Breathe, Girl. Women's Weekend 1

Manitowoc, WI, USA

Kush Kula Retreats
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4 reviews
Sep 28 - 30, 2018
Group size: 1 - 15
Breathe, Girl. Women's Weekend 1
Manitowoc, WI, USA

Kush Kula Retreats
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4 reviews

Sep 28 - 30, 2018
Group size: 1 - 15

About this trip

Wouldn't it be great to get away for the weekend to rest, recharge, and just breathe with other women just like you? Join your girls Sarah, Jess, and Lauren for a women's only weekend in Manitowoc, WI doing yoga, hiking, and exploring YOU!

All Inclusive Means All Included

Creating connection, living memorable experiences and having the best adventures shouldn’t mean maxing out credit cards and creating financial stress. 

Payment plans are available and encouraged so that you can plan ahead and prepare for an awesome time without the burden of the bill. 

About the Farmhouse

The Dunes Farmhouse is located close to the shores of Lake Michigan. The charm of the farmhouse includes original fixtures and beautiful warm woodwork, friendly Jacob sheep, kittens, calves and a boarding horse!

Accommodations and Rules

Accommodations are shared rooms and beds. If you need to sleep alone, we may be able to accommodate at a separate than the retreat is currently priced. Please contact us prior to booking to see if this option is available.

House Rules

1. No smoking inside of the house. No smoking on property.
2. Pets limited to first floor of the house - no pets in bedrooms, even on first floor. Please be courteous as some guests have animal allergies.
3. Washer & Dryer in private entry, may be used with permission if needed for extended stay guests.
4. County well water safe for drinking and cooking.
5. Septic system is mound system, please be gentle. Avoid excessive flushing. No tampons or flush able garments at all. Please keep drain traps in kitchen sink, there is no garbage disposal system in the old country sink. Please dispose of dirty diapers in outdoor bins. Recycle as much as possible - separate aluminum cans, glass, cardboard, ect. There is a dumpster on north side of animal barn for garbage. Garbage bags are in the kitchen to the left side of the old cook stove.
6. Barn rules - no feeding animals. Unless owner gives permission. No children in barn without adult super vision. Please be animal safe! Farm staff and workers involved in animal care, numerous staff at times. Wash hands after going through barns and touching animals. Parents please monitor children and hand washing. Thank you.
8. Hot Spot for wireless connection available for limited use, no net flex or video use. Hot spot remains in the house, only. May connect for emails and minimal use. Please be courteous, your time at the farm should be to kick back and enjoy! However, communication if needed is certainly acceptable. Please ask if you wish to use, I will get you connected.
9. Linens and bedding provided. Please bring additional towels for large groups. Do not take house towels for beach use.
10. Enjoy - number 1 rule of the Farmhouse. Be sure to catch a morning sunrise or sunset.

Your Hosts

Sarah Fuhrmann E-RYT: I started yoga over a decade ago. I wanted to be more "flexible." What i received from my practice was so much more.

Through yoga I found self-love, self-discovery..I found me.

What I'm sharing through my teaching is that same opportunity. To EMPOWER the masses to love themselves while also having a kickass time on the mat! 

Instagram: @sarahfuhrmannyoga


Lauren Marie Yoga: On my mat, I try to push away from perfection and, instead, embrace the wobbles and tumbles. Despite my natural desire for flawless execution, I’ve come to learn that it’s in these moments of imperfection where you will uncover strength, kindness and, of course, a bit of laughter. That said, there’s nothing I love more than a challenge, whether it’s with a tricky arm balance or in the work of finding stillness in meditation (not easy for a busy body like me!). 
In my classes, you’ll be invited into a safe, creative atmosphere, complete with vibrant music and the support of your fellow yogis.
Instagram: @laurenmarieyoga


Jessica Hope Yoga: Jessica found yoga after a double cervical fusion in 2012. Having tried several other mediums, she found pain relief and increased range of motion by attending Bikram several times a week. This motivated her to want to share this amazing gift with others. Jessica attended training August of 2016 and has been teaching fulltime since.
Jessica’s mission as a teacher is to empower individuals, assist them in gaining confidence and experiencing growth both mentally and physically. She aims to provide a positive, encouraging environment for students.

