Back To Joy Yoga, Spirituality and Nature Immersion Retreat

07100 Sóller, Balearic Islands, Spain

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 4
Back To Joy Yoga, Spirituality and Nature Immersion Retreat
07100 Sóller, Balearic Islands, Spain

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 4

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Yoga, Bed & Gourment Ayurvedic Breakfast in Paradise – Create your dream retreat! with Team Caelo & Local instructors
Chef: Gaby Gambina


BACK TO JOY, Yoga & Nature Immersion – Summer Session – with Jennifer
Chef: Sofia Sagripanti


KHAGHAYA Immersion with Maeva
Chef: Gaby Gambina


RADIANCE: Awakening Your Inner Frequency, Kundalini, Yin & Sound with Mariella, Jennifer & Special Guests
Chef: Sofia Sagripanti

Welcome to Joy in July

This year spend your precious summer time of rejuvenation and inspiration, returning to a more vibrant and balanced state of being, in a way that will stay with you well after the warm days and dreamy sunsets fade.

Every one of these retreat experiences has been designed to elevate your spirit as well as your senses, create greater vitality and well-being, - and to simply be a fun and uplifting adventure filled with exciting new experiences, in like-minded company, where you will create connections and feed your soul.

A variety of practices, themes and durations to fit with what you need to rest and recharge, and also maybe that special journey that you’ve been secretly dreaming of for this summer.

You’ll find an overviews of the program of individual retreats below. If one of these opportunities speaks to you, don’t hesitate to reach out soon for more detailed infomation, room options and pricing as all programs are limited to 11 guests maximum in order to create the optimal conditions for your summer retreat experience.


2 - 8 July, BESPOKE YOGA, BED & GOURMET AYURVEDIC BREAKFAST in Paradise - Create the retreat of your dreams!

Looking for a little more independence and freedom to explore the island than a classic retreat might allow.? Or traveling with a partner that might be a little less enthused about a yogic immersion than you?

This is your opportunity to simultaneously take your dream vacation and create your ideal wellness experience at the same time! We provide your peaceful accommodation, in our holistic haven of well-bing and include daily morning yoga along with a generous gourmet ayurvedic breakfast/ brunch and you choose how much or how little you would like to add to it. We will provide you with a list of additional onsite therapies, services and consultations that you can add if you so desire, as well as lots of tips on where to go and what to do to get the most out of your time on the island.

You can come alone - in a private or shared room - or with a partner or friend, be as independent as you like and still get all the wellness benefits and the pleasure of being in a community of like-minded travelers.

Room rates includng yoga & brunch start at 139€ per night/ per person in a double room with 2 twin beds and a private bath. Singles from 195€ - queen bed, private bath. 3 night minimum stay. Stay 4 - 6 nights, save -10% of the total price.. 

BACK TO JOY - Yoga & Nature Immersion

9 - 16 July, BACK TO JOY - Yoga & Nature Immersion Retreat with Jennifer

More time - more sun - more sea - more practice - deeper exploration- new workshops -exciting excursions - special guests... More Joy! The euphoria of Summer is ready to carry this blissful Spring retreat to the next level. Be a part of it!

The transcendentalists, like the yogis, knew that it was crucial for humans to have a close relationship with nature. That it was essential to restore balance. That we were a part of nature. And today more than ever we can feel that need.

Surrounded by the powerful energy of the Tramuntana mountain range, near the rugged coastline between Deià & Sóller, deeply immersed in nature, beauty & tranquility, practice & community, through a combination of dynamic and gentle practices combined with sound healing, come and elevate your vibration, clear your mind, restore your vitality and reconnect yourself back to the infinite source of light & joy within you.

Whether you are looking to restore your well-being and vitality at the deepest level, to make a change in your life, to find greater peace and purpose, or simply to disconnect to reconnect - everything you need will be on hand this July in Sóller!


- 7 nights/ 8 Days 
- Twice daily Yoga & Meditation - Vinyasa - Jivamukti - Yin - Sound Healing - Mantra & Yoga Philosophy Exploration
- Added participation of CAELO team members Anastasia Artemove & Kim Hurel ffrom for select classes and a special workshop!
- Sacred Cacao Ceremony
- Guided Coastal Hike & Seaside Meditation
- Some of the most beautiful beaches on the island in close proximity
- A Free day of Integration & Exploration - July 12th
– A magical boat excursion
- Delicious & Revitalizing, Eclectic Cusine Prepared by Renowned International Plant-based Chef Sofia Sagripanti

All inclusive accomodation prices in a double room start at 1450€ (2 Twins, Private bath)


En sanskrit, Khagaya est l’un des nombreux noms védiques désignant le Soleil.
Chaque matin en Inde, les Brahmans utilisaient des Salutations au Soleil pour honorer et remercier ce nouveau jour de vie et de feu pour l’humanité. Ils utilisaient ensuite des mantras pour lui faire honneur, « Aum Khagaya Namaha » étant l’un d’entre eux. Khagaya, le soleil, est « celui qui nous atteint tous » et désigne « celui qui circule librement dans le ciel ».

