Bhakti Awakening Yoga & Kirtan Retreat

Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

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18 reviews
Apr 21 - 27, 2019
Group size: 10 - 33
Bhakti Awakening Yoga & Kirtan Retreat
Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

  • Facebook verified
18 reviews

Deposit: $500
Apr 21 - 27, 2019
Group size: 10 - 33

About this trip

Dive into a week of play within the heart space to reawaken the anahata, heart chakra, into a purified space of Bhakti & bliss. On and off the mat, Bhakti yoga is a devotional and celebratory  practice of gratitude and faith, surrendering to the most powerful piece of our lives, our heart.  

Join Loren Lotus with Lotus Retreats, Patita Pavanji Das of the Hanuman Project, and Sita Devi for a divine week of  vibrant energy, a place to come and connect to your body, heart, & soul and embrace life from its fullest place of harmony!

Whether you’re new to the path of Bhakti or an already practitioner, this will be an expansive, juicey and devotional week of nourishment and celebratory abundance of shared hearts & intimate moments. There is always room within the heart space to reawaken and expand and is easily achieved with the abundance of Bali’s unique offerings.

Explore the path of Bhakti with daily ecstatic chanting (Kirtan), musical vinyasa flows, cacao and ceremonial rituals and the opening of our hearts through song, vocal toning, mantra and a deepened understanding of the Bhakti tradition.

During this retreat, you will learn healthy practices for holistic living from a daily yoga practice, exploring music, ecstatic movement, ceremony and ritual to treat the body as a temple. 

Our daily enchantments of music and Kirtan, exploring musicality, voice and expression will help us reconnect to the essence of our own voices and sacred body expressions. 

This is a retreat for anyone and everyone who is ready to live life more fully, to celebrate the divine essence within us and to come into alignment from a place of awakening. From this place of alignment, purification begins and we are able to step into a supercharged personal power for what we are truly seeking in life. A celebratory retreat of this nature is meant to bring vibrant and purifying energy into the heart space, activating and clearing away any illusion that may be hindering us from living our lives as fully as we deserve. 

This retreat is also good for yoga teachers and practitioners interested in integrating sacred chanting, music, bhakti, song and rituals into their own offerings. What is shared is meant to serve you personally and to overflow and fulfill those around us. 

Free time and solo time will also be offered to reflect, take space and ground throughout the week’s retreat. There are several offerings to experience the magic of Bali.

Bali is an island of natural, cultural, and spiritual wonders. Retreat yourself to a week of Balinese culture, Buddhist and Hindu spirituality and an abundance of unique offerings from the island of Bali. Practice Bhakti yoga daily with devotional chanting, Kirtan, cacao ceremony, physical asana, musical journeys and dance all while connecting with & exploring the heart center of Ubud! Offered daily are excursions to explore the The Ubud Monkey Forest, Mt. Batur, the Titra Empul Water Temple, Waterfalls and surrounding Rice Fields.


Hanuma Project / Paul / Patita Pavana Das 

A lifelong musician and with many lifetimes as a Bhakta, Paul splits his time between Ashram living and life on the road, spreading the vibration of devotion. The past few years have been a year of blossoming for Paul's current focus, the Hanuman Project, from birthing 'EnChanted' a unique Bhakti & Sound Healing Festival-Retreat to sharing Kirtan and Ceremony around the world. In 2017 Paul visited 7 countries to share his passion for sacred song and ceremony,  highlights include: Offering at sacred music festivals; Beloved, Singing Alive & Bhakti Fest (USA), Recording the debut Hanuman Project Album in Los Angeles, Supporting medicine retreats and ceremony in the high Andes of Southern Peru and of course the 3 week Yoga of Sound an Chocolate programme in Guatemala. 

Paul's approach to sound and chant is that they are the keys to unlock the power and beauty of the heart, and as such are available to each and every one of us at all times. He is passionate about creating devotional music both powerful and accessible, hoping invoking courage to live from the heart always and to support with solely love . 

