Bali: July 7-15, 2024

Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia

31 reviews
Jul 7 - 15, 2024
Group size: 20 - 25
Bali: July 7-15, 2024
Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia

31 reviews

Jul 7 - 15, 2024
Group size: 20 - 25

About this trip

Note** Itinerary Subject to Change**

Because of the time change, you MUST book your flight so that it leaves the US on July 5, or before.

Bali is unique, Bali is unmatched

There is no other place like Bali in this world. A magical blend of culture, people, nature, activities, weather, culinary delights, nightlife, and beautiful accommodation. Bali is rated as one of the best travel destinations in the world by countless websites, review portals, and travel magazines each year – for very good reasons. 

We will do 6 Dives or 6 snorkeling adventures.  (You don't have to be certified to dive, but it is strongly recommended.  

During our dives we will take part in  Coral Propagation

Hard Coral propagation with Ocean Quest:

Dune Atlantis guides are trained by The Ocean Quest team to provide Coral Propagation course is a certification our guides have to teach you the techniques and methodology of coral rehabilitation designed by Ocean Quest. The training shows you how to handle correctly the hard corals in the processes of restoration.The plan is to rehabilitate hard coral in Sanur area using the techniques taught by Ocean Quest.

We will collect damaged pieces of hard coral, cut them in small pieces and we will fix them to a natural support we can find in the gardening area. This process is really environmental friendly as we use all available resources in our environment without adding any structure. It is an eco friendly way for Coral Propagation which also demands more maintenance. But the most important part is that this is a real study field for all the divers, seeing the positive impact on a new growing reef.

Soft Coral Gardening – Ocean Gardener:

We will take part in the Ocean Gardener Coral Nursery in Sanur. This nursery is the first soft coral farm created for reef restoration maintained through a sustainable way, using principles of ecology and the study of the relationship between organisms and their environment. In short, we participate to farming the right species in the right environment.

Ocean Gardener was founded in 2016 thanks to 20 years of coral farming experience in Indonesia in accordance with local and international regulations and with local communities.

Over the years, Ocean Gardener became a real and successful alternative livelihood for thousands of coastal families but it also contributes to educating locals and tourists about sustainable coral farming practices and the importance of corals and its ecosystem.

Join Ocean Gardener with our Dune Atlantis team and help us to replenish and restore damaged reefs in Sanur area.

PD CertificatIon Given: 25 hours of professional development

Schools:  Yes, elementary and secondary 

Terrain:  Slightly hilly and mostly city walking

Please note, when we offer school visits, we are not guaranteeing you will be in your exact grade level.  We will do our best to put you in a position to have an experience where you should be able to find a nugget or two to bring back to your classroom, and maybe even a classroom connection.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page at Bookbag Tours FAQ


What’s included

  • 20+ PD Hours
    20+ professional development
  • Hotel
  • Breakfast
    Breakfast every morning
  • Summit Dinner
    Conclusive Summit Dinner at end of PD Trip
  • Welcome Reception
    Welcome reception/orientation
  • Diving/Snorkeling
    6 Dives/Snorkeling outings
  • Ground Transportation
    All ground transportation in country and Ferry to and from Denpasar - Does not include taxis.
  • The BBT Team
    Your amazing trip leaders, your professional development facilitators, our trip managers, and our on-site and off-site team members!
  • Airfare
    Airfare is not included
  • Optional Side Trips
    You will have a list of optional side trips for an additional fee at a later date
  • VISA
    If Needed
  • Tips and Gratuities

Available Packages

Trip Only with Shared Room
Available until April 8, 202420 left

Package as described with Share Room

Deposit: $300
Trip with Private Room
Available until April 8, 202420 left

Package as described with Private Room

Deposit: $300


Day 1-July 7
Check in day and explore Wellington

Fly into Denpasar then catch a ferry to Toya Pakeh Harbour

Welcome reception at approx. 4 PM at the hotel

Check in and get to know other educators

Your Organizer

Bookbag Tours
31 reviews
Our company exists to bring educators opportunities to travel and bring tools back to their home base that will forever change the way they teach!


I had a wonderful experience on this trip with Bookbag Tours! It was well organized and I was surrounded by amazing views, food, and people! My favorite part was scuba diving in Santorini. How many people get to brag about that?! I'm glad I brought my walking shoes- I got over 10,000 steps in everyday LOL. I enjoyed utilizing the public transportation, but for a new traveler it can be overwhelming. Throughout the trip, we immersed ourselves with all that Greece has to offer- and it offers SO MUCH! Each day we learned something new. I would highly recommend the Greece trip and Bookbag tours!
By Shelby C for Greece June 27th - July 5th, 2022 on 19 Aug, 2022
By Kristen C for Northern Ireland and Scotland : July 19 - 29, 2022 on 09 Aug, 2022
I had an amazing time! We saw so many beautiful places. The hotels were nice and all the leaders and other teachers were wonderful! I am so glad I was able to go on this trip and I would definitely travel with bookbag tours again!
By Diana Rose C for Northern Ireland and Scotland : July 19 - 29, 2022 on 08 Aug, 2022
The trip to France with BBT was an absolute dream come true! I had an amazing experience, including everything from the travel arrangements, the group of educators, the food, the schools, the side trips, and the group leaders. This trip was a once in a lifetime experience and I am so glad that BBT was able to make it a reality (even through multiple reschedules!). Communication was great and I always felt prepared for whatever was coming next. Meeting a whole group of new teachers (both from the states and from France) was truly the best part of the trip. I made connections I will treasure for a lifetime!
By Caitlynn Alyssa H for France : June 18 - 28, 2022 on 06 Aug, 2022
I did not know what to expect when my daughter suggested that we join Bookbag Tours for a trip to Finland. I had never traveled out of the country before so it sounded exciting. It was postponed due to covid for 2 years but it was well worth the wait. Traveling with Bookbag tours removed so much travel stress that all I had to do was enjoy. Shaunda was an amazing leader. She kept our group where we needed to be, when we needed to be there. Petteri was an amazing home town leader, host and teacher. We really got the opportunity to not just learn about the education system, but about the culture of Finland as well. No question was off limits, and we had a lot! Traveling with a like minded group was so much fun. I highly recommend exploring the world with Bookbag Tours.
By Jeannie L for Finland : July 17 - 26, 2022 on 04 Aug, 2022
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