Challenge Camp Virginia

      Greenville, VA, USA

      Bret Tkacs, LLC
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      20 reviews
      Apr 11 - 13, 2024
      Group size: 6 - 12
      Challenge Camp Virginia
      Greenville, VA, USA

      Bret Tkacs, LLC
      • Email address verified
      20 reviews

      Apr 11 - 13, 2024
      Group size: 6 - 12

      About this trip

      Looking to learn in a more challenging environment?  This is your event! Designed for returning students and riders looking for a more challenging learning environment. The same low energy, technique-over-brawn concepts that are taught in the ADV Camp are taught during the Challenge Camp, however they are all learned in more challenging environments.

      Due to the nature of this training camp unexpected learning opportunities will occur, ensuring the lesson plan will be fluid, creating a unique class you will never forget!

      Make sure you watch this video before signing up.

      Riding Conditions

      This training primarily takes place on Class 3 and Class 4 or unintentionally Class 5 terrain at Penmerryl Farm. You are not expected to be able to ride your adventure bike through this type of terrain when you arrive, but you are expected to have the physical conditioning and mental drive needed to methodically work through challenging terrain.

      This is not a class to show how much you already know or to pound your chest and “just send it”. This is a place to learn strategy and skills for overcoming difficult terrain on big bikes in a controlled manner. 

      Additional Requirements

      1.  Boots. Due to the high risk locations in this training environment, you will not be allowed to participate wearing "Adventure" boots, work, street, or hiking boots.

      2.  Tires. It is highly recommended you show up with 50/50 tires or better. Each lesson is taught in a different area and your bike needs to be able to make it to the next location.

      3.  Mental Stamina. You need to show up with the mental ability to override your fears.

      4.  Physical Condition. Due to the mobility of this course, if you become physically exhausted, you may not be able to attend all lessons.

      Tuition / Trip Insurance

      Cancellations typically occur when a rider because of an injury or a damaged motorcycle. In these situations, we seldom have enough time to sell your spot and are unable to issue a credit or refund. This is due to the considerable amount of time and money invested into preparing your event - transporting equipment cross-country, flights, lodging, food, and transport for instructors & staff, renting property, ordering food, etc. as well as a limited number of training spots, a short training season, and our goal to keep tuition low by minimizing profit margins.

      Please consider purchasing tuition insurance (through us upon registration) or trip insurance (Travelex, Allianz, or any other) if you cannot afford the loss of your tuition in the rare case you are not able to attend.

      What’s included

      • Welcome dinner
      • Graduation dinner
      • Daily breakfasts
      • Snacks and beverages
      • Camp / hammock spots
      • Dry RV camping

      What’s not included

      • Lunches & Friday dinner
      • RV spots with hookups
        Available on-site for purchase
      • Cabins
        Available on-site for purchase
      • Gasoline
      • Medical/Travel insurance
      • Motorcycle rental

      Available Packages

      Adventure Training
      Adventure Training PLUS Sunday School

      Sunday school is all about mastering trail strategies while putting your newly polished riding skills to use during a  4-5  hour ride on Sunday. This optional add-on is not just going for a ride, but is an intense full day of learning critical ADV riding strategies, developing road reading skills, and polishing your skills from the previous days in a real life environment. 


      Available options

      Guest Welcome & Graduation Dinners

      If your guest (anyone not signed up for class) is planning on eating with you during the two dinners, please click this option.

      Guest Breakfasts

      If your guest is NOT staying in a room at Penmerryl and would like to join you for incredible breakfasts, please add this option. 

      Tuition Protection Insurance

      Protect your tuition from unexpected cancellation due to personal injury, illness or accident that prevents you from attending. More info.


      Meet & Greet

      Check-in begins at 3:00pm on Thursday afternoon.  You will have time to check into your room/cabin or set up your tent (if camping), and get acquainted with your fellow participants.

      Around 6:00pm, join your instructors and fellow riding partners at the BYOB Tavern for a catered dinner and discuss what specific skills you will be learning. 

      Penmerryl Farm is only 170 miles from Washington DC. At this location, you have the option of staying at this incredible privately-owned farm in a cabin, tent camping (no cost) or your RV.