Sita Devi 

Sita Devi is a yogini, kirtan artist, and ecstatic dance facilitator in service to the divine. She holds a BFA in dance from the University of California Santa Barbara, completed her 500 hours of training in Kona, Hawaii in 2007, and has been teaching yoga for 10 years most exclusively at Namaste Yoga + Wellness in Oakland, Yoga Tree in Berkeley, Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, and at festivals and conferences worldwide. She teaches various modalities of Yoga including Vinyasa Flow, Bhakti Vinyasa Flow, and Restorative Yin. As a Kirtan Walli, Sita sings and plays the harmonium, guitar, kartals, and the mrdanga. She has a weekly community Kirtan at Yoga Tree Telegraph and a monthly Kirtan at Namaste Rockridge with Adam Kurzfeld. Sita has performed and taught at San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference, Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust and several events. 

Her mission is to share this heart opening practice and make it easily accessible for everyone. It is her dream and goal to make Bhakti, devotional service, something that anyone can do, without limitation, expectation, discrimination or judgement. Sita’s devotional service is intended to include all beings in experiencing divine love and light.

Loren Lotus / Lotus Retreats

Loren is a devotional curator whose true love and passion is sharing the beauty of the world and the unity of Yoga with those who are seeking it. Loren holds a B.S in Kinesiology where her fascination of the human body first stemmed. She began traveling in 2014 and was completely eye-opened by the diversity & beauty of our world. Loren obtained her first teaching certificate from the Passion Yoga School in Costa Rica, then continued with several trainings in Los Angeles with Yogaworks, as well as Pre-Natal, Yin & Restorative trainings. She visited Colombia for the first time in 2016 and birthed the vision of Lotus Retreats. 

Creator of Lotus Retreats, Loren aims to curate self-realizing, empowering, heart opening and unique gatherings all over the world to share the practice  of yoga & travel exposure with everyone.

She is continuously inspired by Yogic teachings of our everyday life and the practice of Yoga, on and off the mat. Every day is an opportunity to grow & live your life like a Lotus flower, reaching your true potential and fulfillment.


Each day of the retreat will be spent diving into the art of our heart through voice and movement. Daily singing, dancing and chanting practices will be infused with traditional yoga practices including vinyasa, yin and restorative styles.

Our themed practices will include daily gatherings: creating sacred intention, philosophy and history of Bhakti, the power of mantra and intention of chanting, infused with native Balinese cacao - our favorite and most powerful medicine for opening the heart.


  • 2 yoga classes a day; vinyasa flow & yin accompanied by music & kirtan 
  • Cacao ritual to infuse our daily practices 
  • 5-6 themed practices diving into the path & understanding of Bhakti
    • Yoga of Sound and Voice - ‘ceremonial playshops’ supporting releasing blockages around voice and accessing creative expression.
    • Chanting / Mantra 101 to harness the magic of Bhakti Yoga, meet the deities, explore the power and understanding of mantra
    • Expressive Movement & dance, break down of bit by bit body movement and expression to paint a picture of art with the body
  • Purification and intention setting through the Titra Empul Water Temple midweek for a full integration and understanding of the week’s impact
  • Daily breakfast & lunch gatherings as a group or individually if preferred
  • Additional daily excursions to the surrounding rice fields, waterfalls, volcanoes, Ubud Monkey Forest and shops will be offered to explore the beauty of Bali!  


Offered daily are excursions to explore the The Ubud Monkey Forest, Mt. Batur, the Tirta Empul Water Temple, Waterfalls, surrounding Rice Fields and evening Balinese Kekac dances. 

All activities are optional to explore with the group or individually!

Tirta Empul Water Temple

We will attend a purification ceremony  at the Tirta Empul Water Temple  to cleanse & purify midway through the week, guided by your hosts and the temple keeper. 

To allow for sacred purification to take place, we will be led through a 10 step process of water dunking and breath clarity to reawaken a refreshed and purified self.

Mt. Batur

Join an adventurous group for the sunrise hike to the top of Bali’s iconic Mt. Batur. Early to rise and trek to the top, you’ll overlook the entirety of Bali’s oasis in bliss during this challenging and rewarding experience. This is a one-of-a-kind excursion in Bali and unforgettable to all. Accompanied by a breakfast buffet and hot springs for those who endure the hike!

