Awakening the Earth Dragon Woman

Saint-Victor-la-Coste, France

Sep 7 - 9, 2018
Group size: 6 - 12
Awakening the Earth Dragon Woman
Saint-Victor-la-Coste, France

Sep 7 - 9, 2018
Group size: 6 - 12

About this trip

 Awakening the Earth Dragon Woman

Earth Dragon woman is the third element in the popular Awakening Dragon series, after the major success of the Fire Dragon with Shaman Dr Tara Long and the Water Dragon with Komala Lyra. . We are so happy to announce the Awakening of the Earth Dragon Woman which will take place this September 7-9th in the incredible Chateau St. Victor in Southern France led by Dawn Cherie and Jasmeen Hana.

Who is she ? -

The Earth Dragon Woman is grounded. Like her snake counterpart, she journeys on the earth but connects to what’s below the surface, mining for her power and vision.
She Feels her belly and listens to her guts, to her intuition.
She uses herbs and medicinal plant medicines for healing and connecting to her body.
The Earth dragon knows her medicine and how to heal herself and others.
She carries the wisdom of the mother/ crone…and gains nourishment through the cycles and the changes within her body
She is deeply connected to the the earthly cycles.

This event goes deep into the self - to the mother within us all.
We will find that inner resting place that remembers home. The inner home that enables a sense of safety, confidence and anchoring in the sometimes turbulent outer world.

From here we drop anchor , feeling ourselves deeply connected to the Earth and to all that comes from the Earth, intricately woven and a part of all.

This workshop can be great if you are:

-Looking to ground a project, anchor in sisterhood, heal mother /ancestral wounds.
-If you want to slow down and listen and to mine for truth in the core of your being
-Set intentions for the beginning of the autumn season and ground them in the presence of other woman
-Are going through a cycle change approaching motherhood or menopause or/ and wish to anchor in a healthier relationship to your cycle.
-Wanting to feel more part of this Earth and your place in it.

The Chateau is part of this. It has stood for over 500 years and seen many moons wax and wane . It is a place of nurturing, where we can nourish ourselves and connect with the bountiful nature around us. Autumn is traditionally associated with giving thanks for the bounty and harvest of the land- its a time to appreciate the golden light of shorter days and longer nights still enjoying the softness of the air, the caresses of the sun and playing with the lengthening shadows.

This event is for women only and provides an almost womb like experience to journey to places that are often ignored or unknown.

Dawn and Jasmeen are both ISTA facilitators and have years of experience of working with women. Dawn runs the RED TENT for women in Israel and Jasmeen offers courses, also in Egypt for women. Both passionate creators, artists, transformational guides and supports.. This shall be a very special event, a once in a life time experience as each event is so unique and cannot be replaced.

Price: 700 Euros to include all classes , accommodation in shared bedrooms with private bathrooms, 3 delicious vegetarian or vegan meals daily and full use of the Chateau, heated pool and gardens

Dates The course will start 11am Friday 7th September and finish 4pm Sunday afternoon

Those wishing to arrive earlier and stay later can do so for an additional 150 euros to include bed and breakfast ( evening meal if arriving on Thursday ).
Nearest airports are Nimes, Avignon, Montpellier, Lyons and Marseille . The train is extremely fast TGV from Paris to Avignon or Marseille or Lyons to Avignon.

Chateau St Victor la Coste

Please contact for further details and to register your interest. Registration is confirmed by paying a non refundable deposit of 200 euros . Bank details will be supplied . 

What’s included

  • Accomodation
    Accommodation in shared bedrooms with private bathrooms
  • 3 Meals a day
    3 delicious vegetarian or vegan meals daily
  • Full use of the Chateau
    heated pool and gardens
  • Classes
    All classes

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The Chateau has great history dating back to 1541. Built by an Italian Renaissance architect it has a delightful uplifting effect to every body that visits. It consists of the main Chateau and has also 3 independent cottages outside with a central swimming pool and multilevel terraced gardens. It was designed at the orders of Thomas de Gadagne a Florentine financier of the King of France who was rewarded by the king with the Chateau and the Seigneuirie of St Victor La Coste. The Castellas has had an illustrious history and many important marriages from this site.The chateau was built in 1541 below the old Castellas which was the home of the Sabran family. Raymond Beringer was the Count of Toulouse who married the Sabran daughter. The 4 beautiful daughters of Raymond Berenger IV married 4 kings - Marguerite married Louis of France, Beatrix became Queen of Naples and Sicily, Sancie became Queen of Austria and Eleonore married Henry III Plantagenet King of England.