Praia, Cape Verde

Green Book Travel, LLC.
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6 reviews
Nov 8 - 14, 2020
Group size: 1 - 15
Praia, Cape Verde

Green Book Travel, LLC.
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6 reviews

Deposit: $99
Nov 8 - 14, 2020
Group size: 1 - 15

About this trip

Green Book Travel Invites you to journey with us as we visit the archipelago of Cape Verde. Straddling the continent of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean we explore the dramatic landscape that blends gorgeous beaches and gargantuan volcanoes, picture-postcard sea ports and sunsets enhanced by wind-blown sand from the nearby Sahara.

The beautiful and mysterious islands hides some historical details of the diaspora. We explore Cape Verde deeper by venturing to world’s largest slave market and learn about the historic role of the fortress and the trans Atalantic slave trade.

Our 7 day/6 night trip is a soft all inclusive centered on culture, history,  lifestyle and fun island adventures. Explore with us a vibrant mix of African and Iberian influences, with a touch of Brazil in beautiful Cape Verde - a cultural gift to the world.  Crystal clear blue waters, white sand,  palm fort sipping on your complimentary alcoholic beverages.

This is one paradise on Earth you don't want to miss.

Activities & Included Tours

 -Welcome Event
-Santiago Island tour
-Assomada Market
-Fortaleza Real de San Felipe-slave fortress
-UNESCO World Heritage Site Cidade Velha 
-Espargos, Kite Beach, Santa Maria, Miragem, Palmeira and Murdeira.
-Local tribe & volunteer experience
- Sal Island Experience & Tour
-Island hopping & Catamaran Sail
-Swim in a Pink Salt Lake
-Farewell Dinner
-Many more surprises

Trip details

Merging cultural experiences and adventure with important histories 

Trip Type: Cultural 

Take part in colorful festivals and lively traditions, explore , and sample the local cuisine. Our culture trips include destination highlights, local experiences, featuring exploration designed around cultural immersion & ancestry, access, and I-can’t-believe-we-did-that moments -all at a great price.

Trip Size: Small to Medium Group
This is a group experience. This means you'll be traveling with people from all over the world- laughter and friendships always guaranteed.

Physical Rating:  Light Moderate
There will be some Light walking suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing too challenging. This is a moving trip. Daily activities may include walking tours, visits to sites, and easy hikes;

We will be commuting via van, boats, and walking.

Age requirement: 18 +
All travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Traveler Type: Good attitude 

Please come ready to have uncover history! 

By booking a trip with Green Book Travel you agree to our travel agreement.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our trip offerings, please feel free to reach out to us.

Phone:  800 966-2021


What’s included

    We provide extensive services throughout the trip planning process which includes: a private Facebook group, pre-trip call, email, visa, travel insurance & immunization support.
    We help you prepare for your trip by providing you information on local customs, currency and a packing list
    Double occupancy accommodations are standard, Single Supplement Available. Hotel accommodation provided at 4-5 Star Accommodations
    Our package includes round trip airport transfer service.
    This trip is a soft inclusive. We include daily Breakfast and all meals except the 2 days
    Your flight to Sal Island is included
    Private Transportation, bus, boats & walking
    All entrance and excursion fees are included in the total trip price for itinerary listed activities.
    Nelson Mandela International Airport (IATA: RAI) is the airport in CAPE VERDE that you should arrive. Your departure should be from SAL (IATA: SID)
    Requirements: PASSPORT REQUIRED
  • VISA
    Tourist Visas are required, Visa ou VISAHQ site for the most current requirements and visa processing, www.greenbooktravel,
    Check for detailed recommendations and requirements
    Travel Insurance is Required. We are licensed providers. The policy minimums will be included in your Client registration package. Policies can be purchased at
    Post Trip extension is available to BOA

Available Packages

8 left

Double occupancy accommodations suitable for Solo Travelers or Travel Companions. This booking is for 1 room with 2 beds or a Couple with 1 bed. Each occupant must book separately. 

No roommate, no problem. We can pair you or you have the option to designate your own roommate during the booking process. Please note, same sex pairing unless specified.

Your trip balance is paid over Installments. Payments are due on the 1st of each month and must be finalized by October 1st. Late fee of 25.00 is assessed for payments received after the due date. There is no penalty to pay the balance in full prior to installment period end. 

