City & Sea with Sky Ting Yoga: 7 Days & 7 Nights in Marrakech and Taghazout

  • Morocco
  • Mar 11 - 18, 2017
  • Trip Size: 10 - 30 people


Deposit: $500


Marhaba, yogis! We welcome you to join our friends at Sky Ting Yoga for a full week of sun, culture, adventure, and a deep dive into your daily yoga practice. 

The Basics:

Rise and shine each day with a dynamic sunrise vinyasa flow, followed by a traditional Moroccan breakfast served on the terrace. From souking to surfing, this yogi getaway brings you the best of Morocco while awakening your senses with a new experience everyday.  Each evening we'll reconvene at the house for an unwinding yoga & meditation session - complete with personal assistance from Sky Ting instructors, guaranteeing you to deepen your practice. Following yoga, enjoy a variety of traditional Moroccan food and evening fun - ranging from beachside campfires to live music to traditional Moroccan clothing dress-up parties (photo booth included).  

The Yoga Instructors: 

For both Chloe and Dages movement has always been a major part of their lives as they grew up dancing. The two met initially in class while studying with their mentor, Nevine Michaan, at Katonah Yoga and now teach together at SKY TING in NYC. Chloe leads a blend of vinyasa yoga with Katonah material, integrating the use of metaphor, sacred geometry principles, and Taoist theory with a dynamic, moving practice. Dages specializes in teaching a Katonah specific class, where students are taken through longer held Hatha postures and worked through a dialogue of understanding using the imagination, breath work, as well as thoughtful adjustments. On retreat they will both teach on their own as well as have a few co-taught classes. Expect to leave with a new set of tools to help you move with a little more grace, ease and joy through life. 

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Our trip begins in the ancient medina of Marrakech. Also known as the Red City, this mysterious place is one of the top destinations in North Africa.  Enjoy three nights and days in a luxurious Moroccan Riad (guesthouse), discover new friends in your group and set out to explore the city.  Marvel at Moroccan textiles in the souk (Moroccan market) as we shop for spices, carpets, leather goods, and other Moroccan textiles - sharpening your Arabic skills along the way.  Additionally, we'll wander through famous gardens and palaces and dine on the best of Moroccan cuisine.  

Halfway through the week, we pack up and move to the South Atlantic Coast village of Taghazout.  With over 300 days of sunshine and surf per year, the Souss region invites you to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh with some much needed beach time.  Enjoy our planned daily activities ranging from guided surf lessons (provided by pro surf teachers), trekking into Paradise Valley for a glimpse into the region's beautiful landscape and natural swimming pools, and luxurious massage and hammam treatments that will leave the body feeling pampered and restored. 

What's Included

7 days/ nights double occupancy accommodation (4-5 star)
14 yoga classes
2 guided surf lessons
All day trips & group activities
1 hammam/spa treatment
7 breakfasts
7 lunches
5 dinners (two nights will be "on-your-own" nights for dining out)
All transport to/from airport (in Morocco) and all activites
All yoga equipment
All surf equipment (also available for independent surfing during free time)
Camel ride (Sadly, you can't take the camel home with you.)

Not Included

Extras (snacks, alcoholic beverages, anything purchased on shopping trips)
2 dinners (we can recommend restaurants for group outings)

Before You Go

No visa is necessary to enter Morocco from the USA or Europe for 3 months.  You will be asked to present your passport at Immigration upon entering Morocco and will be given a stamp valid for 3 months of tourism in Morocco.

You should bring a little cash for shopping or items purchased along the way. You can change USD or EUR at the airport for the local currency, Moroccan Dirhams. Please make sure to carry the local currency, as local shops and vendors will not accept foreign money.

Morocco is a modern Muslim country and while it is not necessary to cover your head, it is a wise choice to dress in conservative clothing during public outings. Consider covering the shoulders and legs when outside the hotel.  At this time of year, Marrakech can be hot during the day, so dressing in loose and light fabrics will leave you feeling much more comfortable than in tight and restrictive clothing. 

Make sure to pack plenty of yoga clothes!  Bring casual stuff for the day trips and outings.  We won't go anywhere that requires formal clothes.  Pack a bathing suit and some things for the beach, a good pair of sneakers for walking, and a light jacket. 

We'll teach you some simple Arabic phrases at the welcome dinner, such as how to say "thank you" and "please" and other useful things.  Come prepared to enjoy the best of Morocco!

Bookable Until

Dec. 31, 2016

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