Away To Africa - Kenya Lamu Yoga Retreat

15 reviews
Mar 3 - 14, 2021
Group size: 1 - 22
Away To Africa - Kenya Lamu Yoga Retreat

15 reviews

Mar 3 - 14, 2021
Group size: 1 - 22

About this trip

This beautiful East African country is home to mountain highlands, vast savannahs and the dramatic Great Rift Valley. Explore, Enjoy & Embrace Kenya. You will embark on a curated relaxation tour – you’ll visit the big cities of Nairobi & Mombasa, the home of the Masai tribe, Diani Beach an onward to Lamu Island for the Lamu Yoga Fest. We’ll start each morning and/or end the day with with controlled breathing, journalizing visions & various Yoga practices.

Breathe in… breathe out… believe it. You’re in Kenya.

What’s included

  • Gratitude Bag
    Includes I Met God Merch & Jah 9 Gear
  • Lodging
    All accommodations during the trip
  • Meals
    Specified meals throughout tour
  • Domestic Airfare
    One way airline ticket from Nairobi to Mombasa, Mombasa to Lamu and returning to Lamu to Nairobi.
  • Guide Services
    An Away to Africa Tour Representative that travels with you 100% of the time on the ground
  • Transport
    All Transportation Costs which includes Personal Driver and Airport Pickup & Drop-off
  • Lamu Yoga Festival
    Includes Tickets to Lamu Yoga Festival
  • Activities
    Entry fees covered for all included activities.
  • No International Flights
    International Round Trip Flight Add-On is available for each departure.
  • Visa
    You are required to secure appropriate travel visas
  • Extra Activites
    Anything outside of the tour is your responsibility, entry, transport, food. etc
  • Libations
    All hotel room services charges & personal libations are your own responsibility

Available Packages

KENYA: March 03 - March 14 (Single Occ.)
Deposit: $200
KENYA: March 03 -March 14 (Double Occ.)
Deposit: $200
KENYA: March 03- March 11 (Single Occ.)
Deposit: $200
KENYA: March 03- March 11 (Double Occ.)
Deposit: $200
LAMU ONLY: March 09 - 14 (Single Occ.)
Deposit: $200
LAMU ONLY: March 09 - 14 (Double Occ.)
Deposit: $200

Available options

Visa Services


Day 1 - March 03, 2021
Arrive in Africa and Unwind

Karibu Kenya! Meet the other travelers, Away to Africa team. 

Relax for a little and take in the African sunset from the rooftop on your first evening in Nairobi.

Your Organizer

Away To Africa
15 reviews
Away to Africa is a destination management company dedicated to providing guided, cultural travel experiences throughout selected countries in Africa with affordable flight bookings, ground transportation, lodging and 24/7 personal concierge services. We currently offer tours for business, leisure & entertainment.


