Awaken Your Medicine Woman

Living an Empowered Life!

Brietta Leader
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11 reviews
Jan 4 - Apr 25, 2021
Group size: 3 - 10
Awaken Your Medicine Woman
Living an Empowered Life!

Brietta Leader
  • Email address verified
11 reviews

Jan 4 - Apr 25, 2021
Group size: 3 - 10

About this trip

We will be creating an inner circle sisterhood to journey together and awaken the Medicine Woman within.

Learn how to effectively clear and restore your energy for daily balance and happiness!

*spark your intuition

*use the elements as healing tools

*claim your power

This sixteen week program invites us to dive deeply into the wisdom of the body through techniques designed from the 5 elements of the Earth. We will spend three weeks deeply in tune with each element, starting with Earth, then Water, Fire, Air & Space. The medicine of the elements is simple yet profound in its ability to self-diagnose, heal and revitalize the balance we desire. As many of you know it takes 21 days to shift out of an old habit and into a new. We get to spend 21 days with each element. Studying it's qualities somatically, energetically, collectively and medicinally. Leaving us more empowered and connected to the quality of life we crave.


*5 Exclusive WildCore videos that ignite & inspire each element for deep embodiment

*Energy Hygiene tools for personal and professional use within each element, sent as video.

* Awaken Your Medicine Woman Workbook.

*Sacred Self-Healing Bundle sent to your home; Sage, Offerings, Pendulum

*Member of a private Facebook group for sharing insights and inspirations

*Live or recorded 90 minute zoom class for each element.

What’s included

  • Self-healing Bundle
    Sent to your home!
  • Awaken Your MW workbook
    Sent to your home!
  • Private sessions
    Private or in person one hour calls to clear, energize and ignite your potentials
  • Personal Movement Mudras
    If you are a kinesthetic learner and would love to have Brietta design a specific mudra for your physical & energetic needs. You can choose which element you would like this support within.
  • Sacred Spray for support
    This sacred spray is specifically designed to support your Medicine Journey. This sacred spray was created in ceremony by Alesha Blackwolf.

Available Packages

Awakening Your Medicine Woman
Available until December 31, 20208 left

*Receive all the education and inspiration through the 16 week journey, both as recorded videos and live zoom classes. 

*Access to private Facebook Group

*Journal and Sacred bundle mailed to your home

*Lifelong access to program

Flash sale through December 30th~

Early Bird Registration November 30 --$375

Pre-Registration savings of $75 by December 30th--$425

$500 Thereafter

Deposit: $75

Available options


Orientation Week
January 4th-8th 2021 Week

In the Orientation Week you will receive your journals, sacred healing bundles and join a zoom call to meet your fellow sisters.

You will have basic assignments for intention setting and creating your vision for the journey. 

We will dance together in this first call too!

Your Organizer

Brietta Leader
11 reviews
Brietta is a teacher of dance in its many forms of healing, prayer, play and conditioning. She grew up as a dancer and discovered her path as a healing artist, while traveling in Asia. The combination of Brietta’s devotion to the dance, her gypsy spirit, family roots & passion to support herself and others into an embodied conscious awakening has birthed her own trademarked movement form called WildCore. Her years of study as a conscious dance leader and mentor for Soul Motion™ began to blend with 15 years as a Nia teacher, Massage Therapist, Shamanic student, devoted yogi, pranic healer, reiki practitioner, apprentice to mother -nature, energy enthusiast & performer. All of which contributed to WildCore’s development. Brietta loves to inspire self-healing through movement and offers classes, workshops & co-creative retreats and performances to her hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho, surrounding areas and internationally.


Soul resetting. Future begetting. Past unraveling. Present impacting. Loves renewed. god is good. People holding. Taste unfolding. Empowering
By Ashley T for WildCore: Creative Empowerment on Sep 27, 2023
This entire trip process was fantastic. Pretrip communication, payment planning, accommodations, the food and activities, were JUST what I needed. Every person felt oriented and interactions with staff and other retreat participants felts connective, clear, and supportive. Looking forward to any future programs with Brietta or the community center 🥰
By Bri G for New Moon Sacred Visionary on Apr 27, 2023
Life-changing. Energy infusing. Connection building. Life giving. Utterly amazing.
By Ashley T for New Moon Sacred Visionary on Apr 25, 2023
I really enjoyed getting back into dance-yoga! Brietta is a talented teacher of new moves, giving variety of options to change intensity. Nice choices for music is always a plus for her sessions.
By Joan D for Dancing with the Radiance Sutras on Oct 01, 2022
My retreat experience was just lovely and filled my bucket with connection, dance, art, yoga, and time with nature. Unexpectedly, the retreat also felt very sacred and spiritual weaving in breathwork, shamanic work, cacao ceremony, a ceremonial sweat, singing, and meditation. It was everything that I knew and didn’t know I needed. Brietta held a wonderful, easy, gentle container for the retreat. Titina co-facilitated and brought in her shamanic and breathwork practices bringing the sacred into the retreat which I very much appreciated. Thank you so much Brietta! I appreciate you, your friendship and the work you do in this world!
By Kristine R for Your Wild Beauty Women's Retreat on Mar 18, 2022
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