Cape Town Social Project Volunteership

Cape Town, South Africa

Duration: 14 days
Group size: 1 - 30
Cape Town Social Project Volunteership
Cape Town, South Africa

Duration: 14 days
Group size: 1 - 30

About this trip

Join our projects in Cape Town in order to get a flavor of the incredible culture, history, and environments of the Western Cape, South Africa while volunteering to join meaningful projects in child care, teaching and youth development, and social work. 

Accommodation & Meals:  During your stay, you will be accommodated in the award winning Hout Bay Backpackers, in Hout Bay. Three meals a day will also be provided, some on a self-serve basis and others cooked for you. Enquire for private rooms. 


Project Start Dates: The start date for this project is the first Monday of the month throughout the year, with the exception of December when new participants are not accepted. 

Please ensure your flight arrives BEFORE 1:00pm.

Different Projects & Volunteer Role

Child Care:   Your role is primarily based in pre-schools in the communities of Imizamo Yethu or Hangberg. Some of the pre-schools are open a full day, whilst others in the morning only, which means you will participate in the afternoons at youth projects providing support to disadvantaged children. As a volunteer, you may be working in a para-parental role teaching children life skills that their missing or overwhelmed families are struggling with. At the preschools you may work with a local caregiver or teacher assisting them and taking on responsibilities as your skills and experience allow. Some of the activities you will get involved in include: 

  • Teaching English and Maths and correcting worksheets
  • Leading role play and imagination activities 
  • Designing activities that support the syllabus
  • Reading stories & facilitating learning through storytelling
  • Giving support and attention to children
  • Organising games & sports activities to help them learn through play 
  • Assisting with preparing and serving meals
  • Teaching basic life skills including teeth cleaning and hygiene

Teaching Development:  Your role is split into two parts, firstly working at a school in the morning and then in the afternoon at an after-school program or youth centre. Your role will depend on your experience and interests as well as the needs of the school. You will work with qualified teachers and youth development staff to assist students who are struggling academically or experiencing challenges. Some of the activities you will get involved in include: 

  • One on one sessions to assist students who are falling behind in their schoolwork
  • Helping students with their homework and their reading 
  • Assisting at programs to build confidence and resistance to peer pressure
  • Supporting extracurricular activities, such as drama, music, art and sports classes

Social Work & People with Disabilities (PWDs):  Your role is based at a local registered care centre which provides services for 20 – 30 adults with either physical or intellectual disabilities. The centre is staffed with volunteers who provide support and community-based rehabilitation.

Some of the activities you will get involved in include: 

  • Social interaction with clients and assisting them with their day-to-day activities in the centre
  • Supporting the centre and their clients to generate income through making arts and crafts items and selling them within the local community
  • Assisting with vocation and skills-based training
  • Helping out in the kitchen and in the garden to provide nutritious meals for clients
  • Tell the residents stories about your home and travels – help them explore the world despite their physical challenges

 *When you work with children, you will be in the rural areas where modesty will be an important factor. Please make sure you dress appropriately- failure to do so may result in you missing a day of volunteering. More information in the dress code will be provided in the pre-flight guide.  

*Please note that the activities listed above are based on availability and may vary by season. These are samples of activities that volunteers are likely to participate in.

Day in the Life of a Volunteer

 7:00: Wake up to see the sunshine, jump in a hot shower, and get yourself started for the day with breakfast!

7:30: Travel to your placement and get ready to begin your day. 

8:00: Participate in your chosen project.

12:00: Lunch hour! Time to eat the packed lunch you made that morning!

12:30: Begin your afternoon’s work with a full stomach and enthusiasm!

15:00: Return back to your accommodation and share your day’s adventures with other volunteers - maybe even a quick swim in the pool!

18:30: Enjoy a delicious evening meal and relax!

