Chakras, Charge & the Energy Body w/Anodea Judith

Guanacaste Province, Nosara, Costa Rica

Ahki Retreat
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Feb 29 - Mar 7, 2020
Group size: 12 - 18
Chakras, Charge & the Energy Body w/Anodea Judith
Guanacaste Province, Nosara, Costa Rica

Ahki Retreat
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1 review

Feb 29 - Mar 7, 2020
Group size: 12 - 18

About this trip

Master the Charge in Your Body, Your Emotions, and Your Psyche!

In this workshop, based on her latest book, "Charge and the Energy Body", Anodea Judith combines yoga with bioenergetic movements designed to move charge through the body and activate the various chakras and dissolve defenses and body armor. Ahkí Retreat is proud to partner with Anodea, author, speaker, chakra specialist and one of the leading visionaries of our time, for a very exciting workshop experience. Don't miss out on this rare and very special opportunity to work with Anodea Judith in an intimate, up-front and personal setting!

About Anodea

Anodea Judith, PH.D, is the author or co-author of eight books on various aspects of healing, psychology, spirituality, social change, and yoga, most notably as seen through the system of the energy centers known as the chakras. Her first book released in 1987, Wheels of Life, has become a classic along with her psychology book, Eastern body, Western mind. She holds masters and doctoral degrees in psychology and human health, is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher (E-RYT with lifelong studies of psychology, mythology, sociology, history, systems theory, and mystic spirituality. She is considered the foremost expert on the combination of chakras and therapeutic issues and on the interpretation of the chakra system for the western lifestyle. She teaches across the world and has been a speaker at numerous conferences, and an ongoing faculty member of The Shift Network, Kripalu Yoga Center, New York Open Center, Omega, and many other retreat centers and yoga studios.


Charge is a word for the basic life force, also called prana, chi, libido, or simply “The Force.”  This force is crucial if we are to meet  challenges, heal past wounds and manage the stress of modern life. When we live fully in the center of our charge, we ignite the chakras, and open to greater aliveness and awakening. The exercises in this workshop move energy at a deep level, and can be done on yourself or used therapeutically with others. Some are simple techniques that can be done in a matter of minutes, anytime, anywhere, while others have a cumulative effect when practiced over time. Whether you are a therapist or practitioner of the healing arts, or simply want to embrace your life in a more meaningful way, understanding Charge is essential for mastering your own  "Force" and becoming all you can be!

Workshop Description

After learning about CHARGE in the opening night's presentation, this workshop will take you through the live experience of your subtle body through bio-energetic exercises designed to move energy through blocks and bring about balance between charging and discharging. This is not hand waving over your chakras, but a deep igniting of your sacred core, the central channel between heaven and earth through which the chakras are aligned.

Learn breathing exercises to generate energy and techniques for calming energy as well as how to:

• Ground your energy through your first chakra

• Open to pleasure in your second chakra

• Ignite your power in your third chakra

• Soften your heart in your fourth chakra

• Release blocked communication in your fifth chakra

• Open to vision in your sixth chakra

• And connect with divine charge in your seventh chakra.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to study with an extraordinary teacher and healer!

Sample Daily Schedule

• Breakfast: 8:00a

• Workshop: 9a-12:00p

• Lunch 12:30

• Free Time: 1-3:00

• Workshop: 3-6:00p

• Dinner *6:30p
**Wednesday Free Day**

Breakfast is served at the normal time. A take-away lunch is prepared to enjoy at AHKí or on your outing. Sunset *Dinner at La Luna. (Not included in package.)

What people are saying about Anodea

“This workshop was beyond my expectations! The information was thorough and the experiential exercises were eye opening, body opening, and life changing. No words to express my appreciation for leading me back to life!” —C.P.

“This program was marvelous. Anodea’s wealth of knowledge, combined with her warmth and insight, made this workshop exceed my expectations. I totally recommend it.” —J.H.

“This workshop was life changing. I am more in touch with my emotional and cellular body and feel skilled at managing and developing my energy. Anodea has a magical way of presenting complex information.” —L.M.

“This workshop was life changing. I am more in touch with my emotional and cellular body and feel skilled at managing and developing my energy. Anodea has a magical way of presenting complex information.” —L.M.