Additional Excursions optionally offered throughout the week:

  • Tirta Empul Water Temple
  • Mt. Batur Sunrise Hike
  • Lotus Temple / Saraswati Temple
  • The Ubud Monkey Forest
  • Tegenungan Waterfall
  • Tegalalang Rice Fields
  • Campuhan Sunset Ridge Walk
  • Kecak Fire Dance Thursday Evening 
  • The Bali Swing


Retreat for 7-days and 6-nights at the Narasoma Oasis in the heart of Ubud. Narasoma means the “eternal spirit encompassing the nectar of life.” Nara = someone and Soma = elixir of life. 

Narasoma is a human who has awakened, purified and full with the essence of spiritual knowledge. 

Narasoma is made up of 2 sections, the traditional Balinese family compound with homestay accommodation reflecting the true art and beauty of the Balinese culture and the retreat centre located in a tranquil oasis set behind the homestay reflecting the true nature and yoga spirit that lies in the heart of Bali. 

Just off the busy street on monkey forest road down beji lane, it is a quiet oasis, but within minutes walk of shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Beautifully hidden with a tropical landscape and is the last bit of natural sanctuary, besides the monkey forest, in the centre of Ubud.

Within this space is an outdoor yoga Shala overlooking a running river with a natural breeze. Several of our morning yoga classes with take place in this space to welcome the day. There is also an indoor yoga Shala for our musical jam sessions and Kirtan, dance and chanting for a fuller sound. Some ceremonies and themed practices will be hosted in this special space.

Narasoma has 22 rooms and 3 yoga shalas as well as Spa facilities to hold our group. 

The resort will be reserved privately to contain the intimacy of our week.


Learn healthy practices for holistic living from your yoga practice to healthy organic, vegetarian based meals. Nourishing ourselves from the inside out is an important piece of the practice that we will honor by eating delicious sacred food centered around healthy choices. We will gather for group breakfast and lunches on the resort and leave dinner time open to explore on your own. There are several surrounding vegan and vegetarian restaurants serving divinely curated dishes. 

We will celebrate on the last evening with a family style dinner at home and in sacred closing ceremony for the week.

What’s included

  • Accommodations
    7-days & 6-nights at the NaraSoma Retreat Center
  • 2 Yoga classes a day
    Vinyasa flow & yin accompanied by music & Kirtan
  • Cacao Ceremonies
    Ceremonial cacao ritual to infuse our daily practices
  • Themed Classes
    Daily workshops, discussions and group activities to dive into the sacred path of Bhakti for a deepened practice and understanding
  • Yoga of Sound and Voice
    Ceremonial 'playshops’ supporting releasing blockages around voice and accessing creative expression.
  • Chanting / Mantra 101
    Harness the magic of Bhakti Yoga, meet the deities, explore the power and understanding of mantra
  • Breakfast & Lunch
    Daily breakfast & lunches are served at the retreat center
  • Celebration Dinner
    1 group dinner to conclude the retreat week
  • Transportation
    Pickup and transfer from the Denpensar airport to the Narasoma Retreat Center
  • Flights
    Flights to/from Bali. Estimated cost $600-$900 roundtrip
  • Departing Transportation
    Transportation leaving the resort is not included, but can be organized and shared with other individuals (primarily because several guests depart to various locations post-retreat)
  • Dinner
    Afternoon meals / dinner are left open to explore the many unique restaurants nearby in the town of Ubud. Estimated budget $100/week
  • Insurance
    It is recommended to purchase your own travel insurance

Available Packages

Single Occupancy* Early bird thru Feb1
Available until Feb 01, 20195 left
Deposit: $500
Double Occupancy*Early bird thru Feb1
Available until Feb 01, 201917 left
Deposit: $500
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7 left
Deposit: $500
Double Occupancy
14 left
Deposit: $500
Deposit: $500

Single Occupancy
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Who’s Going

  • JF
    Justin Ferrin
    Excited to spend a week of ecstatic devotion with you all!
    Jan 12, 2019
  • IB
    Ingrid Brill
    Dreaming of full immersion into Bali bliss with you all!
    Dec 15, 2018
  • nm
    nadine morrow
    Looking forward to Bhakti Bali Bhav!
    Dec 13, 2018

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18 reviews
Expand and enhance your vision of the world and your practice of Yoga with a Lotus Retreats week in paradise! Our retreat weeks offer a diversity of yoga classes, philosophy, workshops, sacred ceremonies, Kirtan music and enlightening group activities to deepen all areas of your physical, spiritual, and mental being. We combine the practice of Yoga in connection to sacred nature with culture excursions to adventure and explore each country and it's unique offerings! We believe there is a whole world to see and want to show you how beautiful each unique country is. Our team is a group of passionate, well traveled Yoga instructors, workshop facilitators, musicians and devoted practitioners who are passionate about sharing their love & knowledge of Yoga with the world! Lotus Retreats currently hosts in Colombia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatamala and Bali.