Deposit: $99
only 1 left

Single occupancy accommodations are suitable for a Solo Traveler or traveler seeking private lodging arrangements. This booking is for 1 room with 1 bed for 1 person.

Your trip balance is paid over Installments. Payments are due on the 1st of each month and must be finalized by August 1st. A Late fee of 25.00 is assessed for payments received after the due date. There is no penalty to pay the balance in full prior to installment period end.

Deposit: $299

Available options

Flight Booking Support
Deposit: $99


Your Organizer

Green Book Travel, LLC.
6 reviews
Green Book Travel We are a full service travel company that specializes in hosting culturally immersive trips with an emphasis on the African Diaspora, while serving as online open source marketplace for travelers to connect with global black businesses. Our cultural curated trips provide you enriching and authentic experiences. Green Book Travel delivers innovative Ancestry & Heritage tours that explores the significance and diverse heritage contributing to Black culture & ancestral traditions. Join us retrace ancestral footprints.


First time to the mother land and I had a ball! Kennedy and Annabelle are very sweet. The whole staff looked out and made sure that we were safe and having fun. Ghana was great and will forever be a special place in my heart. Would definitely travel with Green Book again.
I had an awesome time with Green Book Travel. Everything was comfortable and well organized. I learn so much about the Afro- Brazil experience. I will definitely travel with this company again
I would describe this trip as nothing short of EPIC! The curators were so intentional about creating an amazing, memorable cultural experience and they nailed it! From the welcome dinner to hiking across the canopy in the rainforest and beyond this experience was life changing to say the least. I would do it all over again and wouldn’t change a thing!
We had a decent trip. We enjoyed all of the activities they had planned for us. However, there was poor customer service from the beginning. Pre-trip: When I was filling out the Visa for Ghana, at the top it asked for the information for the hotel we were staying at as well as the person who resides in Ghana. There was 4 hotels listed in the client packet so when I asked one of the coordinators for the information to put there she told me to look in the client packet instead of just telling me. I had already looked in the client packet and did not know which hotel to put down or who the person should be to put down so I seemed outside help on Facebook. Also, my partner had a hard time registering and logging into the client portal. I told him to email them for assistance. Well they told him that he's not registered and he said thats the problem. He's trying to register and login. He received NO HELP so I registered him under my client portal. Another thing I found interesting was one of the organizers was more concerned about what I post on social media and me seeking help for this trip more than actually helping me and responding to my concerns. We could not by tickets to any other events (unrelated to our group) in advanced because they did not have a clear itinerary of times or schedule of what time we would leave and return from tours. The communication was not effective because our questions remained unanswered until we actually arrived to the airport. Day 1: I emailed the organizers to see what was the last time the driver will be leaving the airport. I received an email stating the times and the last time was 4:55pm. We were relieved because the welcome dinner was at 8pm so we had time to change and clean up. Well to our surprise, we were at the airport over 2.5 hrs outside. We were hot, tired, irritable and frustrated at this point because we did not leave the airport until 7:30pm. We did express how we felt about waiting that long outside and how that was going to make us late for the welcome dinner. ----- The resort was nice. The welcome dinner was decent we didn't stay long because we were tired by that time. Day 2: AFROCHELLA. This day started off great at the markets. Me and my partner bought VVIP tables with 2 separate groups that had no connections with Greenbook travel. Our names were on the list and we were assigned specific tables. Well the table that was assigned to my partner (Table #25) was STOLEN by one of the organizers. The guys who were with my partner allowed the ladies to sit in their section because their feet was hurting but that did not mean to steal their section. The organizer told me that the coordinator of VVIP told them to sit there. However, I informed her that that section belonged to my partner and the other people who paid. Now, the organizer's name was NOT on the list for whatever reason. However, that is not my partner fault. My partner's group name was on the list assigned to that SPECIFIC SECTION #25. The ladies continued to sit mingle ordered drinks and food. I took the initiative to get my partner another section set up since his was stolen and so their money wouldn't go to waste. This was a very unprofessional move to steal a clients section that they paid for. What she should have done was told the workers of Afrochella to make then another section instead of stealing someone else. We were very frustrated by this and wanted to go back to the hotel. There were 3 bus times: 8pm, 10pm, and 12am. We wanted