“Thank You so very much for that life altering and amazing experience. I’ve already booked my next workshop!” —T. A.

What people are saying about AHKí

"The  energy that encompasses Ahkí embraces oneself from all angles and  really gives you the opportunity to relax, and breathe in the beauty of  nature that surrounds you."

~ Jessica Daniels, NY

"What  an exquisite spot!!! The ambiance is soothing & very zen. The food, views, monkeys and people left nothing to be desired. I would return in  a heartbeat."

~ Julie M, Oregon

"AHKí  is built to be in harmony with the incredible natural beauty that  surrounds it., indeed, a sanctuary for  the Soul. Every detail of this stunning retreat enhances your experience."

~ Donna T, Mass

"Just  returned from an amazing week at AHKí. What a beautiful place. The  attention to detail and the convergence with nature are inspired. I was  there for a week long retreat and it's an incredible place for such an  experience."

~ Alli James, CO

"I highly recommend Ahki.  It was the most blissful experience of my life. The open air yoga studio was amazing and beautiful and a great  place to feed your mind, body and should. I grew so much emotionally and  spiritually.  Every detail is carefully thought out and executed.  Every meal was organic and so beautifully displayed. It is vegan with options for fish and chicken. Karen has created the most tranquil, soulful, blissful space to grow in your practice and indeed your mind,  body and soul. I cannot wait to go back"
~ Marcie Haitema

Your Home for the Week

AHKí Retreat is a  tranquil and enchanting facility nestled in 5.5 mountain acres, located  near the Pacific coast, in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica and has  been named one of five ‘Blue Zones’—where people are said to be  healthiest and happiest. Imbued with lush green mountainsides, blue  ocean waters and plentiful sunshine. As remote as AHKí feels, it is only  minutes away from beaches, kayaking, horseback riding, surfing,  zip-lining, nature hikes, shopping, restaurants and more.  

A truly sacred space - AHKí is built specifically according to the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, “the yoga of space”,  invoking peace, wellness and harmony - with the environment as well as  within one’s self. All the structures are built oriented in conjunction with the 9 directions, 5 elements, the earth’s vibrational grid, and the  planetary energies.  Nestled amongst the trees along a mountain ridge, are two beautiful and spacious cabinas with a total of 6 large guest  rooms. The heads of all the beds are positioned to the south or east, a Vastu principle that helps to induce a restful night’s sleep. All rooms are decorated with handcrafted Costa Rican hardwood furniture made by local artisans. Rooms have large ceiling fans, large windows and doors,  and plenty of overhead ventilation for optimal airflow. Each room has a private bath with a large unique, indoor/outdoor hot water shower, and patios or decks that command stellar views of the mountains and valleys.  Shared occupancy only.

Packing List

  • Sunscreen

  • Bathing Suit
  • Personal Toiletries
 (Shampoo/Bodywash and Conditioner is available)
  • Flash light
  • Mosquito repellent

  • ATMs are available but bring some cash to have on hand
  • Comfortable shoes/clothing
  • Any necessary medications (including Epi-pen if allergic to stings)

Cancellation Policy

All payments are final and non-refundable. If there is a wait list and your spot can be filled,  then reimbursement may be possible.

What’s included

  • Meals
    3 Vegetarian meals per day with the purchase option of chicken or fish dinners
  • 7 Nights Accommodations
    Shared Accommodations Only
  • 6 Workshop hours per day
    Learn from a master on the subject of the chakra system
  • A copy of Anodea's book:
    "Chakras, Charge and the Energy Body"
  • Ground Transportation
    Round trip Airport transfers (from Libera International Airport) for arrivals between 8am-3pm; departures 11a-4pm. Daily afternoon trips to town for shopping, beaches and tours/excursions.
  • Daily free time
    Wednesday all day free time for bodywork, shopping, excursions and tours.
  • 13% Costa Rica VAT tax
  • Wifi
    At Main House area only. (Limited speed)
  • Airfare
    Daniel Oduber Quirós, Liberia International Airport
  • Tips
  • Bodywork treatments
  • Alcholic Beverages
    Wine, beer and snacks are available for purchase
  • Snacks & Non-Alcholic
    Daily treats, non-alcholic beverages, fresh coconut water available for purchase
  • Credit cards
    Cash only accepted at AHKi

Available Packages

Trip Price




LUNCH: 12:30

DINNER: *6:30 

FEBRUARY 29, ARRIVAL DAY, Saturday:  Orientation, Check-In and Welcome Circle

SUNDAY: Day 1: Activating the Energy Body

Our first day will explore the energy body as a vehicle for “Charge,” a basic expression of our life force. 

