Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat 2023: Spirit of the Jungle

      Chichén-Itzá, Yucatan, Mexico

      Where the Light Gets In Ministries
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      10 reviews
      Mar 17 - 24, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 40
      Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat 2023: Spirit of the Jungle
      Chichén-Itzá, Yucatan, Mexico

      Where the Light Gets In Ministries
      • Email address verified
      10 reviews

      Mar 17 - 24, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 40

      About this trip

      Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat 2023 Goes to Mexico for the Spirit of the Jungle


      A Transformational Retreat at Chichen Itza, 1 of the 7 Wonders of the World

      The jungle has a spirit and it captures you almost immediately. When we first arrived at Hotel Oka'an, we felt a lightness in our physical bodies, a deepening of our breath, and a softening of our hearts. We were just across the canopy from the Mayan city of Chichen Itza, 1 of the 7 Wonders of the World. The name Chichén means "mouth of the well" and Itzá refers to those who founded it, the Itzáes "water witches", around the year 435. We landed in the energy of the ancient Mayans... and we felt it! We felt partially transported back, a few thousand years. It felt like 50 pounds released from our shoulders. The stillness and peacefulness of this sacred place immediately enveloped us. 

      What has eluded you will find you here!

      We were fortunate to connect to the owner of the property, Celika, whose late husband called himself an astro-archaeologist and was passionate about educating the world about the brilliance of the Mayan culture. He designed Hotel Oka'an with specific connections to Chichen Itza, which we will allow Celika to explain at the retreat. Celika and her son continue to steward the land and property, sharing this everlasting intention to those who will open their spirit to the whispers of the ancients.

      We knew at this moment that this was our next retreat location. Boldly Going Nowhere Mexico was born. 

      What is a Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat?

      Boldly Going Nowhere is a simple play on words.

      nowhere = Now Here

      Quantum physics often says that everything comes from nothing. NoThing. No thing. Yet how do we translate from quantum to human life? 

      Why do many of our best ideas come when we are in the shower, or driving, or on an airplane, or doing what we love? Because we are present, our hands our empty, our brains are quieted, and we are available. We are not multi-tasking, running from app to app or store to store or conversation to conversation. We are not saturated with the incoming. Space is open for something to come in.

      Boldly Going Nowhere is about making space. 

      When we constantly strive, we never arrive. 

      Boldly Going Nowhere is about arriving. 

      Nowhere. Now Here. 

      To begin.


      Our mission is to inspire a path to nowhere. A place where all is manifest, all ideas are born, all possibilities exist. A place where clarity is born, peace lives, and chaos dies. A place many have been seeking - and through perpetual seeking, have perceived it to be unattainable. 

      Boldly Going Nowhere is about un-doing. 

      We do this by slowing down. We do this by creating space for joy, new experiences, and unforgettable memories that will forever inhabit your soul. This place is where the seeker becomes the seer, the striver becomes the arriver, the questioner becomes the knower.

      Come be undone. 

      We are honored and excited to share in this sacred journey with you, and to witness the next version of you. 

      Go Boldly,

           Now Here.

      Bob and Shannon

      What to Expect

      Each Boldly Going Nowhere event is held in a space of magnificent beauty. Even if we didn’t do a thing, you will be better for having been there. The energy of the earth places we choose will stay with you forever. This one is, by far, the most exquisite place we have chosen to date. It is 1 of the 7 Wonders of the World!

      Each Boldly Going Nowhere event is best with limited devices. It’s not always all about the selfie, though we know you will want to snap some photos to remember your visit, the land, and the new friends you meet.

      Each Boldly Going Nowhere event is about developing practices. This stuff will stay with you. You won’t go home scratching your head or wondering, "now what?"

      Each Boldly Going Nowhere event features delicious whole food cuisine. Everything served will serve you. 

      Each Boldly Going Nowhere event incorporates all of the practices and passions of Shannon and Bob that create a truly experiential retreat. There will be music and singing that will usher new depths of meaning. There will be wisdom discussions and meditation. There will be intentional activities that support contemplation and questioning. There will be breathwork. There will be silence and expansion. There will be movement. There will be ritual. There will be connection to the earth. 

      Integrated Activities for the Week

      The retreat activities will be prepared so the flow of events will build upon the last and a story - your story - will unfold. We ask everyone to be present for all sessions, not just for yourself but to co-create with and for everyone else.

      Sometime throughout the week, we will:

      -- release with a temescal (Mayan sweat lodge) on site,

      -- rejuvenate at a local cenote (sinkhole that accesses the underground river system), 

      -- renew with a massage at Spa Oka'an, and

      -- remember with the Lucia light

      SPECIAL ACTIVITY: We will visit Chichen Itza for the Spring Equinox. It is one of the most sacred days at the site. We will witness a very special event that people travel from all over the world to see. We will see the serpent arrive and receive all the magic of the Equinox energy. 

      **Important Information**

      Hotel Oka'an is in the jungle with minimal footprint. Expect wildlife from the area to visit you.

      There are no elevators. Be prepared for walking up lots of stairs and between buildings. 

      You will be asked a series of questions about room type and preference when you register. There will be 15 rooms with two double beds and 4 rooms with king beds available for our group. We will do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible. Please note that ALL rooms have open-air windows and doors, which means that they are composed of screens with adjustable wooden slats. You will hear the sounds of the jungle and, potentially, your neighbors if the AC or heat is not running. Bungalows have two rooms per building. The hotel-style building has 3 floors with 4 rooms on each floor.

