Brazil Tour | November 2022

Uruçuca, State of Bahia, 45680-000, Brazil

8 reviews
Nov 18 - 27, 2022
Group size: 8 - 12
Brazil Tour | November 2022
Uruçuca, State of Bahia, 45680-000, Brazil

8 reviews

Nov 18 - 27, 2022
Group size: 8 - 12

About this trip

Welcome to the HEART OF BRAZIL

Bahia is an abundant land covered with long empty beaches and the most diverse forest in the world - the Mata Atlantica. Fresh springs, clean rivers and hidden waterfalls feed the Ocean which brings back rains and breeze. The soil nurtures the nature like nowhere else.

It is home to many cultures. Indigenous tribes have been present here for centuries. Portuguese arrived in the year 1500 making Salvador their main port. Bahia became the epicentre of African religions, music and dance. It’s a real melting-pot that Polarny calls his home.


It has been carefully curated to foster an authentic connection to the Brazilian culture. Polarny will navigate you through a process that brings amusement, joy and relaxation.


Brazil is one of the most diverse cultures of the world. Bahia is its heart and crossroad.  Numerous music genres are heard on every corner. People connect, play and dance.

So will you! Welcome to the land of samba, forro and coco. You will learn capoeira and play drums. We will go to community parties and visit local social projects.

We are at the Afro-Indigenous people's home.  You will learn about their heritage, beliefs and craftsmanship. Our guides and hosts will be delighted to share their knowledge.


Every day you are waking up to the sounds of the waves. Fruity breakfast is awaiting you. We drink cacao from an ecological farm and eat the most delicious chocolate. Our friends teach you about the endemic plants and local foods. You eat healthy and organic.

You start to understand why we call this land a paradise as you hike into the Mata Atlantica, the most diverse biomass on the planet. We dip into waterfalls and paddle bravely in rafting boats. You rest on hidden beaches. You are now in full harmony with life.


A palette of masseurs and therapist are at service. Relax and rest. Or move... surfing, paragliding and foot volleyball happen daily.

You are being introduced to sacred medicines If you feel ready, shamanic ceremonies are awaiting you. The healers will guide you.

We are closing with community party where Polarny will play some global sounds for you. 

On Sunday, you will take your flight well rested, fully inspired, completely in love with Brazil…


75% refund for cancellation more than 45 days before the first day of the trip
50% refund for cancellation between 21 and 45 days before the first day of the trip
25% refund for cancellation less than 21 days before the first day of the trip

If the trip is not possible due to medical restrictions (e.g. closed borders, canceled flights):
paid funds will remain to be used for any tour carried out by Polarny / Sound Traveler within the next 12 months or the payment is refunded after deducting 15% of administrative costs.

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    9 nights at Aldeia de Mata Eco-Lodge
  • Breakfasts
    9 breakfasts
  • Additional meals
    5 group meals at visited locations
  • All music venues
    all exclusive concerts and entries to music venues
  • Afro-Brazilian culture
    capoeira presentation and drumming class
  • Visits to projects
    visits to ecological, social and art projects
  • Local communities
    meeting Afro-Indigenous local communities
  • Cacao ceremony
    cacao ceremony and dance
  • Mata Atlantica visit
    guided hiking to the Atlantic Forest
  • Entree fees
    entry fees to waterfalls, rivers, sight-seeing locations
  • Rafting
    rafting for beginners
  • Boat ride
    boat ride on a river
  • Special sunsets
    special sunsets at magical and private locations
  • Beaches
    access to pristine beaches
  • Admission tickets
    all group admission tickets
  • Local transportation
    all local transportation
  • Photos
    professional photos from the tour
  • Airport transfers
    transfers from/to an airport
  • Guides & group leaders
    group leaders & local guides
  • Organisational costs
    all organisational costs
  • Flights
  • Meals & drinks
    meals & drinks other than specified
  • Medical insurance
    medical and/or travel insurance
  • Medical tests
    medical tests or similar
  • Individual activities
    additional individual activities (e.g. surfing, paragliding, healing ceremonies)

Available Packages

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price per person

bungalow with one double bed and one single bed, private bathroom;

for double accommodation - buy two packages;

Deposit: $250

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Your Organizer

8 reviews
Sound Traveler is a music & travel platform created by Mike Polarny. Our tours bring people together through music art. We connect travelers with local cultures by creating unique, off-the-beaten-track experiences. Small groups of like-minded people enjoy activities that involve music, culture, nature and spirituality. We reinvest our incomes into creation of music local artists.


This trip was absolutely amazing and so incredibly well curated. My husband and I got to explore Cuba in all its beauty from the perspective of a local, and we couldn't have asked for a more in-depth experience than that! Thank you Mike and your team for curating a beautiful experience, we will highly recommend you to others!
By Radhika M for Hatch Adventures | January 2020 | Cuba on 11 Feb, 2020
A carefully curated group of some 25 CEOs entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers and artists is not your average tour group. Fortunately Sound Traveler is not your average tour company! Mike Polarney's artfully constructed and beautifully executed tour managed the impossible - to herd this wayward and unruly bunch across large swathes of Cuba without ever making us feel herded. Mike has perfected the art of leading from behind. He quietly manages to steer and direct a group, like a patient sheep-dog following behind, rounding up stragglers without any apparent stress or strain. The tour was beautifully organized. Full day trips to the countryside, eco-farms and tobacco plantations, were leavened by short visits to galleries, art installations and music events. Strenuous days had stops at a beach or a health spa built in. The food we were given was superb and, as befits the name of the company, every evening ended with the glorious sounds of Cuban music. Mike himself is a musician and his deep contacts with the Cuban music scene meant that we got to meet many Cuban musicians and hear the best of the best of Cuban music. Another hugely impressive feature of this tour... we had not one but four charismatic and deeply knowledgeable guides with us at all times. Katia, Rioger, Leo and Rainier were not only our guides, they became our friends, and hugely added to the quality of our Havana experience. I cannot speak too highly of Mike and Sound Traveler. If you want a real insider's look at this complex, beautiful and much misunderstood country this is the way to go! Jon Amiel LA Feb 2020
By Jonathan A for Hatch Adventures | January 2020 | Cuba on 11 Feb, 2020
This was the most memorable trip, in a one of a kind place, hosted by the loveliest people and traveling with the best group imaginable. Muchas Gracias querido Miguelito and to the rest of the Hatchers who made this such an amazing adventure.
By Elias C for Hatch Adventures | January 2020 | Cuba on 05 Feb, 2020
Mike and Sound Traveler created the perfect Cuban experience. We traveled like locals and ate like kings. We visited small art communities and heard music that still has me dancing. CIgars! Rhumba! Mojitos! Hemingway! Rooftop raves! Vintage convertibles! Every day was an adventure.
By Wendy S for Hatch Adventures | January 2020 | Cuba on 04 Feb, 2020
Wonderful experience meeting the people of Cuba. The days were full of events from meeting artists and musicians, organic farming staff, yoga and spa enterprises, religious and cultural settings and local community centers for the artistic enrichment of children. We had a local guide accompany us which enriched our understanding of life in Cuba.
By Tania D for 14 - 20 January 2020 | Music Tour Havana feat. Jazz Plaza Festival on 30 Jan, 2020
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