What is the nature of this charge? 

How is it influenced by our psychology, past and present? 

What does it mean to be overcharged, undercharged, or balanced and why do we get that way? 

What is a block? 

And how can we address our wounds and imbalances?

Here you will practice exercises for charging and discharging, tracking your charge, expanding your comfort zone, and dissolving patterns of blocked charge.

MONDAY: Day 2:  Grounding, Feeling, and Empowering Your Charge in the Lower Chakras

The chakras are centers of organization for receiving, assimilating, storing, and transmitting energy. 

We begin at the root chakra, becoming more grounded through opening the energy channels in the legs. Single and partner exercises combine yoga and bioenergetics for a dynamic awakening to the life force stored in the earth.

In the second chakra, we get that charge moving through the hips and pelvis, releasing the charge of trapped emotions. 

In the third chakra, we turn that freedom into power, strengthening our will, and building up the energy body.

Exercises for charging and discharging each chakra gradually cleanse the energy, bust through blockages, and leave the chakras balanced, yet activated, ready to support the higher realms. 

TUESDAY: Day 3: Opening the Heart and Throat: Charge and the Middle Chakras

When we get to the heart chakra, charge becomes softer, like its element air. Here we charge and discharge through the breath, softening the chest, and opening the arms to give and receive love. 

Blocks in the heart chakra are universal, blocks of hurt, fear, and lack of self worth. We’ll examine these blocks and open the chest through partner yoga and bioenergetic exercises, then take that into communication, and sounding for each chakra.


Breakfast is served at the normal time. A take-away lunch is prepared to enjoy at AHKí or on your outing. Sunset *dinner at La Luna. Not included in package.

THURSDAY: Day 4:  Expanding into Higher Consciousness: Charge and the Upper Chakras

When charge is balanced, we are better able to sit still and meditate, imagine, and tap into the flow of grace. This day will explore archetypal realms, expand your intuition and ability to visualize, and “see” your own and others chakras.

The afternoon will take you into a flow state where you can channel your own higher power and connect with the Divine.

FRIDAY: Day 5:  Healing with Charge and Working with Trauma

Now we have enough skills to integrate and practice what we’ve learned. However, some of the rules change when working with trauma, so we’ll explore ways to keep yourself and/or your client safe when charge is locked up in traumatic memories.

Then, finally, we’ll look at charge and illnesses, examining the language of symptoms, and working with the patterns of blocked charge to release those symptoms and bring the body to greater wholeness.

Your Organizer

Ahki Retreat
1 review
Ahki is an intimate yet spacious retreat destination nestled among 5.5 mountain acres. We are located on Pacific coast, in the Guanacaste/Nicoya Peninsula region of Costa Rica - one of the five Blue Zones in the world. Imbued with lush, green mountainsides, blue ocean waters, plentiful sunshine and with it's accessible location, AHKí is the perfect destination for retreats. As remote as AHKí feels, we are only minutes away from beaches, kayaking, horseback riding, world famous Nosara surfing, zip-lining, nature hikes, shopping, & more.


A one of a kind retreat, had an amazing time! Karen has created such a special temple/center at Ahki, and she & her staff were so accommodating and took great care of us. Anodea's Charge workshop was spectacular and I loved the initimacy of having a smaller group. Everything experienced is beyond words, from the knowledge gaine to the connections I made. Thank you Ahki & Anodea!
By Molly K for Chakras, Charge & the Energy Body w/Anodea Judith on Mar 10, 2020
Thank you, so much Molly! It was such a pleasure having you! It WAS a great workshop and a privilege to have Anodea here. I'm so happy your experience was a positive one. _/\_
By Ahki Retreat on Mar 10, 2020