Barbados: Bridgetown

      Bridgetown, Barbados

      Duration: 3 days
      Group size: 2 - 5
      Barbados: Bridgetown
      Bridgetown, Barbados

      Duration: 3 days
      Group size: 2 - 5

      About this trip

      How perfect, a warm weather getaway with rowing. Barbados is in the  Lesser Antilles and the easternmost Caribbean island. Synonymous with  Rhianna and the haunt of the rich and famous, Barbados also offers low  key charm and holiday options for all types of travellers. Come to  Barbados to row and be delighted to eat flying fish and chips on the  beach afterwards, visit UNESCO-listed Bridgetown and plantation houses  in the hills to gain insight into a rich history and thriving country.  Or be drawn first to the idea of a sun holiday but pull yourself out of  your chaise lounge or from the pool to row in a new destination and see  Barbados from the water.

      Why row here?

      The beaches in Barbados are superb. Some consider the white sand that rings the island to be the best in the Caribbean, perhaps the world. The water is a spectacular hue of blue. Perfect for coastal rowing. Bridgetown is on the western and Caribbean Sea side of Barbados. The surf is gentler here, just right for sampling coastal rowing. Difficulty and distances can be dialed in, depending on your coastal and rowing experience. While you are enjoying your rows you also know that you are supporting the development of this sport in this island nation. The Rowing Association of Barbados was created in 2017 and the boats arrived in 2019. A young rowing program always has so many needs. Perhaps when you return to row again you will be rowing from an actual rowing club, which you have contributed to. 

      Why travel here?

      If you live in the northern hemisphere and a place with winter, you likely have lots of answers to that question. Are your winter skies dark, dreary and dull? Barbados sunshine would be nice. Is it cold where you live, with lots of snow? Go the warmth and the break from putting on boots and coats before opening the front door. Barbados offers a choice of accommodation options, from high-end all-inclusive resorts to budget rentals. The beaches and the water are the draw of course, but you can also enjoy hiking, cycling on a rails to trails project that crosses the island and sampling the history and local culture, both on and off the beach. Rum punch anyone?  

      What’s included

      • Guide
        Guide/coach on water with you in a support boat or rowing.
      • Rowing
        Private rowing outings, tailored to you. Duration likely two or three hours, or shorter.
      • Use of rowing shells
        Coastal doubles and singles.
      • Tour information
        Detailed Information Package, with specifics on getting there, arrival details and contacts, recommendations for accommodation, restaurant and grocery stores.
      • Insurance
        Rowing health insurance for the outings.

      What’s not included

      • Accommodation
      • Transportation
        To and from tour location, within tour location unless otherwise stated
      • Meals
      • Flights
      • Cultural visits

      Available Packages

      Trip Price
      Available until 7 days before departure

      Price per person is 720 USD.

      A refundable equipment damage deposit of US$500 will be taken at the time of booking. 



      Day 1
      Introduction to coastal rowing

      Meet at Brownes Beach in Bridgetown This day is your coaching and training session. Instruction will depend on your experience and will be tailored. We anticipate that this day will be an introduction to coastal rowing, especially understanding the differences from flatwater rowing. In particular we will work on launching and landing in surf.  Are you an experienced coastal rowing? Is there something that you particularly want to work on?  Your row will be in the area around the beach. 

      Your Organizer

      Rowing The World
      We connect rowers who love to travel. Rowers are passionate about their sport – we are rowers who are also passionate about travel. Rowing is a sport that is about place - where you row and the experience of rowing matters. Travel is about place and experiences. Rowing and travel make a natural pair, a good double.