Bird Watching in Cali - Avistamiento de Aves K18 - Bosque de Niebla

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Valley Adventours
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13 reviews
Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 17
Bird Watching in Cali - Avistamiento de Aves K18 - Bosque de Niebla
Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Valley Adventours
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13 reviews

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 17

About this trip

Cali Bird Watching

If you love nature and birds, come and live this experience in the mountains of Cali.

We offer different spaces for you to enjoy bird watching and photography in a different way.

Colombia is the country that is home to the greatest diversity of birds in the world, there are more than 1,900 types of birds.

Thanks to our unique topography we receive about 170 migratory species throughout the year, due to the magnificent geographical position and the particular climate that the altitude and latitude give us.

With its colorful plumage and beautiful melodies, this bird watching activity restores the connection with nature to human beings through trails full of thick vegetation and exuberant fauna.

Valle del Cauca is the ideal department for bird watching, let yourself be seduced by its beauty and its sounds directly in its natural habitat at any time of the year.

Versión en Español

Avistamiento de Aves

Si amas la naturaleza y las aves, ven a vivir esta experiencia en las montañas de Cali.

Ofrecemos diferentes espacios para que disfrutes de manera diferente la observación y fotografía de aves.

Colombia es el país que alberga la mayor diversidad de aves en el mundo, hay más de 1.900 tipos de aves.

Gracias a nuestra singular topografía recibimos cerca de 170 especies migratorias durante todo el año, debido a la magnífica posición geográfica y al clima particular que nos regalan la altitud y la latitud.

Con sus plumajes coloridos y preciosas melodías, esta actividad de la observación de aves le devuelve al ser humano la conexión con la naturaleza mediante el recorrido por senderos llenos de vegetación espesa y fauna exuberante.

El Valle del cauca es el departamento ideal para el avistamiento de aves, déjate seducir por su belleza y sus sonidos directamente en su hábitat natural en cualquier época del año.

What’s included

  • Guide:
    Local bilingual guide.
  • Driver:
    Driver in Spanish or English depending on the plan.
  • Transportation:
    Round trip transportation from Cali.
  • Transfers:
    Pick up and drop off from your place of accommodation.
  • Activities:
    Tour of the farm in its six areas for bird watching.
  • Eating plan:
  • Food:
    Unlimited water, coffee and tea.
  • Insurance:
    Medical insurance and assistance.
  • Guía local:
    Guianza por un experto en aves.
  • Conductor:
    Conductor en español o inglés según el plan.
  • Transporte:
    Transporte terrestre ida y vuelta desde Cali.
  • Traslados:
    Recogida y dejada en el lugar de hospedaje.
  • Tiquetes:
    Entrada a la reserva natural (bono ecológico).
  • Actividades:
    Recorrido por la finca en sus seis zonas para la observación de aves.
  • Plan de Alimentación:
    Desayuno, agua, café y té ilimitado.
  • Seguro médico:
    Póliza de asistencia médica.
  • Tips:
    Tips (optional according to your lived experience).
  • Extras:
    Additional services or products not specified in the plan.
  • Propinas:
    Propinas (opcionales según tu experiencia vivida).
  • Extras:
    Consumos y servicios no especificados en el plan.

Your Organizer

Valley Adventours
13 reviews
Valley Adventours is a tour agency located in Cali, Colombia. We are one of the biggest tour agencies to operate in the department of Valley of the Cauca. We comprise of a small team of travel enthusiast who pride in showing the best our city has to offer and all of its natural heritage. Our main goals and objectives are to guide you through out the whole time you are in the city and its surroundings and have you fall in love with every aspect of it; that being said, we are happy to offer tours and advice for your visit. We invite you to look at all of our information in our webpage or our social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or tripadvisor. If you have any questions, comments, or requests please don't doubt in letting us know.


By PATRICK D for Cali Salsa Show on 15 Mar, 2022
Experienced riders and animal lovers listen up! Please don’t book this tour. This is what happened to us on the 13th of march: We got picked up at our hostel and our driver was very nice and communicative. And that’s it with the positive experience!!! When we arrived at the ranch we startet do get a bad feeling cause some of the horses looked really bad (extremely thin). We both grew up with horses and learned to ride before walking so we have a huge knowledge about horses and how they should be treated. All in all we were about 8 people who were about to go on the riding tour. When we were about to start, it was obvious that NOBODY was able to ride a horse or have been on a horseback before. This wouldn’t be a problem if somebody would have guided them through the whole thing our would have told them what they should expect. Instead of that we started the tour and the horses (Of corse) did what they wanted. The people were partly scared and tugged and dragged the horses very badly. Nobody who could control the horse was taking the lead and so everything got really messy. At a certain point our driver started to gallop really fast and we thought it’s okay to join him, cause we are experienced. But suddenly we noticed that it wasn’t for fun - he simply couldn’t control his horse anymore. During a real fast race my boyfriend lost his Stirrup and the rope which was not properly fixed got loose on my horse and it got stuck between his horseshoe and the hoof. This is probably the most dangerous thing which every happened to me while 20 years of riding experience. After that we decided to interrupt the tour. We couldn’t tolerate how careless the people are with the horses, the equipment and the other UNEXPERIENCED riders. When we came back we noticed that one of the horses were even bleeding on his feet and had a bad injury on the hip. None of the people there, also not the guides from Vallyadventours cared about anything that happened - they even didn’t unterstand what our problem was. Probably they just thought we were scared because of the speed. And to top it all off - after bringing us back, the guy changed horse (cause he couldn’t control the other one before) and took the injured one to race back to the group who continued the tour. All in all the horses were extremely nervous and in a bad mentally and physically condition. Unexperienced riders who just tug and drag are making it so much worse. So PLEASE do not support this kind of things!!
By Felix S for Horseback Riding Experience on 15 Mar, 2022
A must if you would like to know more about Cali. The most important sights are visited and filled with information that stick to your mind. For longer visits a return to individual sights is necessary as the tour will give you an overview in about 3 h. Guide was awesome!
By Felix H for Cali Grand City Tour on 17 Feb, 2022
Such a nice tour. We felt guided very well through the market getting to try lots of different fruits including background information. All of the sellers were really nice and charming. Best souvenir shop is right next to the market.
By Felix H for Gastronomic Tour - Typical food, fruits, sweets and drinks. on 17 Feb, 2022
amazing tour, really relaxing and fun. Recommending, its more then you expects
By Lidiia S for San Cipriano Nature Reserve on 18 Jan, 2022
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I did the Cali Grand City Tour with Valley Adventours and it was a wonderful experience, our tour guide did a great job in giving us history of Cali, Colombia. Totally recommend it! best time to do this tour if you can on a Sunday morning as weekdays are very hectic. I totally recommend this tour.
By Marleny P on 05 Apr, 2022