Azores adventure, blissfulness of the Flores Island

Lajes Das Flores, Azores, Portugal

Aleksandra Tabaczynska
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Jun 22 - 27, 2020
Group size: 10 - 30
Azores adventure, blissfulness of the Flores Island
Lajes Das Flores, Azores, Portugal

Aleksandra Tabaczynska
  • Facebook verified

Jun 22 - 27, 2020
Group size: 10 - 30

About this trip


Adventure in the Azores most beautiful Island, Ilha das Flores. 

We welcome you to the space of heart, we welcome you to the space of coherence, to our unique space, here in Flores Island... 

We are inviting you to an adventure filled with channelings, great music, lovely and supportive people, hicks, fire ceremony, dolphins watching and much more...

For some, it will become a life changing trip, for others, it will remain a beautiful and unforgettable memory from Islander’s point of view. 

We will be joined by international speakers, meditation guide Geraldine Orozco, as well as Yoga teacher, Divine Dervish dance instructor and a life coach. Laughter and good vibes guaranteed! 

As a big part of this adventure, this spiritual retreat, we will receive channeled messages from Lemurian Mothers, Arcturian Brotherhood and Sisterhood, from KRYON, Ascended Masters. All of our Light Family will be there for us to deliver guidance and private messages to participants in our benevolent circle of Love.... Teachings from Masters will lead us to open ourselves up to coherence, to loving and carrying space in our hearts, which will help us to balance, to harmonize our own energy, to believe in our own Light, to believe in love in us as humans...  

We will experience blissfulness in many aspects, at many levels, in the most welcoming environment, in “Hawaii of the Atlantic” -  Ilha das Flores, the Azores. It is a magnificent place to enjoy and relax, to spend a few days, just by yourself or with a group of friends. Long friendships will be built as we will be in tranquillity, in a spectrum of our lights, in joy, in happiness, rediscovering, relearning, remembering who we are ...

Alexandra MaRtaDa Tabaczynska 

Geraldine Orozco

 Geraldine has over 14 years of experience in the holistic arts. Since her own  awakening in 2009, she works directly with source following her intuition and psychic abilities. She began shamanic energy training in 2008 and was enhanced in 2013 after a life-changing experience in which she was directed into her deeper purpose. Developing these advanced abilities to see the energetic and multidimensional body facilitate a powerful, deeper and more connected guidance and healing of each person she works with. 


Geraldine now dedicates herself to the dissemination of knowledge of hybridization programs and the correction of the commonly held dogma of the human genetic timeline, historical record and human bio structure. She is currently writing her first book. DNA Origins and the Human Hybridization Program.

Geraldine's Inspirational story is now part of a 16 time winning Documentary called Extraordinary the seeding focused on the hybridization program.

She is a Radio host, Artist. Speaker and Healer. 

Alexandra MaRtaDa Tabaczynska


Alexandra has been on her spiritual path for over 6 years now. Her dramatic, in some ways, awakening, gets her closer to understanding people's hearts. She works as a channeler, with many Light Beings and Non-beings, in a higher realm of Divine frequencies. 

She would describe herself as a Spiritual Teacher, a Healer, in support of others, their Light and their journey into their very own magnificence. 

As a Teacher and a Healer, Alexandra works closely with Ascended Masters, Arcturians, LemuriansHealers, Akashic Masters, and Oneness, often assisting those who feel the call. 

As a healer, Alexandra works mainly through hypnosis, meditation, and channelled guidance that brings beautiful changes into clients' life, as she helps them to shift and balance their own energy field.

Alexandra published three channelled e-books, ascension guides in English, and two channelled ascension guides in Polish. Currently, she is working on developing a new modality in the Quantum Hypnosis field.

Camille Farge


Camille Farge born in Paris, the 11th of August 1973. Attracted by a new culture, she started to travel just after her fisiotérapist diploma at 21years old.

Life offered her the early possibility of nomadic living on a sailboat around the Atlantic Ocean. She lived 10 years on board, got pregnant and raised 2 kids while travelling and finding jobs everywhere.

When she arrived in Flores Island and fell in love with the amazing nature there and found everything she wished to settle down. She built her house, created her own clinic and started a new experience about planting fruit trees, a vision of autonomy..

Now, she has 4 children and 3 were born at home without any medical assistance and she is known as one of the first women that had used masturbation during birthing. 

After her 40, she started to focus on sharing her experience (health, birth, nomadism, education, ...) to offer a new vision about how we can be the creator of our own life, inspire everybody to follow their dreams. She believes that it can be very easy to be free of our mentals fears and limitations; to be, to act and love who we really are.

With her friend Jamie Patten, they organise «burning fears party » to help people and themselves in this process of transformation and realisation.

Smirna Kulenovic

 Born during the war in Sarajevo, Bosnia - Smi Smi (Smirna Kulenovic) inherited the traditional Sacred Dervish Dance method from her grandfather, who was her teacher and transformer, helping her spiritually survive the horrors of war as a child. Soon after the war, she started traveling and sharing this sacred dance with everyone interested in healing and spiritually evolving. She is a professional performance and sound artist, oriented on exploring Solfeggio frequencies, and uniting the vibratory fields of Sacred Sound with Sacred Movement Methods. 

Cancelattion Policy


Naturally, no one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things do happen, so please purchase travel cancellation insurance once you have made your reservation.

To join the retreat you must have travel insurance.

A non-refundable deposit 350EUR is required.

Cancellation 14 days or more prior the first day of the retreat: guest receives the full amount of payment made less the 350EUR

Cancellation 13-8 days prior the first day of the retreat: guest receives a 50%  refund of payment made less the 350EUR

Cancellation 7days or less prior the first day of the retreat: no refunds will be given.

There will be no refunds for arriving late or leaving early. 

I wish I could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc), but I have costs already going into play when reserving retreat. I have designed the cancellation policy to be as compassionate as possible in the case that your plans change. But to protect yourself further, I strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance.

Full payment of the balance is to be made no later than 3 weeks before the retreat.

What’s included

  • refreshments
    refreshments will be delivered to the spots
  • shuttle from to airport
  • workshops
    Yoga, Divine Dervish dance, OM chanting, circle of sharing
  • organized trips
    the purpose for those trips will be to take you to the most wonderful places, not known for turist, not known to "public", it will take you like in a time travel capsule, to time-no-time space
  • free time
    self-care routines for evening alone time, optional silent, mealtimes, solo hikes etc
  • speakers
    the team of internationally known speakers will join us to share their journeys, to share the knowladge and experience with us, the journey of a Soul... empowerment, abundance, joy in Life, alignment
  • meals
    meals are not included
  • flights
    flights to/from are not included
  • insurance
    insurance is not included in the price of retreat
  • accommodation
    not included

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