      Pathways between buildings are unpaved and the property is not "flat". Flip flops are not the best to walk around the property, so bring some decent walking shoes. 

      The main meeting room is up 4 flights of stairs in the main building. The observation deck requires climbing a metal spiral staircase to the rooftop.

      Airport arrival information and instructions will be emailed within 2 weeks of the start of the retreat. Please add your flight information to your profile as soon as you have it.

      The drive from Cancun airport to Hotel Oka'an is about 2-½ hours. Your transportation driver will have additional information for you to integrate easily upon arrival to the retreat center. 

      The retreat schedule will be available in your rooms when you arrive.

      What you may want to bring in your luggage:

      1- Binoculars if you like bird watching. You will be standing ABOVE the jungle canopy if you choose to go to the observation rooftop!

      2- Long pants and sweatshirt. The jungle floor may several degrees cooler than the top of the observation deck and offsite areas that we will tour.

      3- Backpack to take offsite for souvenirs and change of clothes if you swim in the cenote.

      4- Flashlight to walk around the property.

      Payment and Cancellation

      Your deposit is non-refundable and due at the time of registration.

      You can pay in full at the time of registration or split the remainder of your registration into 2 equal amounts. The second payment is due 15 Oct 2022, and the final payment is due 01 Feb 2023.

      By submitting your online registration with the minimum deposit, an understanding of and agreement with these policies are implied. Cancellation Policy is as follows:

      • Beginning 17 Dec 2022, 50% refund less deposit.
      • Beginning 21 Jan 2023, 25% refund less deposit.
      • Beginning 18 Feb 2023, no refund.
      • Should the retreat be rescheduled for reasons beyond our control (national or international crisis), you will have the option for a full refund OR for the payment(s) to apply to the rescheduled dates.

      What’s included

      • 3/17 Airport Transfer
        CUN Airport to Retreat Location via Private Transportation
      • 7-nights Lodging
        Hotel Oka'an 3/17-3/24
      • Meals
        Dinner 3/17 - Breakfast 3/24
      • Chichen Itza Tour
        Spring Equinox Tour with Private Guide
      • Temescal
        Mayan Sweat Lodge with Mayan Shaman
      • Cenote
        Swimming in a Cenote, a sinkhole fed by the underground river system
      • Massage
        Pre-booked massage at Spa Oka'an IS INCLUDED. We will ask you to pre-schedule your appointment when the schedule is available. NOTE: You pay direct/out of pocket if you book during the retreat
      • Lucia Light
        Pre-booked Lucia Light session IS INCLUDED. We will ask you to pre-schedule your appointment when the schedule is available.
      • 3/24 Airport Transfer
        Hotel Oka'an to CUN Airport via Private Transportation
      • Tips
        Tips for transportation, tours, food service, housekeeping, luggage assistance, temescal, and massage
      • Blanket, Journal, Pen
        We gotcha covered!

      What’s not included

      • Alcohol
        Hotel Oka'an offers a full bar. Alcohol is not included in our pricing.

      Available Packages

      Registration after Sep 2nd

      Register after September 2nd

      (ended) Early Bird thru Sep 2nd

      Register BEFORE September 3rd to receive $444 off your total registration.

      Deposit: $1,111

      Available options


      Day 1

      Fly into Cancun Airport. We have your transportation arranged, so please make sure you print out your instructions that are emailed to you! We will have a casual first evening with dinner and introductions.

      Your Organizer

      Where the Light Gets In Ministries
      10 reviews
      Shannon Plummer and Bob Sima identify themselves more as “facilitators of remembrance” than as teachers. They love to share the ideas and concepts that inspire them with the intention of triggering internal and external conversations within you. Together, they weave their individual gifts to create experiences for all audiences. Whether an indescribable concert, a contemplative musical meditation, an experiential workshop, or an empowering retreat, they cover the full spectrum!


      This was my 2nd year attending this retreat. I was feeling rather lost and disconnected last year and said yes to the invite not knowing Bob and Shannon or anyone else except my traveling buddy. The challenges to look deep inside required vulnerability that I somehow magically tapped into. The healing was surprisingly gentle and kind. My heart opened. When I arrived this year I was amazed at how much I had grown (changed?). Happier and stronger, more confident and more at peace with myself and my life. Practically speaking…the jungle, the facility, the food, the excursions, the music and dance, the bonfires and meeting new people was just perfect. Everyone needs an adventure like this at least once in their life!
      By Janice T for Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat 2024: Spirit of the Jungle II on May 10, 2024
      OMG, this reatrat is amazing! You can afford to miss it. I’m so zen afterwards it takes me 4 days to ease back into society!
      By Kevin B for Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat 2024: Spirit of the Jungle II on Apr 05, 2024
      By Eduardo O for Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat 2024: Spirit of the Jungle II on Apr 02, 2024
      I had a wonderful trip! Food was excellent! I am planning to return next year.
      By Nancy P for Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat 2024: Spirit of the Jungle II on Mar 29, 2024
      It was beyond wonderful of any expectations I may have had. Loving welcoming hotel with beautiful grounds, plants birds and swimming pool. Delicious food, lovely people who guided us, shared with us, friendly and professional. Bob and Shannon brought us all together as one familia sharing experiences, music and best of all hearts. Highly recommend this sacred heartfelt experience. Always grateful for this trip into looking deeper into the oneness of all.
      By Diane Davis S for Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat 2024: Spirit of the Jungle II on Mar 29, 2024
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