Entrez en immersion avec Maeva enveloppé(e) par la puissante énergie du massif de la Tramuntana sous l’influence du soleil. Au travers de pratiques fluides et profondes, de l’énergie de groupe et de la nature, nous explorerons ensemble une semaine yogique puissante nous donnant l’opportunité de faire le plein d’énergie solaire et de Prana.

Chaque matin nous nettoierons notre énergie avec des kriyas et respirations et prendrons le temps de refléter et contempler dans la gratitude de chaque nouveau jour. Nous approfondirons ensuite la pratique physique des Asana et explorerons le corps d’une manière nouvelle.

Le cycle du Soleil nous rappelle qu’il y’a un temps pour tout. Nous saupoudrerons ensemble les pratiques et journées des trois éléments - raja, tapas, sattva - pour apprendre à gérer de la meilleure manière notre soleil intérieur.


- 6 nuits/ 7 jours
- Yoga dynamique, pranayama & méditation, sadhana personnel - deux fois par jour
- Ateliers et masterclass à thème (Le Langage de la Colonne Yin/ Yang, Mobilité Intro FRC, Yoga des Vayus Satsang et encore des surprises!) - deux fois par jour
- Sunrise & Sunset Contemplations and Meditations
-Cuisine en parfaite harmonie avec la nature resplendissante de la région - produits frais, locaux, organique, herbes locales et épices exotiques - transformé suivant les principes Ayurvedic par Ibiza-based chef de talent Gaby
- Du temps libre pour découvrir et profiter de la beauté de la région ainsi que la situation paradisiaque du finca - piscine, mer, plage, randonnée, villages de charme

All inclusive accomodation prices in a Double room start at 1250€ (2 Twins, Private bath)

RADIANCE: Kundalini, Yin & Sound

27 July - 1 Aug : RADIANCE: Awakening Your Inner Frequency -  Kundalini, Yin & Sound with Mariella, Jennifer & Special Guests 

Everywhere there is life, there is vibration. Our planet, our inner world as well as our outer world is an immense symphony of frequencies all playing together and simultaneously to create a wonderful melody.

We are part of this universe, and we are constantly emanate our vibration.

Join Mariella & Jennifer along with local special guests, to dive into a deep immersive inner and outer body experience where yoga & sound is used with the intention of igniting the spark of your inner vibrational state to elevate and empowering yourself. Activating your auric body with tools and rituals for the body and mind to connect to your radiance.

You will be transported by sound and energy vibrations with practices and rituals to Balance, Harmonize and Raise your frequency! Kundalini, Yin Yoga, Meditations, Nautre Ceremony, Mantras, Voice Medecine, Sound Journey…. Through this powerful combination of subtle body practices and nature immersion, you will have the opportunity to raise your vibration, clear your mind, restore your inner harmony and reconnect to and reigniting the infinite source of light within you.

- 5 nights/ 6 days
 - Sunrise Sadhana
- Kundalini Kriyas, Chanting, Meditation & Practice
- Yin Yoga
- Sound Journeys
- Nature Walks & Ceremonies
- Chakra Harmonization Workshop 1New Moon Masterclass
- Surpise Local Guests

All inclusive accomodation prices in a Double room start at 1080€ (2 Twins, Private bath)

MARIELLA FRAGANO-  is a kundalini yoga teacher , a sound meditation facilitator and a massage practicioner. She uses her practices to re-harmonize and awaken your inner vibrational frequency. She is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, she studied with Gurmukh in India, at RAMA institute in New City and continues to follow the teaching of Guru Dharam. Her sound journey began in New York study when she followed the teachings of the renowned ethno-musicologist Alexandre Tannous. She then studied with Gong Master Don Conreaux as well as at the Woom Center in New York. She has been facilitating sound meditation in New York and now Paris since 2018.

The Finca: Your Retreat Haven

Leaving the main road from Sóller in the direction of Deià, you drive down a winding path through an olive grove, with its century-old, enchanting trees to arrive at the estate, whose name means "the House that Connects" in the local dialect. Carefully renovated in 2019 the two16th-century fincas, (traditonal mallorquin mansions), are full of character and original flair. They were originally built by a captain who had turned his back on the oceans. The mast of his last ship became the roof beam of the spacious reception area in his home.

In an elegant yet casual atmosphere of well-being, deeply immersed in a serene natural setting you will feel perfectly at home. After practice in the open air shala, as you lie by the turquoise pool, enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean garden landscape, you will hear only the bells of the sheep, the song of the birds and the gentle breeze in the trees. Paradise is truly at hand.

The 2 adjacent manors are surrounded by multiple terraces and peaceful and scenic outdoor seating areas, as well as the open air yoga shala, outdoor treatment space and a petancle court.

