Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Alice Hong
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9 reviews
Mar 10 - 17, 2019
Group size: 1 - 22
Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Alice Hong
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9 reviews

Mar 10 - 17, 2019
Group size: 1 - 22

About this trip

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Rejuvenate your body and nourish your soul!

Bali has my heart and it is an incredible place that inspires deep and joyful inner work. It is a place that has offered me solace as well as fertile ground for deep transformation. I would love to share this with you through immersive experiences of deep practice and cultural immersion.

Bali’s deep cultural roots of prayer, devotion and beauty offer a landscape where yoga off the mat comes alive and is expressed in every moment and on many levels. We will visit Ida Resi, the youngest Balinese High Priestess. My friend Agung and his family welcome us to his family home and we feast on authentic food and celebrate traditional dance with his twin daughters that perform. We will visit water temples where locals go to cleanse negative energy every month and pray for blessings. You will be introduced to Balinese healers that are known for their unique abilities.

This retreat is content rich yet spacious. Dive deep into yoga through well-rounded practices that include asana (poses), pranayama (breath work), meditation and mantra (sound vibration). Learn classic and modern day techniques of centering, restore your nervous system and cultivate a radiant heart through enquiry and connection.

Bali is the perfect retreat destination as it supports the philosophical underpinnings of yogic tradition. This is an opportunity to experience Bali’s culture of ritual and reverence within daily practices of asana, meditation, mantra, movement and play.



The Shala Bali is lovingly created as a sanctuary to reconnect with our essence and realign with nature. Cocooned among magnificent nature, this place of wellness was founded on the ancient principles of Balinese and Indian philosophy. In your free time, explore the local artisan scene of Ubud, relax by the pool or partake on Bali’s offering of great excursions.

This location is exquisite…check out this video to get a feel for this piece of paradise.


 ​07:00 - 09:00 Sunrise Practice
​08:30 - 09:30 Breakfast

​09:30 - 16:00 Excursion or Free Time (Balinese Healer, Temple Visits, Spa Day, Waterfall Trek or lounge by the pool, visit cultural center of Ubud)
​16:30 –  18:00 Afternoon Session
​18:00 - 19:00 Dinner
​20:00 – 21:30  Evening Program on some days (e.g.: Fire Ceremony, Cultural Dinner)

What’s included

  • Accommodations
    7 night, 8 days eco-luxury accommodations
  • ​Sunrise Practice
    ​Sunrise Practice: Meditation, mantra, yoga asana, kriya (cleansing techniques) and pranayama (breathwork). This practice is suitable for all levels.
  • Afternoon Session
    ​Afternoon session: Varies according to the day. May include: ecstatic dance, sharing circle, self-inquiry practices, conscious communication, dyads (partner work), self-care rituals, and more.
  • Massage
    1 hour Balinese Massage
  • Fire Ceremony
    Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony
  • Breakfast
    Daily Breakfast
  • Dinners
    3 Dinners
  • Cultural Balinese
    Cultural Balinese Dinner at a local home
  • Blessing Ceremony
    Tampak Siring Healing Water Temple visit & Water Blessing Ceremony
  • Temple Visit
    Gunung Kawi mountainside temple visit
  • Rice Terraces
    Visit to stunning UNESCO heritage rice terraces
  • Waterfall Visit
    Visit to an incredible waterfall

Available Packages

​Shared, Eco-bungalow
Available until 0 days before departure

includes 5% GST (tax)

​Private, Eco-bungalow
Available until 0 days before departure

includes 5% GST (tax)

​Shared, Eco-Lux Villa
Available until 0 days before departure

includes 5% GST (tax)

​Private, Eco-lux villa
Available until 0 days before departure

includes 5% GST (tax)


Your Organizer

Alice Hong
9 reviews
Being in sisterhood is my passion, my medicine, my life’s work. My inspiration is tantra, sacred sexuality, yoga, dance, somatic awareness. I facilitate heart-felt, brave, playful and sacred containers for people to meet their edges with love, in authenticity, rawness, truth, vulnerability, and celebration. UnTamed: Wild Feminine and Wild Women Gatherings are born from my greatest wish to see women rise together. I am a co-director of Inspired Yoga Institute in Canada, and a facilitator for Women Who See in the Dark.


