Big Island Magic Retreat

Kona, HI, United States

Julianne Aiello
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Feb 1 - 5, 2017
Group size: 4 - 8
Big Island Magic Retreat
Kona, HI, United States

Julianne Aiello
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Feb 1 - 5, 2017
Group size: 4 - 8

About this trip

Friends, students, big hearted adventurers! I am SO excited to invite you to join me for a magical retreat on the Big Island.

If you haven’t yet been, the big island is pure energy.

You step off the plane an onto the lava fields that literally feel like you get lit up with inspiration and positive charge. There are the most beautiful turtles, fish and dolphins! It’s almost like the Caribbean, but more wild and pristine. It is hard to do justice to the magic of the big island, but I can tell you it is one of my favorite places in the world and I hope to share with you my favorite ways to experience the island. 

I spent a month there this year and I am so looking forward to bringing you there.

Here’s the deal with this trip - It is an adventure, vacation + yoga trip to Hawaii.

The whole time you are there is like one big yoga bliss fest, whether you’re on your mat or not. So for sure, we will have a daily practice on the deck or on the beach nearby, but we’ll also have plenty of free time to adventure to some of the most magical snorkeling places, hikes on green sand beaches, a lemonade at the 4 seasons resort next door - it’s a must, and get plenty of rest and down time. 

2 days off from work + 1 work day on a flight. Just say yes! 


Day Structure

Wake up- leisure/ quiet time + Breakfast.

8:30 or 9am - Morning yoga + meditation

Post yoga relax + wash up. Pack lunch for the road (we’ll have a cooler and explore in the afternoon.)

See Itinerary for daily events..


Accommodations are super luxury!

You will not be disappointed :) 

What’s included

Shared queen in Room 1 - $1100

Full queen (not shared) in Room 1 - $1500

Shared queen in Room 2 - $1200

Shared king in Room 3 - $1300


Price includes:

Travel around the island, yoga, all meals + food except for 2 dinners. 

1 night out we will all go to this amazing place in Kona - great healthy food, super reasonable where you can watch the sunset. 

1 night out - TBD.

Total extra expenses for dinners is expected to be $60-100. $60 without alcohol, $100 with. My thinking is it's easier to leave that off and you can feel free to order as you wish.

Food and accommodations in Hawaii are more expensive than even California !

All raw materials, food, and nearly everything you need to live is flown in. So this price for 4 days is similar to what you would pay just to stay at nice hotel, plus you get great food + yoga + travel around the island! I have intentionally made this trip as affordable as possible because I want you to just get there! 



Travel to and from airport is included if you arrive and depart on the flights listed below. If not, I will do our best to get you! But the airport is 40 minutes from the house. I will look into travel from airport if you're taking another flight, so just let me know.



The other HUGE! travel perk, is that you can essential fly to Hawaii for free if your willing to open a new credit card. 

To take advantage of this, go to and begin to book a trip. When you get to the payment section, they’ll offer you an opportunity to earn 50k miles when you open a Hawaiian Barclay’s Mastercard. 

The card costs $89 and you have to spend $1,000 on the card in the first 3 months to earn the miles. 

The you get to fly to Hawaii free! and you get an extra bonus - 50% off ticket for another trip that year! It’s so worth it. Flights are regularly around $600 - $700.



SFO —> Kona. Around $600 on Hawaiian or 42k miles.

Depart - 2/1/17 - 8:25AM. 45 min layover in Honolulu. Depart HNL at 1:30 - Arrive to Kona @ 2:15pm

Return - 2/5/15- 1:09PM - 1:45pm to OGG. Depart OGG @ 3:10PM - 10:05PM Arrive in SFO.


I am super excited about the opportunity to bring you all to one of my favorite places and share this experience with you.

The dates are right around the corner, and I have 3 people on board with room for just 7, 8 including me. So if you want to come, or you’re thinking about it - please let me know ASAP!


Lots of love,


Not included

Dinner on 2 nights - out on the town in Kona one night and beach dinner the other! 

Available Packages

Shared Queen
Available until January 10, 2017
Deposit: $400
Full Queen
Available until January 10, 2017
Deposit: $391
Shared King in Master Bedroom
Available until January 10, 2017
Deposit: $400


Yoga / Beach / Snorkel + Sunset Dinner
Day 2
Drive to a super gorgeous beach of the most magnificent colors. I am hesitant to share pics! But it’s the beach I’m on in photos on the home page ofmy website :) I think its almost more magical when you don’t know. After that we’ll drive to another beach - my favorite of favorite places to snorkel + swim with mountains of wildlife. Dinner in Kona and watch sunset.

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