AWAKEN YOUR NATURE - Connect and Balance Your Energy Centers

Sedona, AZ, USA

Vanessa Barros
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Apr 11 - 15, 2019
Group size: 1 - 18
AWAKEN YOUR NATURE - Connect and Balance Your Energy Centers
Sedona, AZ, USA

Vanessa Barros
  • Email address verified

Apr 11 - 15, 2019
Group size: 1 - 18

About this trip

Travel to Sedona and access the power of sacred landscapes for personal and planetary transformation.

We will be visiting Vortexes where you most strongly plug into the multidimensional Sedona spiritual energy.  Ceremonies & tours will be done at the main Vortices which occur at  these five locations:

1.   Bell Rock

2.  Airport Mesa

3.  Cathedral Rock

4.  Boynton Canyon

5.  Antelope Canyon

In  Addition to the visits to the main vortices, we will tour:

1. Cruise thru Historic Old Town Cottonwood 

2. Montezuma Castle National Monument at Camp Verde

3. Sightseeing the Historic Chapel of the Holy Cross

4. Stop at Crescent Moon Picnic Site

5. Redrock State Park

According to Indian Legend, this is where humans come face to face with their true nature. The Sedona Region has more energy vortices than any other site on Earth. Stones from this region retain Sedona's vibrant energy, no matter how far they travel.

For Thousands of years, American Indians have performed sacred ceremonies at Sedona.  Although the whole landscape is awesomely beautiful, the energy vortices are what draw people from around the world.

Earth energy lines, or telluric currents, follow the circulation of magnetic and electrical flows within the Earth.  The energies are cyclical and seasonal, fluctuating and self-renewing.  Where two or more Earth energy meridians cross, a powerful psychic spots, which concentrate natural healing energies and shamanic power, and sited sacred places accordingly.

 "There exists an open door to possibilities in life much larger than the limits of our minds.   What we may call a vortex the Native Americans call sacred ground." 


What’s included

  • 4 nights/5 days
  • Logistic transportation
    Transport from Airport and to airport, to vortexes, tours and diners.
  • Activation Ceremonies
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Water and snacks
  • materials for activities

What’s not included

  • Airline Ticket
    group rates available
  • Lunch & Dinners
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Antelope Canyon
    additional $75
  • Balloon Journey
    Additional $150

Available Packages

Private Master Room - 2 to 3 people

The Bedroom has a king size bed and a  master bathroom. This room can host two adults.

Deposit: $400
Private Room - Queen Bed for 2
Deposit: $300
Shared Rooms with Bunk beds - Single
Deposit: $300
Shared Room - Queen bed for 2
Deposit: $300


Day 1
Opening Day

Pick up arrivals at airport at designated time.

buffet lunch/ Meet and Greet

Montezuma Castle base chakra energy center opening ceremony

Bellrock Courthouse Rock Masculine Vortex

Chapel of Holy Cross Sacral chakra activation

Cathedral Rock solar Plexus activation

Whole foods for grocery items and dinner

Settle into the house/ house rules and room assignments

Your Organizer

Vanessa Barros
Vanessa Barros -Intuitive Reader & Coach, Reiki Master. She uses her gifts to release emotional attachments & to bring our mind body and soul into balance. Otherwise, you'll find her connecting with kindred spirits on a nearby ocean or exploring a sacred site in a distant land. Angel Mae Collin - licensed acupuncture physician, massage therapist, & reiki Master. She combines different modalities to offer a holistic approach to healing for the physical, mental, & spiritual body.