Brownsberg Nature Park Jungle tour

      Brownsberg nature park

      Brownsberg Nature Park Jungle tour
      Brownsberg nature park

      22 reviews

      Duration: 2 days
      Group size: 1 - 25

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      Brownsberg Nature park tour for 1 overnight in hammocks

      include transfers and meals. 

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      Travel The Guianas - DMC Guianas, South America
      22 reviews
      Travel The Guianas is the specialist for tours, transfers and excursions in “The three Guianas". As tour operator and Destination Management Company for Suriname, Guyana and French Guyane we provide tourism services based on requirements, needs and wishes. As ground touroperator we provide all tourism related services in Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana in South America. Since 2014 we extended our services to Trinidad & Tobago. As the Three Guyanas specialist we provide tours and excursions to the most adventurous & exiting spots!


      It’s a challenge to find a tour company that can deliver in this region as the industry is nascent. It is worth it for pristine rainforests, wildlife and history. Highlights for me were Kabalebo lodge, this is in the longer itinerary (a must) deep in the rainforest but great food., aircon even a swimming pool. Isle of salvation (papillon) and much more. 3 star hotel package was great, clean and modern facilities, guides were informative, door to door service. A But….the itinerary will change, there may be a few delays here and there but take it in your stride…it’s an adventure not a beach resort.
      By brent s for 14 Days guided package tour Suriname - French Guyane - Guyana on Nov 05, 2023
      Excellent experience! Professional and helpful staff and reliable experienced drivers. Everything went as it was in the deal and even better on both ways (Paramaribo to Georgetown and back). Thanks!
      By Lucas D for Overland transfer Suriname to Guyana on Oct 01, 2023
      I took this trip to complete all the countries of the Americas (North, Central, South). In this regard, the trip was successful. Other than this, there were two major errors in the tour: 1) I arrived in Georgetown Guyana without the agreed pickup and the whole team acted like it was no big deal, that I should just wait in the airport until a ride appears. Really?? 2) I requested the company to book me a hotel for an extra day in Georgetown given the flight connections were bad. The company CONFIRMED to me weeks before that the booking had been done but I got a message from their office a day before that they could not get a booking because of cricket games going on in Georgetown. Really?? I stayed the whole day therefore in the Georgetown airport for my connecting flight back. The Surinam and French Guiana portions of the trip went smoothly and were fair. The chosen hotels were good and comfortable. Overall, my rating for this tour is 5/10 and the main problem with the company is organization. Otherwise, all three countries were beautiful, their people’s outstanding and the history and cultures of each were amazing.
      By Antonio S for 7 days package tour Suriname - French Guiana - Guyana on Sep 30, 2023
      Mr. Antonio we are very sorry you had a bad experience in Guyana. We told you about the car problem we had and asked to wait a little. We confirmed your hotel yes and what to do if hotel cancels rooms and there are no other possibilities? Not even an apartment was available, you were aware of that and agreed on airport stay. I do not understand if you confirming with us and afterwords giving negative feedback? We do understand the importance of our guests and want to give them a good experience but not always everything goes as we want. After all we are very happy you still did the trip after postponing and completed your south american tour.
      The trip involved three separate parts (bus in Suriname, ferry, bus in Guyana) and the communication inbetween was not very good. At multiple points in time, I was not sure if and how the journey will continue.
      By Adrian S for Overland transfer Suriname to Guyana on Sep 29, 2023
      I was picked up 90 minutes later than originally booked. Even with that delay, all the itinerary was succesfully fulfilled
      By Andres V for Overland transfer Suriname to Guyana on Sep 18, 2023
      Hello Andreas, We really apologize of the delay and as communicated via whatsapp the driver went to another property name alike. But happy all went well!
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