Best Places to Blog From

united states

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Best Places to Blog From
united states

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

 If you are a blogger in the US, the probability is very high that you work from home. This, however, has its pros and cons. A pro is you don't have to deal with your office's daily commute, which allows you to get more time to do work. Another pro is that you get to stay in your pajamas as long as you choose to; you can even work in them. You can also set up a spot, especially for you, to enhance your productivity. Humans are social beings, made to interact with each other, so working from home every day can get lonely. Another con is that it will be difficult to work because there are distractions at home.

These pros and cons are why bloggers need to get out sometimes, and below, you will find a list of places that a blogger can work apart from their home.

The Library

Most bloggers prefer to work in silence, and this makes a library a suitable spot to work. Most libraries have cozy chairs and private booths that create the perfect atmosphere to work. You can also look for additional resources because books surround you, which is better than sitting around a bright screened computer all day, and the only cost for doing this is a library card, which is free if you are a local.

The Airplane

 At 30,000 feet in the air, a great spot to write is on an airplane. As long as you are not traveling with children or anyone else, those hours in the airplane can be very productive. You can put on your headphones, put your laptop on the tray table, and get to work. Also, between security and boarding, you can use that time to get work done. 

Cruise Ship

 You can also travel to new places on a repositioning cruise and use the time to get work done in between having fun. If you are not looking to go far on a cruise, some cities like San Francisco and New York have ferries or watercraft with benches where you can sit and work while enjoying the cool air.

Public Park

 Many cities are implementing Wi-Fi in outdoor spaces; this includes putting public parks in most cities. If you live in a city with one of those public parks, you can go there to work. Doing this will get you some Vitamin D and fresh air. If the park in your city does not have any Wi-Fi, you can use your cellphone to hotspot your laptop.

Coffee Shop

The most commonplace that any blogger goes to work is a coffee shop, whether it's a big coffee shop such as Starbucks or a small coffee shop at the street corner. While there, you will see other bloggers working away at a table in the corner. Coffee shops in bookstores are a great choice, but those at the grocery store may not have Wi-Fi access.


If you are a person who travels a lot, you know that a hotel is a great spot to work. Most hotels have a business center built-in. Even if you are not traveling, you can still go to a hotel lobby because it has Wi-Fi and comfortable seats and work.

Coworking space

A coworking space is created with freelancers in mind. There are different amenities and Wi-Fi that a regular office would have. There is a conference room there that you can use to have a client you want to meet. The prices to use them vary depending on your location and what your needs are. However, there are free coworking spaces such as Wix Lounge. The best perks of this space are that you get to meet other incredible bloggers.

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  • The Library
  • The Airplane

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