      Your Organizer

      Bret Tkacs, LLC
      20 reviews
      Bret is a master of ADV riding and an exceptional instructor who started teaching adventure bike specific classes in 2006. Bret is now recognized as one of the most accomplished ADV instructors in the nation.


      This is exceptional training with experienced and engaging instructors. It was more difficult than I expected, and I didn't do as well as I though I would. However, I definitely improved my skills during the camp and am continuing to improve. It was a great challenge and experience. I would highly recommend!
      By Max W for Virginia Adventure Training on Jun 11, 2024
      This was my first class with Bret Tkacs, and I will absolutely be attending future classes. It is a significant investment, but well worth it for any ADV rider. Additionally, the sense of camaraderie with the instructors, staff of Penmerryl, and the other riders in the class was incredible. I look forward to the challenge camp next year!
      By Joshua P for Virginia Adventure Training on Jun 09, 2024
      This was an excellent adventure motorcycle course. Penmerryl is a wonderful place to do it, with ample open space to safely learn to handle big adventure bikes and miles of trails of varying difficulty to practice what you have learned. The instructors are really good, both in terms of their own skills and the ability to convey complex concepts to a diverse group of students of varying levels of ability/expierence. One of the best aspects of the course was how much time the student spends actually riding the motorcycle, as opposed to waiting in line to execute some sort of traffic cone-based maneuver, one at a time. The way Bret, Paul, and Greg set up the course enables all 12-15 riders to execute each drill almost simultaneously. Instead of some kind of static cone set-up, for instance, they have a complex trail set up in a hilly pasture so that the entire class can practice low-speed turns on uneven terrain by simply riding the "spaghetti trail" en masse--it is in a pasture of a little more than an acre, but with all the switchbacks and parallels, the trial is a little over a mile in linear distance. It's a great way to learn and practice low-speed handling, and means that the entire group of students is learning/practicing at once, instead of waiting in line. The most enjoyable and adrenaline-pumping aspect is when the instructors take groups of students on mini-adventure rides at the end of each session of drills--from the pasture to the assembly area, each instructor would lead a group of 4-5 riders all over the Penmerryl trails, tackling hills, a bit of single track, or other challenges. Though each of these little rides was around 15-20 minutes, they seemed a lot longer and helped to drive home the lessons learned in the drills. Excellent bang for the buck, and you get to see exactly what you and your bike are capable of riding--you will exceed your limitations repeatedly over the two days. The instructors are highly capable and just all around good people to know, so I cannot recommend this training highly enough.
      By Hugh H for Virginia Adventure Training on Jun 05, 2024
      Great training. Highly recommended.
      By Adam L for Virginia Adventure Training on May 27, 2024
      I have received adventure motorcycle training from the BMW Rider Academy (twice), West38Moto, and MotoWayz. My goals for training with Bret Tkacs was to refresh my skills after a six month hiatus due to shoulder surgery and to receive training from a different trainer for the sake of getting different points of view on how to adventure ride. This course resoundingly accomplished both goals - it was an excellent refresher and it added new tools to my adventure riding tool kit. I'm looking forward to applying them and thinking about returning for Brett's Adventure Challenge Training. The Penmerryl facility that hosted Brett's training is the best motorcycle training facility I've trained at - more extensive and more real than BMW's). Penmerryl's B&B facilities and services are also top notch.
      By Jerry G for Virginia Adventure Training on May 25, 2024
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      I searched a long time to find the right course for me. I was following Brett on YouTube but didn’t know he was doing Adventure training so close to my location. What a wonderful experience! Of course the training was of a great quality but I didn’t expect less, it is everything around it which made this experience so enjoyable and profitable. As we all already know, Brett is really knowledgeable but he is also easy to follow in his training and really relation oriented. He makes you feel confident, provide the right advises and he is funny. Like he says “Attitude Matters” and he always has the right one. The second instructor was Paul. What to say about him…. He is as knowledgeable as Brett, always here to help you in any ways and this Paratrooper veteran probably landed once or twice on his head to be that funny. Great Team, Great Training and a wonderful group of student (We may do some ride together in the future). ….. I’ll be back.
      By Yves L on 08 May, 2024

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