This was one of the best experiences I've had in my life! Everything about this yoga retreat was so wonderful. Gitana del Mar was absolutely beautiful being right on the water and the staff was super accommodating that entire week. My private bungalow was super spacious and comfortable. All of the meals were incredible. What Loren put together with the yoga sessions, workshops, volunteering with a local elementary school, and all of the additional excursions were just unforgettable and such amazing experiences. It was also just so wonderful to meet so many incredible people. I highly recommend a going on a Lotus Retreat and I definitely hope to go on another one in the future! ~Kristin H.
There's nothing negative I could possibly say about this retreat experience!! This was my second time around with Loren & Lotus Retreats, and I definitely plan on coming back for more. Loren is an incredible retreat host and yoga instructor. After my first Lotus retreat to Cuba - and now to Colombia, I came back completely invigorated and inspired to further deepen my own yoga practice. Loren’s retreats are the perfect mix of yoga, meditation, dharma, relaxation, and cultural excursions. She provides a wide variety of activities, but there is never any pressure to do them all. Her retreat itineraries are designed in a way that allows for plenty of flexibility for whatever you’re hoping to get out of the experience. Also, the accommodations at Gitana del Mar are exceptional! From the food, to the service, to the private ocean views! I seriously have nothing negative to say at all! Much love, Jenn M
I had the most beautiful, empowering, uplifting and nourishing experience. I did not practice yoga more than once a month before this trip but I was drawn to the other elements of the trip and I am so glad I came. Lotus retreats put together an amazing experience for ALL. I loved the daily yoga sessions two times a day, although I am a beginner the instructors, Loren and Maria made everything newbie-friendly. I loved that I had the option to skip sessions and enjoy the stunning property without it being an issue, hello freedom. The retreat center was absolute paradise, it felt like I was in the jungle with a oceanfront and INCREDIBLE FOOD to meet everyone's diverse diets. I loved all the excursions, the cultural immersion mural painting was my favorite but the other excursions were equally awesome. The workshops throughout the week allowed us all to open up and truly get to know each other, I am so grateful for the community we cultivated and an incredible experience. I'll be attending the next one :)
Where to begin! What a lovely, nurturing and full of Love and Laughter experience. The group of people gathered together for the 2/2020 Cuban Retreat became my forever friends and Family. The Retreat center run by Coco was so comfortable and the food was extraordinary prepared by a caring and fun staff. Music always going and dancing while they cooked. The excursions were very interesting. Loren and Maria, the Yoga Maidens, were exceptional. I never thought I would do two yoga classes a way and I did all but one morning. I cannot recommend more highly this experience. Loved it. Just what the Doc( inside of me) ordered. And Cuba and her people are Beautiful! Elizabeth George
Wow - what an experience! The food was so clean and beautiful. Any allergy or diet restriction followed precisely. The leaders Loren and Maria were so friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend to anyone Thanks again I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon
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I had the opportunity to deepen my practice / experience the beauty of Tulum Mexico with Lotus Retreats and would do it again in a heartbeat! The Lotus Retreats crew quickly created a space of loving community, increased awareness, and intentional practice within the first few hours of our retreat and it only got better from there! These retreats are special. Humanity in raw form. I'll be back for more, no doubt!
By Travis Perkins on Oct 02, 2018
Loren's yoga retreats are one of my favorite ways to replenish my soul and body with fresh new prana energy, inspiration, beautiful scenery, amazingly tasty food, and like-minded new friends from all over the world. Loren, you can count me in every time!!! :-) Pascal
By Pascal Nicolas on Jul 18, 2018