Rebalance the nervous system, connect with your body, and feel the flow through guided yoga and meditations by certified facilitators.
      • Farm-to-table Meals
        Fresh, organic, farm-to-table meals by alumni and participant chefs who infuse the food with love and care.
      • Sound Bath
        Journey deeper through frequency and feel the healing powers of vibration.
      • Contrast Therapy
        Invoke courage and experience the extraordinary benefits of cold plunges and steam rooms in Ceremonia’s luxury spa.
      • Facilitated Peer Support
        Receive support from curated peer groups led by expert facilitators for more intimate sharing and accountability
      • Community Access
        An invitation to our growing community of creators who have also awakened their Higher Selves, sharing resources, support, and love.
      • Spa Access
        Total access to two hot tubs, a steam room, indoor heated pool, cold plunges, yoga deck, and more.
      • Luxury Shared Rooms
        Luxury shared rooms with memory foam beds, organic soaps, and indoor/outdoor access. Upgrades are available for private rooms or bathrooms.
      • 8 Week Mastermind
        Optional 8 week mastermind course that dives deeper into the psycho-spiritual frameworks facilitated in the Awaken program. Contact us for more details.
      • Spiritual Chic Clothing
        Gift shop for Tulum/Bali/Japanese-inspired wears at the gift shop in Ceremonia’s Sacred Space or at the

      Available Packages

      Inspiration (early bird)
      Available until March 28, 2023Sold Out
      Deposit: $1,111
      Commitment (standard)
      Available until April 11, 2023
      Deposit: $1,111
      Intention (last minute)
      Available until April 25, 2023

      Your Highest Self is calling and you are ready to answer. You will receive all Preparation materials and recordings of any calls that you missed. It's better late than never to Awaken the power within.


      Available options


      Day 1: Mind
      Allowing for what is

      The day of the Mind contains workshops to help the mind question its own limiting beliefs and be with whatever arises in presence. We curate a field of group safety and vulnerability through intentional authentic relating. Our objective is to enhance the capacity of one’s mind for non-resistance and allowance of whatever the psychedelic experience may surface.

      Your Organizer

      29 reviews
      Ceremonia is a non-profit entheogenic church based in Colorado that combines the most advanced practices in psychology with the wisdom of sacred shamanism. Our goal is to produce deep and durable transformation in service of greater connection to one’s Higher Self—the Divine within—by facilitating a synthesis of science and spirituality through online mastermind trainings and experiential retreats.


      This retreat was perfect in every way. The retreat center is absolutely stunning with amazing amenities, the staff were beyond hospitable, the food was absolutely delicious, and the ceremonies were life changing. I can’t recommend this transformative experience enough. If you are searching for your true self and the meaning of life - you must experience Ceremonia!
      By Danny Y for Awaken Journey 5: 5 Day Immersion Retreat + 6 Week Mastermind on 07 Mar, 2023
      What a wonderful venue, staff and community! Every aspect of this event was perfect - Thank you!
      By Danny Y for Ceremonia Valentine's Celebration on 14 Feb, 2023
      Lovely space, lovely hosts. Creative workshops and super cozy accommodations. Every room has cuddle puddle space for the comfiest container! I had a real duga time. Talent shows, fab music, 2 hottubs, pool, fun steamroom, idk... I didn't want it to end. I coulda stayed a week. Great connections. Love you Ceramonia 😍 💗
      By Astéri A for Ceremonia Valentine's Celebration on 14 Feb, 2023
      I am in awe with my experience at Ceremonia. The space was beautiful & clean. The facilitators were loving, aware, grounded & knowledgeable. There was much care in wanting the people to have a transformative experience. I loved the concentration of group experiences. My favorite part of the night was the workshop on relationship values . I give a 10/10 rating. It was a phenomenal experience and I can’t wait to go back.
      By Lara Elle B for Ceremonia Valentine's Celebration on 13 Feb, 2023
      As a facilitator, I’ve attended different retreats and Ceremonia was unlike any other container I’ve been in. The workshops were intentional and allowed me to go deeper into myself. It was a good blend of psychology, spirituality and science. Each day we focused on a different pillar. I loved how we had tools & practices to utilize on our tool belt. Their space was breathtaking. Austin and Chuchu are really taking it to the next level.
      By Adrian L for Awaken Journey 4: 4 Day Psilocybin Immersion + 6 Week Mastermind on 26 Jan, 2023
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