Beach Bum Yoga Retreat

Sabang, Sabang City, Aceh, Indonésie

Beach Bum Yoga Retreat
Sabang, Sabang City, Aceh, Indonésie

Deposit: $15

About this trip

Learning how the detoxing works is about self-care, and self-care is about familiarising yourself about your body, mind and tendency. Knowing our habitual patterns in speech, body, mind and spirit is a part of practice of self-empathy and this is how we start our one day journey to self, of course while we have FUN!

In this retreat, we take care of ourselves in an unconventional and relatable way s that you can take what you learned from this experience and take it back home. After all, these skills from ancient teachings are about creating a lifestyle that you don't need to escape from. 

What’s included

  • 1 private yoga
    customized private yoga instruction
  • Customized yoga sequence
    Yoga sequence for home practice can be Emailed after the retreat
  • Medicinal Drinks
    Based on ayurveda, a little shot of detoxing drink
  • Dosha quiz
    Customized constitution test drawn from Ayurveda
  • Self-Massage Oil Mix
    To be used during the session
  • Yoga Props
    Mat, bolster, blocks and belts
  • Evening Class (Optional)
    Guaranteed spot in our group class in the evening
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Meals

Your Organizer

Flying Elephant Yoga
We are a yoga studio in Indonesia.