Ayurveda Yoga & Moonology Yoga Teacher Training

Apr 8 - Jun 22, 2024
Group size: 1 - 30
Ayurveda Yoga & Moonology Yoga Teacher Training

Apr 8 - Jun 22, 2024
Group size: 1 - 30

About this trip


The name Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term, made up of the words ‘ayus’ and ‘veda’. ‘Ayus' means life and ‘Veda’ means knowledge or science. The term 'Ayurveda' means the knowledge of life or the science of life.  Ayu comprises the mind, body, senses and soul. 

The blend of these two ancient modalities: Yoga & Ayurveda; is nothing short of magic!  Join Hali Love and learn how to teach creative sequences in the style of gentle yoga, vinyasa & hatha yoga! Study at your own pace with guidance & support from Hali Love through your entire program.    


The moon has a powerful effect on our entire being, from our physical body, to our psyche, to our emotions and energy.  During this program you will experience 10 moon ceremonies, each with different practices from asana, to mantra & mudra and personal development, anchored into the specific spiritual meaning of each individual moon.

All ceremonies will be followed by a program module presentation, and will all be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube studio for later viewing - incase you have a schedule conflict.



These are the required modules that you need to study in order to reach the requirements set out by The International Yoga Alliance.


Learn the different effects of the full and new moons, and learn how to host your own moon ceremonies, blending yoga and Ayurveda. 


Awaken with your own personal Ayurvedic study, learn how to infuse your gentle, vinyasa and hatha yoga classes with this healing philosophy, and learn how to offer your clients Ayurveda Yoga Balancing Consultations.


Learn how to successfully market yourself as an Ayurveda Yoga Teacher, learn how to design your own moon ceremonies, and create a powerful business plan.


Our program curriculum offers you an in-depth study of both yoga & Ayurveda that will equip you to deliver powerfully themed yoga classes, breath-work sessions & meditations to your students.

You will also learn The Business of  a successful yoga teacher where you will learn how to market yourself as an Ayurveda Yoga Teacher, as well as how to guide your clients through a Yoga Based Ayurveda Consultation.

Program Begins Monday, April 8, which is the new moon; a perfect time to begin a magical journey of exploration, growth & connection.  On this powerful day, we will meet as group for introductions, a new moon ceremony & a review of your program modules & site access.


Zoom Meet Up Schedule

Remember that ALL zoom meet ups are recorded and uploaded to the program platform for later viewing. The lead facilitator of this program: Hali Love is committed to seeing your through your program completion. 

Each session is 3 hours in length. 

Monday April 8 / 4:00pm / New Moon Ceremony & Live Module Presentation

Thursday April 18 / 4:00pm / Dosha Themed Practice & Live Module Presentation

Tuesday April 23 / 4:00pm / Full Pink Moon & Live Module Presentation

Tuesday May 7 / 4:00pm / New Moon Ceremony & Live Module Presentation

Thursday May 16 / 4:00pm / Dosha Themed Practice & Live Module Presentation

Thursday May 23 / 4:00pm / Full Moon Ceremony & Live Module Presentation

Friday June 7 / 4:00pm / New Moon Ceremony  & Live Module Presentation

Thursday June 13 / 4:00pm / Dosha Themed Practice & Live Module Presentation

Saturday June 22 / 4:00pm / Full moon ceremony & Graduation 

What’s included

  • Live Moon Meet Ups
    We will be meeting on zoom for each new and full moon where you will be guided through a ceremony that will harness the powerful energy of the specific moons, as well as a live program module presenta
  • Live Dosha Meet Ups
    During these meet ups you will experience a practice including asana, pranayama and meditation geared toward a specific Dosha (Ayurvedic Body Type) / element, followed by a Live Module Presentation.
  • 1:1 Sessions
    Included in your tuition are 5 hours worth of 1:1 check in calls with Hali Love or one of her Experienced Yoga Ayurveda Experts. These can be scheduled in 30 minute increments for ease of scheduling.
  • Lifetime Access
    You get lifetime access to your program modules & to Hali Love's Yoga Teacher Training Forum, where you will connect with hundreds of teachers from around the world.
  • Unlmited Yoga Classes
    Included in your tuition is a 3 month unlimited yoga pass to all in person and virtual drop in classes held at Playa Negra Yoga Studio.

Available Packages

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification
Available until March 23, 2024
Deposit: $500

Your Organizer

Hali Love
My yoga & personal growth programs, retreats & trainings are all about UNBECOMING. We use loving guidance & tools designed to work with our body, mind & spirit in order to strip away constraints— the emotional ties, the energetic hooks & physical bounds that keep us shackled to unhealthy patterns & abusive relationships; we rewire the thoughts of unworthiness & emotional traumas that block us from our true power— all through the creation of safe, supportive and loving spaces.

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