I really didn’t know what to expect going into Untamed, and it was absolutely magical. It was emotionally challenging - in good ways - and providing amazing opening and learning. I met some incredible women who are now friends, and this is the beginning of my own journey with the global sisterhood. Alice’s facilitation is so honest, caring, and connected. She has crafted an amazing journey that every woman can benefit from.
By Katie N for UnTamed: Wild Feminine - January 2020 SOLD OUT on 26 Feb, 2020
this was a beautiful experience full of love and surprises. So much beautiful healing and energy exchange. Thank you Alice and Joni for this gorgeous and memorable trip!
By Salima M for UnTamed: Wild Feminine - January 2020 SOLD OUT on 22 Feb, 2020
I see now that we all have a part inside which craves a community where we don't have to change, edit, manage, adapt, hide, in order to belong. This is Untamed. A rare environment where you can show up, as you are, in your totality, and be received with loving, open arms. My beliefs about what is possible in relationships and in myself have forever changed.
By Karin P for UnTamed: Wild Feminine - January 2020 SOLD OUT on 21 Feb, 2020
Oh Alice... No words will ever be able to express the immense love and gratitude I have for you. You are beyond a mentor to me, you've brought me back to life over the past year, you've guided me back to my own self with such care and kindness. All I know to say is I love you, so much, and I honour the absolutely beautiful, creative, juicy, authentic, brave, caring, strong, powerhouse of a woman you are. I am deeply honoured to walk this path with you and am beyond grateful to share in more deep dives together - Chelsey
By Chelsey M for Shakti Temple ~ 1 Day Women's Retreat on 17 Feb, 2020
“UnTamed is a very sacred heart space that we share as women to heal together, to rise together and to reclaim who we are. It’s the juiciest experiences literally coming to you. If someone asks you to do UnTamed, then trust your soul that that’s what’s next for you.” ~Jodi
By Joann O for SOLD OUT UnTamed: Wild Feminine - Fall 2019 on 16 Feb, 2020
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I've done a number of workshops with Alice and they've all been powerful experiences. Alice has an incredible way of leading you to places within yourself that you didn't think you could get to - and all in a short amount of time! She facilitates a beautiful and safe space that allows you to push beyond your limitations into a new level of connection and empowerment. It's terrifying at first but the freedom on the other side is amazing! The level of connection I experienced with my fellow sisters and brothers was deeply healing. Alice is an inspiring example of how to live your life fully alive and in your truth. I'm very grateful for her dedication to this work and for her passion to teach others. If you feel called to any of her offerings, I highly recommend saying yes!
By Nicole O on 19 Feb, 2020
I remember the first day, starting UnTamed; nervous, curious, self-judgmental. Alice began and shared with us that this work is special, that there has never been a time in human history when women have had the opportunity to own their power as we will with UnTamed. To address real, universal issues facing women's emotional/mental/spiritual and physical wellbeing. Not only is it a privilege to be able to do this work, but it is our responsibility to share these tools with other women and people to help them find themselves again as well. I was a bit sceptical that a simple workshop could have as profound an impact as the description suggests. I am happy and astounded to report that this experience was in fact as profound and impactful as advertised. When the last day came and went, all I wanted was to share this with every woman I had ever met. I want my family to learn these tools so we could connect deeper, my friends to feel the bliss, knowledge, truth and beauty of what Alice had shared with us through UnTamed, so we could share this level of truth when we are together. The personal work will never end, I am excited to continue to dive deeper and learn more. I recommend this and any workshop Alice puts on to everyone and anyone. She is a humble master of her craft. It is difficult to describe what it feels like to be a part of a group of strangers and be more authentically seen, accepted and loved than I had ever experienced in my life to that point. Creating that container is not an easy task and Alice does it with such grace. If you are curious to explore yourself, to see truth behind fellow sisters and be a part of something truly authentic, I recommend you enroll today. Don't wait, don't overthink it, invest in yourself, your happiness, your pleasure, your growth and your sense of personal love and acceptance. I promise you will not regret it, in fact, I bet you will be like me; enrolling in Alice's next offering immediately after! Alice -I am so grateful to have learned from you and become one of the UnTamed sisters. Thank you for all that you do for women and for the world.
By Stephanie M on 18 Feb, 2020
I’ve been going through the biggest heartbreak of my life, and its been very dark some days... but also an opportunity to really take care of myself... and to truly know what self love is in full practice. As I’ve been transmuting heartbreak into healing, and learning to stay open... my dear sister Alice Hong let me know that one last spot remained in her UnTamed women’s empowerment circle.. so I listened to that call. It has been the best medicine I’ve had in a long time. Has helped me fall into a deeper reverence for the exquisite beauty, and intelligence that dwells within the UnTamed woman. By falling into a deeper love of my sisters, I’ve been able to see my own radiance.... in a time in my life where it could be so easy to forget. If you’re reading this... and feel any resonance... if you long for a deeper connection with other women, and to feel more awakened to your own brilliance.. Open this door. There is a sisterhood with open hearts and arms waiting for you..
By Desere P on 09 Feb, 2020