Ollantaytambo, Peru

Jun 10 - 18, 2020
Group size: 4 - 20
Ollantaytambo, Peru

Deposit: $400
Jun 10 - 18, 2020
Group size: 4 - 20

About this trip

There is a very certain magic about the Sacred Valley of Peru. As you fly over these majestic lands you may find yourself looking down into pools of turquoise lakes nestled in the tops of mountains. The magic continues on the ground from the cobblestone streets engulfed by ancient ruins in all directions, a calming river rolls through the center of this dreamlike town. 

Join Us this Journey of a Lifetime!

We welcome all- from adventuring families to heart-centered change makers,  join the Natural Leaders Foundation and a group of skilled facilitators to lead us through a week of education, exploration and total rejuvenation.

Get immersed in nature, culture and community connection while tending to your health and vitality!

BEAUTIFY OUR LIVES ACTION DAYS: The service portion of our Ollantaytambo Retreat is dedicated to Señora Sara Luz. Sara is the village's local medicine woman, she runs a juice shop during the day and in the evenings she is in prayer and ceremony. A single mother who built her home completely out of recycled materials, she provides for herself, son and mother. 

I spent many days with Sara this past spring filming for the docuseries that started this all and she taught me quite a lot. In that time she also shared her vision to one day open a healing center on her land where she could continue to share with her community and travelers the teachings and practices of her ancestors. 

She is creating a hub for health, culture and spiritual development. I just spoke with Sara recently to begin organizing this gathering and she informed me that they've just begun preparing the land to build a small, functional adobe kitchen. So this trip our retreat goers, volunteers and community members will come together to learn hands-on how to build an traditional Inca style adobe structure. 

* please note: the terrain is rough through most of the areas we will be exploring, please take this into consideration if you have any mobility issues.

Over Our Time Together


Intentional self-growth is a form of healing and a rite of passage. It is also something we at the Natural Leaders Foundation find fundamental for the strength & sustainability of rising small communities, especially those that have been systematically overlooked for generations. Through interactive, unexpectedly fun exercises we unravel the power & the simple process of holding space for ourselves, our loved ones & our local communities. 


We will deepen our inner-standing of how the body often allows stagnate emotions to stick & how to practically transform those old patterns & devaluing habits into empowering tools for self development. Reconnect with your most loved forms of expression and rise up to gift yourself creative liberation through pure presence. Say Yes to Your Unique Genius- transform old stories into quantum fuel for creation!


Join us in reconnecting with our original design & purpose as humans, tending to our Great Mother Earth. Through daily hands-on action we will immerse ourselves in caring for our sacred ecosystems & the people who live tending to them. Experience the reciprocal nature of the universe in real-time through a live exchange of unconditional love & service.


We are excited to share the art of living in true harmony with nature.  From working with our hands in the dirt to experiencing traditional Inca despachos Experience how these tools can enrich our relations with the natural world around us and those who came before us. 

You will ignite your receptivity to the incredible intelligence of soil and it's role in restoring our personal physical & emotional wellbeing, along with the balance of all ecosystems. 

You will receive practical wisdom on how to integrate ancient practices & regenerative skills into your everyday life to begin diving deeper into intentionally living in harmony with the world around you.


You will leave this week full of clarity and purpose. Freed from limiting beliefs and ready to return home with a fresh perspective on your roles, goals and inspirations as we collectively move into the #Restoring20s. Discover what it feels like to truly become your own Natural Leader!


We will have an itinerary that weaves scheduled activations with open, free time to enjoy your surroundings. We will also give a day or two for guided adventures of your choice! You can also use this time to hang around the island, shop at local artisanal shops or simply go for a swim!

What’s included

  • Transport To/From
    Paid transportation to and from CUZ airport
  • Accommodation
    Enjoy a spacious private or shared room that is full of light and wrapped in views of mountains, hills and a meandering river that goes as far as the eye can see.
  • Plant Based Meals
    Enjoy three freshly picked plant based meals per day that are inspired by authentic Peruvian cuisine.
  • Fire Side Circles
    Opening & Closing Ceremonial Fire: Stories, Songs & Legends from the vast & rich lands of the Sacred Valley.
  • Sunrise Salutations
    We will welcome you to join us in a guided meditation & breathwork session to lead us into each day with intention, ease and fluidity.
  • Morning Flow
    Each day we will offer a new way to bring restoration, flexibility and dynamic strength to your body. Think gentle, yet powerfully effective!
  • Intentional Journaling
    Each day you'll be gifted a few prompts to inspire your reflective juices to take you inward. Each day the themes will be inspired by our regenerative & permaculture lessons.
  • Regenerative Living 101
    Lifestyle Hacks & Digestible Facts: Consider this your daily download on all things regenerative living that are relevant to your daily life. Simplifying it all- from chemical free to zero waste.
  • Natural Leaders Training
    So for those bringing little ones with you- yes you have support! We will have NLF facilitators taking the children through their own Earth Guardian Training series each morning.
  • Natural Building : Adobe
    A 5 day crash course in adobe building with The Permaculture Revolution & Sara Luz. Learn technique, medium & how to build just about anywhere with very little!
    ACTION DAYS: What we all really came for! Let's get our hands dirty, apply what were inspired by from our morning sessions & plants seeds that'll lasts generations!
  • Opening All Roads
    An evening to open yourself to all that is here for you. Soul soothing, heart-opening traditional Incan despacho led by Sara Luz.
  • Sacred Trails
    Hike along a path to hidden pre-Incan ceremonial sites.
  • Flight/Airfare
    Fly into Cusco, PE (CUZ). Confirm travel times with us two weeks before arrival so we can arrange your transport from the airport. Expect an 2-3 hour drive from airport to retreat location.

Available Packages

Mountain Majesty Private Room
Available until May 03, 20205 left
Deposit: $400
Hidden Gems Shared Rooms
Available until May 18, 20205 left

These spacious rooms look directly out to the ancient ruins of and steeped hills of Ollatantaytambo. There are 5 rooms with bathroom attached available with 1 double bed and 1 single, comfortably sleeping 2-3 people. 


**If sharing your double bed with an unregistered guest, please plan for an additional $300 to ensure we can provide your guest with meals and all the other goodies you'll be receiving throughout the week.

Deposit: $500

Available options

Traditional Inka Weavers Tour
Private Inka Despacho with Señora Luz
Ancient Ruins Trek -post retreat*
Quantum Body Reboot (90min)5 left
Deposit: $400

Mountain Majesty Private Room

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Natural Leaders Foundation
We are a diverse community of holistic professionals joining efforts to ensure children & their grown-ups have access to wisdom-rich, nature-based, immersive experiences that encourage social/emotional intelligence, creative thinking and intuitive awareness. We give children & their communities the tools to turn today's creative ideas into tomorrow's actualized solutions.