Bioluminescent Kayak Tour

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Bioluminescence Costa Rica
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8 reviews
Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 16
Bioluminescent Kayak Tour
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Bioluminescence Costa Rica
  • Email address verified
8 reviews

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 16

About this trip

Night Bioluminescent Kayak tour  , in order to reserve this tour please do a prepayment of $10 ahead per person and the rest the date of the tour


abril 10th only at pm available the first trip is sold out. 

if you rather do the 8pm click on this other link. 

if you wish to reserve a boat tour 

If the tour shows not available contact us by whatsapp to double check, we may have a boat tour available or a sunsettour tour available or the 8pm tour available. 

 Time: 5:45pm to 7:30pm

Location paquera 100 meters from the ferry port 

Whatsapp us if you have anyquestion +506  7238  8381

What’s included

  • guide
  • kayak
  • paddle
  • life jackets
  • dry bag
  • water

Available Packages

$35 per person

 In Our tour you can see plankton glow in the dark and see the strongs particals, come and see ocean glowing with your eyes. 

Deposit: $10


Night Bioluminescent Kay
Bioluminescent Kayak

We will go from the ferry port at paquera around the island jesucitas and island cedros searching for the best hidden spots for this unique tour.

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Bioluminescence Costa Rica
8 reviews
we are providing an amazing adventure unique experiences, our goals it to helps tourism to get the most of each activity


Ok, the people were very nice, the kayak and the equipment very good. But we have not seen much bioluminescence. Our guide had to jump in the water and take some water with his t-shirt to show us some light. That part was a bit deceiving. We saw some by moving water with our paddle.
By André B for Bioluminescent Kayak Tour on Apr 09, 2024
The actual Bioluminescence was very cool. I think this tour could improve a lot by smoothing out the logistics. On our tour there was no orientation given on land. Once we had a dozen people in kayaks on the bay, the tour guide began to explain the tour over the sound of waves in the dark. We couldn't hear half of what he was saying and it was difficult to focus on listening when you're trying to stay in the same place with your kayak. During the tour the guides would occasionally shine a light but we were never sure if he was directing us to keep paddling or to stop. Again, an orientation on this would have made things much easier. The launch point is also very dirty - lots of driftwood and garbage washing up from the bay. It didn't make it enticing to get in the water.
By Karlo K for Bioluminescent Kayak Tour on Mar 27, 2024
We organized a three day trip from Samara to Paquera JUST to do the bioluminescence tour. Absolutely worth it. The guides were very knowledgeable and knew where to take us for the most concentrations - so the bioluminescence was very intense. The kids lost their minds when they looked into the water and could see the trails left by fish swimming in the bioluminescence. So cool.
By Michelle A for amount pending of the tour 58 on Mar 18, 2024
We enjoyed our 8 pm kayak tour. The bioluminescence was spectacular and thoroughly enjoyed paddling around and swimming in it. Such an amazing sight to see would definitely recommend this tour to anyone. I would say out of all the ways you could go see this kayaks was by far the best choice nothing beats a night paddle with amazing bioluminescence!!
By Amber K for Bioluminescent Kayak Tour 8pm on Mar 13, 2024
We had an absolute blast. It was so amazing to see bright colors. We went 5 days after a full moon and the lighting was perfect. Our favorite part was getting out of the kayaks and swimming in some chect deep water and watching each other swim under the water. It was like Moana. Amazing time. The hosts were great. We drove down from Tamarindo to catch the 8pm session just for this and drove back that same night. Worth it.
By Travis W for amount pending of the tour on Mar 03, 2024
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