SOLD OUT: Best Beach Retreat for Women March 9-16

      Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico

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      5 reviews
      Mar 9 - 16, 2024
      Group size: 12 - 20
      SOLD OUT: Best Beach Retreat for Women March 9-16
      Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico

      • Email address verified
      5 reviews

      Mar 9 - 16, 2024
      Group size: 12 - 20

      About this trip

      Join us at Present Moment Retreat in beautiful Troncones, Mexico for a week of yoga, meditation, surfing, horseback riding, and relaxing at one of the best beaches on the Pacific.

      NextTribe members receive $100 off trip price. Join today. 

      While it’s still cold in the States, we’ll be lounging and loving life in this small Mexican village, north of Zihautanejo and Ixtapa. 

      This women-only retreat in the idyllic beachfront setting has been so popular we're expanding how often we offer it. Since 2018, women have come from all over the world—some of them not knowing anyone else on the trip—and the bonding is quick and deep.

      Learn more about this remarkable retreat at our Virtual Tour of NextTribe's Favorite Beach. You can watch the video here.

      We’re a group of women who are still curious and game. We’re explorers who want to keep learning and challenging ourselves—and we like to have fun. Be ready for walks on the beach with new friends, boogie-boarding in the waves, dance parties, shopping, and a childlike sense of play.

      Present Moment Retreat

      Our home for the week is Present Moment Retreat, a luxury boutique hotel on the Pacific. The hotel offers top-notch service and accommodations and organic meals. Present Moment staff teach two yoga classes and one meditation session every day. Skilled massage therapists give various kinds of body treatments. 

      Present Moment has 11 rooms, so it’s an intimate hotel. But it has the amenities and level of service you’d expect at a larger resort.


      This small community is 40 minutes north of the Zihautanejo airport (ZIH) and is a dream of a beach town. Troncones has long been known as a surfer destination because of the great waves, but recently others have discovered its low-key charms. 

      NextTribe founder Jeannie Ralston has adored Troncones for years and wrote about it for the New York Times. 

      Here's Why the Trip is so Popular

      Besides making new friends, practicing yoga, getting massages, and playing in the water or pool, here are some other activities guests love to do in and around Troncones: kayaking trips, snorkeling, hiking to a cave to see ancient petroglyphs, cacao ceremonies, tezmacal sessions, horseback riding on the beach, turtle release program, biking in town, surfing lessons, dancing. 

      Read just a couple of stories written by guests at past NextTribe beach retreats. 

      Barbara Lippert in 2022: Feeling Like Excited Kids Again on a Girls’ Beach Retreat

      Sarah Gold in 2018: Arriving as Strangers, Leaving as Friends on a Beach Retreat


      NextTribe founder Jeannie Ralston lived in Mexico for 4 years and travels there regularly. She has never had any trouble with crime or safety while in Troncones, which is a quiet beach village, where you’ll feel removed from any concerns about crime. Because it is so small and only one road into the town, locals can keep an eye on who is coming and going. 

      Troncones is the kind of place where people live in open-air buildings, leave doors unlocked, and bicycles parked on the street without fear of them being taken. 

      Travel Details

      Fly into ZIH (Zihuatanejo) on your arrival date (always a Saturday). Major carriers that fly into ZIH: American Airlines, United, Delta, Aero Mexico and Alaskan. 

      Most flights arrive in the afternoon. No matter what time you arrive, you will be met by a certified and vetted driver who will bring you to the hotel. 


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      Why Travel With NextTribe?

      NextTribe offers a safe travel environment that through the energy and alchemy of adventurous women turns into a real community in a short amount of time.  

      On every trip, you will be led by a friendly and fun woman of our own age, who has deep local knowledge and/or roots. She has proved to us that she is responsible, flexible, and truly cares about every traveler, nurturing new friendships and making sure no one feels left out. Other tour companies drop in a local guide who remains apart from the group. Our leader is the glue among the travelers--the person who ensures that this is more than a trip; it's a community of curious, like-minded women on the move.

      We are known for group travel for women over 45 who don't normally like group travel. We keep our groups small and know that our guests are curious explorers who can take care of themselves. We allow them space to make the trip their own. You will not be in lockstep on a tight schedule behind a guide. You can roam on your own if you want (with a good GPS and an understanding of how to meet up with the group later) or you can take full advantage of the guide's knowledge of the city. 

      We do expect our travelers to have a level of self-sufficiency, being able to carry their own bags if need be, and to be respectful of others in the group and open to new experiences and friendships. 


