Ceremonia Valentine's Celebration

      Arvada, CO, USA

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      52 reviews
      Feb 10 - 11, 2023
      Group size: 10 - 80
      Ceremonia Valentine's Celebration
      Arvada, CO, USA

      • Email address verified
      52 reviews

      Feb 10 - 11, 2023
      Group size: 10 - 80

      About this trip

      Hi Friends! We are hosting a Valentine's event at Ceremonia this Friday with epic humans, optional heart opening sacrament ceremony, intentional workshops, talent show around love, Tantra speed dating, DJ, pool parties and giant plunge. 

      ( optional: We are creating an environment of beauty and safety, guiding a ceremony of love with relationship building and developing exercise, connecting workshops, performance and fun intentional activities so that you can have a beautiful night of feeling love and connected, potentially walking away with matches and definitely with subtle and powerful improvement of relationship skills to bring more life into your life. )

      The flow of the night:

      7pm doors open
      7:30pm Opening sacrament ceremony
      8pm Wheel of Consent workshop
      9pm Talent show (song, dance, poetry about love)
      10pm Conscious Speed dating
      11pm optional dual events: massage workshop / sensual contact dance (with dj)
      12:pm dj dance party and heated pool party

      Pics of the space: https://www.ceremoniacircle.org/about/sacred-space
      Pics of our last NYE Ceremony Celebration: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AAG4N6F9QZVFnrEn6
      Pics of the last Friendsgiving: https://photos.app.goo.gl/tBrC5o4H8kxEGq9o8

      Please bring:

      • Your most beautiful and fully expressed version of yourself
      • Open heart, trust without expectations
      • Your talents and gifts you want to share
      • BYOB, food and snacks will be appreciated as well.
      • A towel

      Note that your donation goes towards cleaning, pool heating, and sacraments.

      Ceremonia's Sacred Space includes:

      • 8,800 sq ft on 2 acres
      • 40 ft indoor pool
      • Massive outdoor patios
      • Steam sauna
      • Cold plunges
      • Outdoor hot tub
      • Koi pond and grotto
      • Meditation spaces



      • No outside recreational substances allowed other than the provided sacraments. Ceremonia is a non-profit entheogenic church that will serve heart-opening sacraments in accordance with our beliefs. See more at www.ceremoniacircle.org

      What’s included

      • Opening ceremony
        Opening ceremony with heart-opening sacraments
      • Heated pool party
        Indoor pool party with music
      • Live music
        Live music performances from community
      • Limited parking
        Limited parking available so please carpool

      What’s not included

      • No outside substances
        No recreational substances allowed other than the provided sacraments
      • No alcohol provided
        It's BYOB. Please be respectful and aware.

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      52 reviews
      Ceremonia is a non-profit entheogenic church based in Colorado that combines the most advanced practices in psychology with the wisdom of sacred shamanism. Our goal is to produce deep and durable transformation in service of greater connection to one’s Higher Self—the Divine within—by facilitating a synthesis of science and spirituality through online mastermind trainings and experiential retreats.


      What a TRIP! My experience at Ceremonia lived up to the hype. The facilities and food were excellent, but the real magic came through the community, the workshops and the ceremony. Guaranteed - you're going to meet some amazing people. Everybody is there for personal growth, so the vibe is supportive. The workshops are designed to challenge and push you, and to help you process the experience. And the ceremony... it's hard to describe with words; it's really best described through feeling. Profoundly enlightening, transformative and clarifying. 10/10 would recommend!
      By Steven H for Open 6: 3 Day Psilocybin Retreat + 4 Week Mastermind on Feb 20, 2024
      It was a much needed weekend of wellness, rest, delicious food, amazing connection, and growth. Chuchu's spirit created a space where acceptance, connection, humor, deep learning, and diving deep could thrive.
      By Paul L for Open 5: 3 Day Psilocybin Retreat + 4 Week Mastermind on Feb 06, 2024
      I had such a beautiful experience at Ceremonia. Chuchu and Austin are kind, generous and loving souls that have helped guide and reminded me of the power I hold within. Grateful for the new tools that were shown during the retreat and the tools we are still learning through the integration process, it is all helping me connect deeper to my body, mind, and spirit. I am able to walk my life’s path with courage, compassion, trust and love. Thank you very much for everything!
      By Viridiana R for Open 5: 3 Day Psilocybin Retreat + 4 Week Mastermind on Jan 30, 2024
      This was my second retreat and first Journey with Ayahuasca with Ceremonia. Once again, the facilities were first rate and outstanding in all regards. The retreat center is simply amazing. Multiple areas for big group sessions and smaller intimate spaces for smaller group and personal integration. A beautiful, huge sun room in which the Journeys are held is simply stunning and makes for the perfect setting for both evening and day Journeys. The retreat center offers multiple sleeping choices to meet all types of needs. I shared a private bedroom with my partner for our Ayahuasca Journey. The staff and facilitators are what really separate this facility apart from any others. From the Circle Leaders that help to prepare you for your upcoming Journeys, to the chefs that prepare all the wonderfully delicious and healthy meals, everyone that is at Ceremonia have the same goal, which is to offer and support a healing and life changing Journey. The founders and leaders, Austin and ChuChu are simply the best. They are extremely well versed in plant medicine and their ability to teach and lead the participants through all the workshops and facilitate personal growth is unmatched in the field. They wholeheartedly believe in the life changing Journeys that they have created. They have created a safe, nurturing and supportive environment for anyone seeking to improve all aspects of their lives. On top of all of that, the Shamans that they fly in from around the world to serve the medicine are world-class and AMAZING! If you are looking to learn and grow through the use plan medicine in a safe, well-structured and supported environment, then, there is no better place to explore than Ceremonia. With much love and respect, Michael M
      By Michael M for Heal Journey 14: 7 Day Immersion Retreat + 8 Week Mastermind on Dec 20, 2023
      This past weekend was the most deeply felt experience I have ever had in my life. The energy of Ceremonia is one of total safety, support, encouragement, and continuous blessings. I chose to fully let go and surrender to the entire experience and I was met with deep love, respect and connection beyond my wildest dreams. I got everything I wanted and much, much more. I feel like I have come home to my tribe, with those whom I spent the weekend with and with those in the community I have yet to meet. As my heart learns to create a place of rest inside of me, I see the external expression of this experience through the intention of Ceremonia as well as in the eyes and essence of the beautiful souls I traveled intimately with for three days. I fell in love with every person in our circle, over and over again as I found an opening to love myself in the same way. Waves of authenticity mixed with reciprocity carried me through a portal of possibilities. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to touch onto this life changing offering of true transformation and reconnection with source. I have only begun, but I am sure I am on my path and I'm not alone. I get to roll around in the glory of an entirely new way of connecting with myself and others. I could burst with excitement, gratitude and joy. Thank you, Austin, ChuChu, Clay and Becca for holding a space bubbling over with love and acceptance. It truly is beyond words to be held with such gentleness and clarity. Thank you to the precious men in my group who showed me what healthy masculinity looks and feels like. I am forever impacted. We can all heal with this level of care and investment. I am vibrating with the beauty of it all. I love and appreciate each of you with every cell in my being. I can't wait for what is next, and next and next. My cup runneth over.
      By Carolan L for Open 4: 3 Day Psilocybin Retreat + 4 Week Mastermind on Nov 22, 2023
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