This was TRULY a trip of a lifetime. Experiencing Africa for the first time by visiting 5 different countries was truly a life changing experience. We will forever hold the memories of the people we met, our tour guides, the activities and excursions and the pure joy of being in "Mamma Africa" in our hearts forever. We will never be the same...and that's a GREAT thing. And we are already planning for our 2022 return to visit some new countries and repeat some of our favorites from our first trip. THANK YOU for making a dream a reality. What a great way to kick-off the year celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and 20th year together as a couple! Truly memorable!!
By Tana S for Away To Africa - 10 Year Anniversary Personalized Tour on 13 Jan, 2022
Hello Tiffanie, The Landrys made it safely back to USA. We had a memorable lifetime experience. We got to be hands on with our people in the villages, feel their energy, experience our ancestors spirit, and allow ourselves to be immersed in the culture. Oh how I love our people, my Brothers & Sisters, & their culture. Names truly have meaning & purpose. Everywhere we went, the spirit of the People was warm, inviting, & receptive. There were some things & places we are not accustomed to seeing & experiencing, but we never felt threatened or in danger at any time. I can't say the same for places I've visited in America or some other countries. We just felt safe, as if we were with Family. What an overwhelming feeling of security & comfort. Now let me convey our sentiments about Away to Africa staff: "Godsend" 1st, Ivy was a true blessing & joy. She coordinated the experiences & getting people moving, although challenging @ times, but always with a smile. Knows Ghana like the back of her hand. Always available & quick responding to needs of the group, no matter the time.. Did she ever sleep!! Most importantly, she did it with grace & such a beautiful spirit. Never ever negative, always positive, in the midst of some negativity. Godsend! Next, Courage truly exemplifies his name. Everywhere we went he made sure the places were ready to receive us & our entry was smooth without delay. Great problem solver & listener. Very calm & confident spirit. Calming soul! Godsend! Kobi(?), WOW! Can drive a bus in any condition, terrain, weather, or place. Can maneuver a bus in tight spaces, narrow roads, crowded streets, but most importantly, done with grace, calmness & a big smile. Godsend! Paul, was the 1st person to meet us @ airport. From that time on, we knew this young man was a true gentleman. Got us to breakfast and checked on us constantly. He truly made our entry into Ghana welcoming & secure, even after clearing customs, which truly was not bad at all. I appreciate the Ghanaians for being thorough upon entry into their Country. Paul is a good soul & dancer. Godsend! Rebecca, quiet, but by the end of the trip, we all wanted to hug Rebecca. Knew her role and assisted everyone. Beautiful spirit & very talented. Love her story. Godsend! So grateful to David for organizing visits to villages. Naming Ceremony was powerful & emotional. We truly felt, "AKWAABA"!!! This staff, along with the People & culture, made sure that we would have a lifetime experience, that would change & challenge us for the better as we return to our respective homes. But definitely, without hesitation or doubt, that we will return....again & again & the home of our ancestors, who gave their life, that we might live!!! Our souls are overjoyed & full. Thank you for providing an amazing experience. Please please please pass on to your staff. P.S. So sorry we missed Kakun National Park. We were so looking fwd to that experience. Along with Cape Coast, visits to villages, & Boti Falls, those were the experiences we were most excited about. Tours were great. Tour guides illustrated the history so well, we felt as if we were present @ the time. WOW WOW WOW!!! Blessings to you & all your staff and may God richly Bless Away to Africa in this New Year.
By Donald L for Away To Africa Tour highlighting Afrochella Festival Ghana 2021 on 12 Jan, 2022
This tour was an incredible experience from start to finish. All accommodations were top tier and exceeded our expectations. The guides were knowledgeable and, in some cases, went above and beyond to make this trip a pleasurable experience. Travelling during Covid can be a nightmare for many, especially with the ever-changing requirements imposed on many wanting to travel from the United States to a foreign country. The staff at Away to Africa ensured that we were kept apprised of any change in requirements and made the necessary arrangements to allow for a smooth transition. I must commend the team on the itinerary choices, we were never bored and entered each experience with a new-found enthusiasm. I highly recommend Away to Africa for anyone interested in seeing the continent. You will be "forever changed for the ordinary," B Colbert, Brooklyn, NY USA.
By Bernadette C for Away To Africa - Kenya & Zanzibar 'Best of Two Islands' Tour on 07 Jan, 2022
It was my first time on the continent and so glad I did it with Away to Africa in Ghana! The staff (David, Ivy, Courage, Rebecca and Kobbie were the most hands-on with my group) was more than Welcoming, accommodating, knowledgeable, patient, and just FUN to spend time with. I traveled with a brother and niece and was most interested in the history and the adventure and A2A delivered. Finally, I have made lifelong friends and we are committed to support of the 2 villages we visited. Thanks again Tiffanie and all the A2A STAFF May the new year bring you increase in opportunities to seek God and His promises for you. Love and Prayers, Lori L❤️🙏🏽
By JUDGE LORI L for Away To Africa Tour highlighting Afrochella Festival Ghana 2021 on 06 Jan, 2022
Adventurous , entertaining and educational.
By William N for Away to Africa ~ Togo, Benin & Ghana Land Investment 2021 Tour on 23 Mar, 2021
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