bucear Coiba sin organización previa, sin conducir, sin reservar

Coiba, Panama

1 review
Duration: 3 days
Group size: 4 - 6
bucear Coiba sin organización previa, sin conducir, sin reservar
Coiba, Panama

1 review

Duration: 3 days
Group size: 4 - 6

About this trip



Shuttle - hotel - buceo

- Desde Albrook (cada viernes 5:30 pm) pasillo del Hipopótamo con shuttle

- Llegada Santa Catallina alrededor de las 11:30 pm al Hotel Las Hamacas

- 2 dias con 3 inmersiones en Coiba con Scuba Coiba sabado y domingo

- Transporte en shuttle desde Santa Catalina domingo 5:30 pm hacia Panamá 

Todo incluido en un paquete redondo


- Shuttle Panama - Santa Catalina - Panama (viernes la ida y domingo la vuelta)

- 2 noches hotel centrico con piscina en Santa Catalina (Las Hamacas) 

- 2 días de buceo con 6 inmersiones en el Parque Nacional Coiba - el mejor buceo en Panamá, equipo, almuerzo, divemaster profesional PADI

What’s included

  • Shuttle
    shuttle viernes Albrook - Santa Catalina
  • hotel Las Hamacas
    2 noches hotel Las Hamacas Santa Catalina en base de dos personas por habitación. Hotel centrico con piscina
  • 2 dias de buceo Coiba
    2 dias completos con Scuba Coiba - PADI 5 ***** El Original, 4 1/2 puntos de 5 en Tripadvisor
  • 6 buceos
    6 inmersiones Coiba en los dos dias,divemaster PADI
  • guía profesional
    PADI divemaster o instructor
  • comida en Coiba
  • shuttle
    shuttle el domingo a las 5:30 Santa Catalina - Panamá
  • Entrada a Coiba
    $ 5.00 residentes, $ 20.00 visitantes - por día
  • Comidas no mencionadas
    desayunos y cenas enSanta Catalina
  • Propinas
    Propinas al personalde Scuba Coiba (voluntariamente)


shuttle desde Albrook

viernes a las 5:30 pm shuttle desde Albrook pasillo de Hipopótamo a Santa Catalina, llegando al hotel en Santa Catalina 11:00 - -12:00 de la noche

Your Organizer

Scuba Coiba S.A.
1 review
Scuba Coiba, the ORIGINAL Dive Center in Santa Catalina & Coiba since 2003. If big fish and plenty of fish is what you want, we are here to help you encounter them


EDIT: wow this reply is a straight up lie! People don’t fall for this bs! We told you on the boat! MULTIPLE TIMES! You had no spare equipment! You said you’ll “fix” it … and you didn’t. We were stupid not to claim a full refund right away. As I said in the first sentence of my review: we have not much experience but this was definitely a horrible experience I won’t forget! And YOU pretty much forced us to pay 25 bucks extra for a refresher we 100% didn’t need. You’re a scam! Original Review: I’m not the most experienced diver but I’ve seen some diving schools and instructors on the way. This was weird. They took us ( 2 certified divers) to shallow and not really interesting spots because there was one first timer on the boat (discovery dive). Really disappointing. Dives were short (30-38 min). Waste of money! But the worst thing was that the equipment wasn’t safe! Not at all! My bcd was kinda falling apart on the first dive! Regulator was losing air all the time. Guy told me it’s because of sand in the regulator and they had no backup. Should’ve told him to take me back immediately. My girlfriends regulator was broken too. Water came in with every breather and she had to change to her octopus. Didn’t feel well afterwards. Maybe the air wasn’t clean? No buddy check. No way to check the cylinders. Even my spg was blurry couldn’t read the correct amount of air. And the needle was moving around! Not a good sign right?! But because the equipment was given to me a minute before we went into water I couldn’t check before. In hindsight this was really dangerous and absolutely not professional. But it was my own fault. I shouldve force them to check my stuff with me. They’re all overpriced in Santa Catalina but you really should book with any other place in town. Trust me!
By Lukas H for Coiba day trip for certified divers on 19 Jan, 2022
I am sorry that you had a bad experience.. But I checked the equipment in the morning and there was nothing wrong with it, you did not say anything on the boat or after the dives and we still use the equipment - unaware of any complaints - without any problems (or, other divers used it without problems). There was of course spare equipment on the boat and we gladly would have replaced any malfunctioning piece of gear - would you have asked. We always have a full set (BCD, regulator, mask, fins and spar weight) plus some hoses, mouthpieces, o-rings and tools to fix little problems, along with emergency O2, first aid, and radio. You signed up for a refresher dive as the first dive because you have almost no experience, just the first 2 diving courses and a day of diving (12 dives altogether), all 3 years back, which was a good decision. You should have mentioned any malfunctioning gear right after this dive,. I hope that now after a day of refreshing your skills your future dives will be more enjoyable
By Scuba Coiba S.A. on 23 Jan, 2022