Citadel Visit- Day Tour

Milot, Haiti

Destination Creole
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Citadel Visit- Day Tour
Milot, Haiti

Destination Creole
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About this trip

Located several miles inland, atop the 3,000 ft (910m) Bonnet a L’Eveque Mountain in the town of Milot, Citadelle Henri Christophe is a historical adventure with an astounding view. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, the Citadelle is Haiti’s symbol of liberty and the largest and most impressive fortress in the Americas. Created by and for war, Henri Christophe, one of the leaders of Haiti’s slave revolution, along with more than 20,000 workers, built this massive stone structure to protect the newly independent state from a French ambush that never came. This impressive fortress has survived until this day, almost unchanged. 

What to Bring

This tour is a whole day outing. These are the items that we recommend that you bring with you:

- Comfortable walking/ hiking shoes

- A Hat (If you forget yours, you will be able to purchase a locally made straw hats from a vendor in Milot)

- Sunscreen

- Sunglasses

- Bottle of water

- Protein Snacks or a fruit

- A camera

Cancellation Policy

 Full refund for tours cancelled 24h before departure time


Booking Requirement

We require that you book your Tour a min. of 48 hours prior to the Tour date that you have chosen.  

We do not guarantee the feasibility of the Tour under the required minimum of hours.

Departure time for Citadelle Tour

The departure is at 9:00 AM from Satama Hotel. 

Other pick-up locations can be arranged if mentioned at least 48 hours in advance depending of group size.

If the pick-up location is in the city of Cap-Haitian, no extra fees will be charge for transport. If outside of the city an extra fee between 5.00$ and 10.00$ per person will be charged.

What’s included

  • Transport
    Bus transport to and from Milot and also horse or donkey ride up the Citadelle (no discounts are offered if you decide to forfeit the horse or donkey ride for a hike or other mode of transportation)
  • Entree Fees
    Entree fees are included for the Citadelle and Sans Souci Palace
  • Lunch
    Lunch is included. You will have creole lunch in Milot
  • Bottles of Water
    2 bottles per guest


Citadelle- Day Tour
Sans Souci Palace & Citadelle Henri Christophe

9:00 AM - Departure from  Satama Hotel (or other destination that was pre-   organized)

10:00 AM- Arrival to Citadelle Parking

10: 45 AM- Arrival to Citadelle (Hiking or horseback riding)

2:00 PM- At the latest departure from the Citadelle

2:30 PM- Arrival at Sans-Souci Palace

3:00 PM- At the latest departure from Sans-Souci Palace

4:00 PM- Arrival at Satama Hotel (or other destination that was pre-   organized)

Who’s Going

Your Organizer

Destination Creole
Destination Creole is the most integrated tour agency in Northern Haiti. With over a decade of experience in the tourism industry, we pride ourselves in providing guests all the beauty Haiti has to offer at a very competitive price. Through our exclusive insight, tailored solutions and stellar customer service, we aim to help you create seamless and unforgettable experiences during your visit to Haiti.