Best Things To Do In Georgia To Enjoy It To The Fullest

Georgia, VT, USA

Jony Kabir
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Best Things To Do In Georgia To Enjoy It To The Fullest
Georgia, VT, USA

Jony Kabir
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About this trip

Georgia is one of the most amazing and worth visiting countries in the world. It is a region that has been blessed with all four seasons, natural scenery and amazing local food. The people of Georgia are very kind at heart as well. From local entertainments like puppet shows and sulfur baths, to outdoor activities like hiking and trekking and camping, there is a long and diverse list of things to do in Georgia.  

If you are planning a holiday and visiting the amazing Georgia is on your travel list, then this article might well be a perfect tour guide for you. Here are some of the most exciting and commendable things that you must surely include in your list of things to do in Georgia so that you can enjoy the trip to the fullest.  

Take A Sulfur Bath

Tblisi is one of the oldest cities of Georgia. It is built over natural thermal waters. There are private as well as public sulfur bath houses there. You definitely should try to enjoy a bath in these sulfur pools. Other than baths, massages and scrubbing sessions are also available. These sessions are very relaxing and are a great way to cleanse the body. Other than glowing skin, sulfur is also known for amazing health benefits. 

Tblisi is one of the oldest cities of Ge

 If you are someone who loves spending time in nature, surrounded by flowers and trees, then a visit to a botanical garden is the perfect answer to your query of what to do in Georgia. From enjoying a picnic to camping overnight, there are a number of activities that can be planned in a botanical garden.  

Visit The Holy Church

A visit to the Holy Church of Tblisi is a must have spiritual experience. There are a number of churches all over Georgia but the Holy Trinity Cathedral is a church that must be on your list of places to visit. It is listed as the third largest Orthodox cathedral church in the entire world and was completed in 2004. This church is an outstanding sight of spiritual architecture that does deserve your attention. 

Taste The Local Cuisine

Georgia is deservedly known around the world for its exceptionally tasty food. From sweet treats to savory dishes and zesty street snacks, the local cuisine is very diverse. Best of all it is suitable for people with all kinds of dietary requirements. You are highly encouraged to try different variations of local food in order to truly savor the best of Georgian culture and heritage. 

Go Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is one of the most popular things to do in Tblisi. The famous Georgian wine is of highest quality and has a unique aroma unlike any other wine in the world. The reason behind its exclusive taste is that it is brewed in clay pots that are buried underneath the ground for the purpose of fermentation. There are several vineyards around the area where a trip can be planned through which you can first go grape picking and then see the live process of wine making. 

Take A Cable Car To Visit Mother Georgia

There is a lovely statue known as the mother of Georgia in Tbilisi. The statue is located on the peak of the high Narikala hill overlooking the Old Town. You can go to the hill by foot but the most exciting way to visit the statue is through a cable car. The cable car offers a slow ride and is a great way for one to enjoy the enchanting view of the city from up above. If you go to Georgia for a short time, using a cable car would be the best way to get a birds eye view of the entire city.

Go Candy Tasting

Other than wine, the most popular treats in Georgia would surely be local candies. They are not not only aesthetic to see but are even more tasty to eat. Churchkhela and Tklapi are some of the most popular home made candy variations. Not only do Tourists enjoy the candy when they are spending time in Georgia but also take some home so they can relive the Georgian memories even when they return. 

Enjoy Local Puppet Shows

When looking for a cheap yet interesting entertainment in the city of Tblisi, visiting a puppet show should surely be your priority. The puppet shows often replicate local stories and folk tales. These are usually presented in the local language but the subtitles in English language are also available so that the tourists too can make sense of the story. The puppets are colorful and represent the local culture and dresses in a very entertaining way. 

Go On A Walk

One of the things that makes Georgia such a popular tourist attraction is the mixture of modern and ancient architecture in the country. If you want to truly experience the different sights of Georgia, going on a long walk is the best thing you can plan. The walk is a peaceful way to experience the local life and get to know about the local people. Besides, Tbilisi landscape, streets and architecture are so diverse that one can go miles and miles without getting bored. It is free of cost too so walking around the city is a perfect means of entertainment for those who are on a strict budget. 

Experience A Local Feast

 If you stay in Georgia for a longer period of time, it is more than likely that you will make some local friends. Georgian people are very friendly in nature, they love having guests and always gladly host feasts for foreigners. The local feast is a unique, amazing heritage of Georgian culture and it will enable you to experience the true and authentic local life. This way, not only will you make life long memories, but most certainly you will make lifelong friends as well.


When looking for places to visit on the next holiday, Georgia should surely be on top of your list as a highly commendable place that has so much to offer. So plan a trip to Georgia and rest assured you will never regret even a bit of it. 

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