Explores Black History in Brazil. Rio Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Barreiras - BA, Brazil

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Nov 7 - 14, 2024
Group size: 20 - 44 Explores Black History in Brazil. Rio Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Barreiras - BA, Brazil

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Nov 7 - 14, 2024
Group size: 20 - 44

About this trip

 Embarking on a journey through the vibrant streets of Salvador and the bustling energy of Rio de Janeiro, one is met with a tapestry woven from the rich threads of Afro-Brazilian history. This expedition transcends the ordinary tourist experience, inviting intrepid travelers to delve into the heart of Brazil's cultural legacy.  We feature specialized guides and insights from an esteemed professor in Brazil.  With its cobblestone alleys and pastel-hued colonial architecture, Salvador serves as a living canvas that narrates the poignant tales of the African diaspora. Meanwhile, the rhythmic beats of samba and the kaleidoscopic Carnival celebrations in Rio de Janeiro beckon, promising an immersion into the dynamic narratives of Afro-Brazilian heritage. In this exploration, history comes alive, unfolding the resilient spirit, cultural resilience, and profound contributions of the black community in these iconic Brazilian cities. 

Rio de Janeiro

Little Africa is a culturally rich and historically significant district located in Rio de Janeiro's capital. It encompasses the neighborhoods of Saúde, Gamboa, and Santo Cristo and boasts several landmarks such as Largo São Francisco da Prainha, Pedra do Sal, Morro da Conceição, Valongo Wharf, and Pretos Novos Cemetery. The name given by composer Heitor dos Prazeres celebrates the area's strong African heritage and the presence of their descendants in diaspora. Despite being hidden for over a hundred years, the district's fascinating history, especially during the urban reform of 1902, has come to light with the Porto Maravilha revitalization project. This project is a wonderful opportunity to preserve and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Little Africa for generations to come.  

Salvador, Bahia


 Did you know that Brazil has the largest population of black people outside of Africa? However, due to intermixing with Europeans and Indigenous peoples, Brazilians with African ancestry may or may not display physical features that are typically associated with black people. However, in Bahia, 80% of the population is Afro-Brazilian, and as a result, you can see African influences in the culture, music, food, and religion. These influences are a result of the social oppression that Afro-Brazilians have faced and continue to face. Despite these struggles, the African-Brazilian culture is a powerful and valuable heritage that is expressed in so many ways. 

What’s included

  • First Class Hotel
    3 Nights Rio de Janeiro, 4 nights Salvador Bahia
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  • Lectures
    onsite lecture in Salvador by prominent Professor
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    1 way airfare from Rio to Salvador
  • Guides
    Daily guiding for all tours
  • Hotel tax
  • Hotel Wifi

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  • Tips
    For hotels, guides etc
  • Personal Items
    Such as water bottles, shopping etc
  • Visa
    Brazil visa of is required but not included. Please see requirements for US citizenship at or to check for your citizenship

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November 7th
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