to leave on the 10pm bus. Well we went out at 9:45pm looking for the bus for over 10 minutes. Then they told us the bus left at 9:30pm instead of the 10pm. We were very upset and expressed it to the organizers. She said she would send a bus to get us and take us back to the hotel at 11pm. Well we didn't leave Afrochella until 12:10am. We were very frustrated and it was only day 2. Day 3: We started off with a fresh start enjoyed the free breakfast at the resort. This day was full of history and we enjoyed it. No big complaints. I saw in the group that they announced there were going to be optional activities on the free day (the next day). My partner had gotten sick this day so we were just going to chill at the hotel the next day. I wrote in the group chat: What are the optional activities since we were unaware, just curious and that my partner was sick so we wasn't going to do much. One of the nice ladies in the group responded with the activities. I told her thank you. The owner of Greenbook wished my partner to get well and I said thank you to her too. That should have been the end of the conversation. However, at this moment, the other organizer's daughter says "Nobody got the emails a while ago with all of the tour info?" at this moment I was confused on who she was talking to because I asked a question it was answered and there was nothing else more to say so I asked her who was she responding to. Another lady implied that the daughter wasn't talking to me so I said ok I will just go back to sleep since I was up with my partner all night. Day 4: FREE DAY. I woke up to chaos in the group message from the organizer's daughter being extremely disrespectful AFTER I went to sleep. This is when I knew I had to make a few things clear and meet with the owner to see what all she had to say about me after I went to sleep. I was extremely shocked because all of this drama came from me just simply asking what activities were planned for the day. I expressed my concerns to the owner face-to-face and let her know that I was displeased, disgusted, and triggered by the way the daughter was being very messy and filthy with her mouth and that could cause a whole lot of mayhem if she wasn't handled properly. The owner apologized professionally for the behavior of the daughter and assured me it would not happen again. We didn't do anything this day because my partner was sick. I was glad there was a free day incorporated in the mix. Day 5: The charity event was a great idea. We did not get to attend because my partner was still recovering that morning The NYE dinner was cute. They picked a nice rooftop and the DJ was good. The Audacity Fest that night was decent. They provided transportation there but no return transportation. Day 6: We went to Cape Coast this day and the logistics and whole schedule was thrown off. Neither one of the organizers were in the lobby at the designated time and neither of them were replying to the messages I was sending in the group chat trying to confirm the time we were leaving Accra etc. (very poor communication). We finally made it to Cape Coast. The Fort Amsterdam history and canopy walk was very dope and interesting. The hotel at Cape Coast was not the nicest (maybe 2 star) but we did get breakfast. Day 7: This was the day we went to Cape Coast Castle. Very educational site full of history on slavery. I enjoyed in. We went back to the hotel at Cape Coast for lunch and the waiters struggled to figure out which food belongs to who because they didn't know anyone's name. They did get my order correct; however, my partner didn't receive his order until the very last minute. The organizers were nowhere to be found to help them figure out which plate belongs to who. It was chaos that put us HOURS behind schedule. One our way home, we had a "bathroom stop" they told us we had 20 minutes or long enough for everyone to use the bathroom. Well these 20 minutes turned into 2 hrs which meant we didn't get back to our original hotel until after midnight. The logistic was horrible. There was a whole lot of inconsideration of people's personal time by not sticking to the schedule. By this time, I was happy the trip was over even though I enjoyed the activities. Day 8: we went home. Overall: I enjoyed the things we did. However, the poor customer service, logistics, organization, and communication overshadowed a lot of the good things that went on. I commend them on booking great things during such a busy time of the year. But they could use some training and assistance in basic respect and those other areas listed above.
This beautiful trip from day one to the end was everything. I am yet speechless about this tour. Green Book Travel and staff was beyond awesome. This trip open a new window within my life and a memory I will never let go out. Greenbook Travel accommodations and professionalism was beyond anything I could have ever expected to receive. I felt and still feel so bless to connect with such a caring Travel Company. I enjoyed the tour and will be touring again with Green Book Travel. Kennedy and Annabel were beyond amazing. Ase'
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This was an epic experience hands down! I had so much fun and met some really cool people along the way! The staff was sweet and very accommodating! I will definitely travel with them again! Thanks for showing this Bmore girl some love GBT!
By Latonya Brown on Jan 19, 2020