      NextTribe, Inc.

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      What’s included

      • 7 nights
        In the gorgeous Present Moment Resort
      • Breakfasts
      • Dinners
      • One body treatment
      • Daily yoga
      • Daily meditation
      • Transfers from airport
      • Writing workshop
        If there is sufficient interest with the group
      • New friendships

      What’s not included

      • Airfare
      • Alcohol
      • Tips
      • Meals not included above
        We eat a late breakfast, so if you want lunch or snack at the resort or off, that is not included.

      Available Packages


      Share a room with a friend or with a fun NextTriber who is destined to become a friend. NextTribe members receive a $100 discount. Become a member here. If you're already a member, get your discount code here. 

      Deposit: $300
      Deposit: $300

      Available options

      Air conditioned room
      only 2 left
      7-Day "Be LIght" Cleanse with Counseling

      Includes extra body treatment, 3 gourmet raw/vegan meals per day, one-on-one wellness counseling, smoothies & herbs. 


      SATURDAY, March 9th
      Bienvenidos and Welcome Dinner

      We all fly into Zihuatanejo airport (ZIH) and get picked up by a trusted driver for the 35 minute drive to Present Moment Retreat on Playa Troncones.


      We will get settled, explore the property and the beach, then meet for a welcome dinner at Present Moment's gorgeous open air restaurant. 

      Every day, we'll be eating a late breakfast and a scrumptious dinner at the restaurant, which specializes in organic, healthy meals. 

      Your Organizer

      5 reviews
      NextTribe ( is a travel company for women over 45 that also publishes articles by top writers and hosts events in select cities and an online community. We offer a safe travel environment that through the energy and alchemy of adventurous women quickly turns into a real community. We are known for group travel for women who don't normally like group travel. We keep our groups small and respect that our guests are curious explorers. For testimonials about our trips, visit:


      This trip met all my expectations and more. It was a wonderful group of women. The staff at present moment were excellent as was the food. I had a great time on my first next tribe experience.
      By Kathy G for SOLD OUT: Best Beach Retreat for Women March 9-16 on Mar 25, 2024
      The setting at “Present Moment” in Mexico is sensational. You can hear the ocean everywhere. The yoga is available, twice daily, from different practitioners, many of whom give amazing massages. The people that work there are wonderful and have been there for the past 3 years I’ve vacationed there. Then there are the women from Next Tribe.. all accomplished and interesting in so many ways. I have to mention the daily boogie boarding, turtle release, kyack/paddle boarding through a gorgeous bird sanctuary. The best was silent disco on the beach during sunset😊 hoping to be back again next year!
      By Jan K for SOLD OUT: Best Beach Retreat for Women March 9-16 on Mar 25, 2024
      This was my first Next Tribe trip, and in fact the first trip I've ever taken which was pre-planned for me. I LOVED the group , the women, the experiences, the fact that all I had to do was show up, and each day after breakfast , our day began. We did have one free day at the end of the week, and that was perfect, for me I found a gorgeous hotel to get a day pass to their pool. Others went shopping or continued exploring San Miguel. The week's activities included touring the town, excursions out of town to a fabulous Horse Ranch with a demonstration show and lunch, a trip to a hot springs ( so fun and energizing) , plus other stops out of town. But it was the women on the trip that made it fantastic, we came from completely different walks of life , yet meshed so well. Some of us came with a friend, others alone, but it didn't matter, we were 14 women plus our guides, Jeannie and Jeannie who made the trip fun, and meaningful. Thank you J&J.
      By Candy S for Dia de los Muertos in San Miguel de Allende on Nov 10, 2023
      NextTribe Santa Fe 2023: 14 women from all walks of life sharing a fantastic trip in Santa Fe! Varied activities: art, jewelry, train ride, history, nature, spa...delicious food too! Great experience!
      By Donna D. B for Santa Fe Like You've Never Seen It on Sep 28, 2023
      We had a great tour guide who was indefatigable. The events were well planned and gave a side of life in Charleston you would not normally find if you planned the tour on your own. We had meals in people's homes and got signed cookbooks by the authors. We had time to relax but we also packed a lot into a few days. The food was wonderful! I might just do it again next year!
      By Rebecca R for 4 Perfect Days in Charleston on Mar 30, 2023
      Thank you so much Rebecca. We can't wait to have you on more trips!!
      By NextTribe on Apr 11, 2023