Instagram: jessicahopeyoga


The Food

Our all inclusive service offers all meals during your stay as well as coffee, tea, water, and juice. Have a dietary restriction? No worries Yogi Chef Alcy's menu is any restriction friendly. 

Alcy Sivyer Yogi Chef: Alcy Sivyer discovered her love for cooking during the four years of her residence in Brooklyn, NY. Her first kitchen job was at a popular Ethiopian restaurant near where she lived. There, and in the jobs/projects to follow, Alcy grew interested in vegetarian and vegan cooking as a way to feel good and fuel well for a very on-the-go, and at times stressful lifestyle. Since making the move to Wisconsin last October, Alcy has expanded even more in her cooking explorations, incorporating local produce and delving deep into her Midwestern roots for inspiration. She believes that when you are involved in creating the food you eat, meals become even more satisfying. She is very excited to be involved in Breathe, Girl, and looks forward to sharing her passion and creativity with you on the retreat! Alcy is also a certified yoga instructor currently teaching at Hot Yoga Milwaukee, Everyday Bliss, Reaching Treetops, and Adventure Rock. 

Instagram: alcysivyer 

Cancellation Policy

We understand that life happens and things change. We will do our best to be flexible. However, the closer the cancellation is to the actual start date, the less likely it is that we will be able to fill your space. 

Since we have to pre-pay for many items, late cancelled rooms would mean payments out of our pockets and cold empty beds. 

Cancellation Policy

More than 30 days from the retreat 

Pre-Payments = 50% Refundable

Less than 30 days from the retreat

Pre-Payments = Non-Refundable

All Deposits are Non-Refundable

Videography and Photo Release

There will be Photographs and video taken during the retreat and used for promotional purposes. By signing up for this retreat, you are agreeing to allow any photographs taken of you to be used by Sarah Fuhrmann Yoga LLC, Jessica Hope Yoga LLC, Lauren Marie Yoga LLC, and MKE Yoga Events LLC.

What’s included

  • Daily Yoga
  • Meals
  • Adventure
  • Accomodations
  • Friendship
  • Transformation
  • Fun

What’s not included

  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Optional Excursions
  • Optional Meals
  • Sadness

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $100

Available options



Welcome! Settle in and let go because you have arrived!

5:00pm Check-in. 

6:00pm Presence through Cooking: Work together with Yogi Chef Alcy learning the meditative art of cooking a meal!  

8:00pm  Unwin(e)d around the bonfire with your new girlfriends over a glass of wine learning and sharing more about each other.

Your Organizer


There's something for everybody in this retreat--challenging flows in the morning, calming yin in the evening, and meditative kirtan and workshops between. There was a nice mix of yoga interspersed with fun time on excursions to the jungle and Manuel Antonio National Park on the catamaran. The food and drink services were outstanding with Cristen (our chef) and Byron (our bartender) delivering top-notch service day in and day out. And we can't forget about Tony, the nicest tour bus driver in all of Costa Rica. The Del Pacifico estates are built to optimize natural sunlight during the day and cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean in the evening--no need to ever turn on the A/C. I recommend this retreat to anybody considering it and look forward to future opportunities.
By Thomas J for *SOLD OUT* Adhirohati Costa Rica Yoga Retreat on Jan 16, 2019
It was amazing how much planning went into this. We were never bored. Yoga overlooking the ocean, plenty of time exploring nature and beaches, down time at the pool, and great food. It was a great mix of people and so many new friendships quickly forged. Many thanks to Sarah and her team for all of the great work putting together an amazing experience.
By DJ K for *SOLD OUT* Adhirohati Costa Rica Yoga Retreat on Jan 12, 2019
This was an absolutely fantastic retreat. Great people, amazing teachers, excellent yoga from the heart and super fun excursions. I highly recommend this retreat.
By Kelly W for *SOLD OUT* Adhirohati Costa Rica Yoga Retreat on Jan 11, 2019
An incredible spiritual awakening led by an amazing teacher! Kudos to Sarah for making this possible. Already excited for future possibilities!
By Christopher B for *SOLD OUT* Adhirohati Costa Rica Yoga Retreat on Jan 04, 2019