Magical Soller

Sóller, one of Mallorca's most charming towns, situated on Mallorca’s magnificent northwest coast in an area known as the Orange Valley or Valley of Gold because of the surrounding citrus orchards.

Nestled in mountains that are said to exude a very powerful energy and create a unique sense of calm, warmth and protection, Sóller consists of the vibrant Sóller Town with its magnificent main square Plaza de la Constitución with its impressive San Bartomeu cathedral, its modernist museum, and Baroque buildings and a weekly open air market. A delightful mix of French influences, cobbled streets, sunny plazas, Gothic architecture.
You can also take the historic tram down to the Puerto de Soller. Sóller Port, sits on one of the prettiest harbours, which white sand beaches and crystal waters. You will find a multitude of quaint restaurants, shops and cafés at the water’s edge.

The Northwest Coast - if you opt for a rental car, there is on site parking and you will have quick access to the main road leading to the delightful towns of Sóller, Deià, Valldemossa and Fornalutx and unique rocky coves and beaches such as Sa Calobra, Torrent de Pareis, or Cala Deià. There are also bus lines - and breathtaking, renowned hiking trails! - to the same nearby beach locations and villages. 

Accomodation & Pricing

In addition to the many beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces that are yours to enjoy, there are 8 spacious and tranquil guest rooms, furnished in natural tones with high-quality, beautiful furnishings, so that the eye and mind can rest. Each has its own private en-suite bath with unique character. They have been appointed with the belief that true beauty is created when old things with soul can also be integrated with the comfort of the new, with all of the rooms contain a mix of recycled and upcycled, vintage and handmade items. You will also find high-quality bedding and linens, and ample storage.

Pricing - Is dependent on the length of stay and specific retreat package chosen. Doubles starting at 1080€ - 1375€, twin beds private bath. Singles from 1775€ - 2390€.
Not included :
Flights & transfers from the Palma de Mallorca airport to the retreat site in Sóller. See details below for transportation options.

Getting There

Affordable direct flights from Paris and other main European cities to Palma de Mallorca are available, (the earlier you book, the more you save) - Transavia/ AirEuropa / Vueling / AirFrance-HOP.

Upon arrival, you can get to the house either by bus, taxi, or rental car. Transfers are not included.

There are buses available from the Palma airport to Soller center from which the estate is a 10 minute taxi ride. Rentals cars are also widely available and we can put you in touch with others who may be on the same flight if you are interested in sharing transporation. Taxis are also available directly from the airport which is about a 35-40 minute drive to the finca.

Getting Around / Things To Do


If you opt for a rental car, there is on site parking and you will have quick access to the main road leading to the delightful towns of Deia and Valldemossa and unique rocky coves and beaches such as Sa Calobra, Torrent de Pareis, or Cala Deià. Breathtaking, renowned hiking trails through the Tramuntana or along the coastline are accessible in just minutes from the front door. There are also bus lines to the same nearby beach locations. 

What’s included

  • Accomodation
    7 nights, 8 days accomodation in the room of your choice
  • Yoga and Meditation
    Twice Daily Yoga & Meditation - morning and late afternoon - Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Yin, Sound Healing, Chakra Voice Medicine, Mantra & Yoga Philosophy exploration
  • Morning refreshment
    Early morning - Special Morning Elixirs + tea, coffee, juice and fruit are available prior to practice if desired
  • Main meals
    A generous Brunch + Dinner daily. Mediterranean and regionally inspired, revitalising plant-based cuisine, with locally sourced organic products.
  • Snacks
    Late-afternoon delicious pre-practice snacks
  • Pool
    The entire estate is privatized and includes many beautiful outdoor areas and a pool that are yours to enjoy
  • Welcome drink
    Highly creative and vitalizing welcome drink upon arrival
  • Yoga mats and acessories
    Mats, blocks, bolsters and straps are provided
  • Flights
    Flights to and from Mallorca are not provided
  • Airport transfers
    Transport to and from Palma de Mallorca airport are not provided

Available Packages

Deluxe Double
Available until 10 days before departure
Deposit: €250
Standard double
Available until 10 days before departure
Deposit: €200
Deluxe Single Suite
Available until 10 days before departure
Deposit: €300
Deluxe Single Terrace
Available until 10 days before departure
Deposit: €275
Standard Single
Available until 10 days before departure
Deposit: €250

Available options


Your Organizer

Essence Yoga Retreats
JENNIFER RUIZ GOUPIL is the founder of CAELO YOGA and ESSENCE YOGA RETREATS. A Certified Jivamukti (300HR), Vinyasa (300HR), and Yin (200HR) instructor and Sound Healing practitioner, Jennifer's classes create an atmosphere and an experience of yoga that generates warmth, sharing, connection, joy and love for students. They are infused with yoga philosophy, mantra, (her passion!) dynamic Jivamukti sequences, and deep dives into the the gentler subtle body practices of Yin and sound healing with gongs and other sacred sound instruments.