Where Your Project Fee Goes

By signing up with us you are donating your time and skills to work directly with communities in need through a structured project. There are many benefits to working with an organisation like ours. It is hard to find internships to support in a foreign country that are safe, worthwhile and reputable. When you sign-up for one of our projects for 2 or 12-weeks, you become part of a bigger, sustainable plan that our team of qualified staff has carefully crafted. You will also receive travel and visa support, orientation, a safe place to stay, logistical support, in addition to clear expectations of the work you will do. This is why we charge a fee for volunteering or interning abroad. 

Your project fee goes towards a company you can trust, an experience that is worthwhile and an opportunity that will make a positive and sustainable impact on the community you have chosen to serve.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

 The following apply unless an agent agreement is in place or an invoice is provided containing alternate cancellation terms. 

  • If an experience is cancelled by the client: 
    • A standard cancellation fee shall be applied as in (c) below.
    • If a participant is a no show then they are not entitled to a refund. 
    • Each invoice will show cancellation terms relevant to the experience or tour booked. The standard Cancellation fees are: 
      • For cancellations prior to 90 days from arrival, the cancellation fee is the booking deposit; 
      • For cancellations between 89 and 60 days from arrival, the cancellation fee is 40% of the booking amount; 
      • For cancellations between 59 and 31 days from arrival, the cancellation fee is 70% of the booking amount; 
      • For cancellations between 30 and 14 days from arrival, the cancellation fee is 90% of the booking amount; 
      • For cancellations within 14 days from arrival or no-shows, the cancellation fee is 100% of the booking amount. 
  • No refunds will be granted if the participant’s expectations of the experience are not met or the participant is required to leave the experience early for personal circumstances.
  • If an experience is cancelled by a 3rd party provider (supplier not a booking client) and an alternate experience of a similar nature cannot be arranged: 
    • If an experience is cancelled by a 3rd party prior to arrival the standard cancellation fees will apply. 
    • If an experience is cancelled by a 3rd party once the participant has arrived no refund will be due.
  • If an experience is cancelled by All Out Africa and an alternate activity of a similar nature cannot be arranged the following will apply:
    • If the cancellation occurs prior to arrival a full refund will be due. 
    • If the cancellation occurs once the participant has arrived a refund of the cost for the balance of the experience will be due. 

What’s included

  • 24/7 Support from AOA
  • Projects
    Projects specifically designed to enable you to make an active contribution during your stay.
  • Staff Expertise
    In-field supervision by the All Out Africa staff.
  • Country Orientation
    Comprehensive orientation to country, culture, and your role upon arrival.
  • Food
  • Accommodation
    Hout Bay Backpackers
  • Local Transport Fares
  • Medical Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • All Flights & Visas

Available Packages

2 Wks: Social Work
Deposit: $124
3 Wks: Social Work
Deposit: $153
4 Wks: Social Work, Teach, & Child Care
Deposit: $173
5 Wks: Social Work, Teach, & Child Care
Deposit: $200
6 Wks: Social Work, Teach & Child Care
Deposit: $227
7 Wks: Social Work, Teach, & Child Care
Deposit: $254
8 Wks: Social Work, Teach, & Child Care
Deposit: $261
9 Wks: Social Work, Teach, & Child Care
Deposit: $286
10 Wks: Social Work, Teach, & Child Care
Deposit: $310
11 Wks: Social Work, Teach, & Child Care
Deposit: $335
12 Wks: Social Work, Teach, & Child Care
Deposit: $360


Day 1-2
Transfer to Hout Bay Backpackers

 Day 1: Fly into Cape Town where you will be met by All Out Africa staff members who will transfer you by road to Hout Bay Backpackers.

Day 2: The second day begins with an informative presentation that will brief you on all you need to know about the culture and country, and how to effectively contribute during your volunteer experience. 

Your Organizer

All Out Africa
All Out Africa provides volunteer experiences across southern Africa to inbound travelers since 2004, including educational group tours since 2006. We develop & run our own conservation & humanitarian projects under our charity the All Out Africa Foundation which focuses it's work in Eswatini, Mozambique & South Africa. We run our own service projects, trekking activities, research centres, leadership & adventure activities & have a range of facilities, vehicles & guides.