Claire Missingham + Taj Hotels: SACRED YOGA JOURNEY 2022

Delhi, Rishikesh Mountains, Jaipur, Varanasi.

Claire Missingham
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Oct 24 - Nov 4, 2022
Group size: 10 - 16
Claire Missingham + Taj Hotels: SACRED YOGA JOURNEY 2022
Delhi, Rishikesh Mountains, Jaipur, Varanasi.

Claire Missingham
  • Email address verified

Oct 24 - Nov 4, 2022
Group size: 10 - 16

About this trip

Claire Missingham, Taj Hotel Group and Distant Frontiers India present a sacred pilgrimage and journey through Northern India:   "Inspiration, Healing and Being of Service" 2022. 

Claire Missingham is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Taj Hotel Group and Distant Frontiers to provide a wonderful cultural immersion in Maha India. We are visiting the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan. Using the sacred texts of yoga: The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads and The Ramayana, we consolidate a thoroughly modern approach to healing trauma and loss after the past 2.5 years of challenge - from that place of healing we inject enthusiasm, writing practices and music for inspiration, while formulating how to be of service through our work in the world. 

We visit local temples for puja ceremonies and magical Aarti (light) ceremonies. We kick off our first welcome dinner with Diwali celebrations. This is a great first time style trip. This provides our group with a deep and powerful journey, yet the calm and delight of a comfortable room and delicious, safe food as well as mesmerising surroundings at each Taj location on our trip. 

This is a luxury trip staying only at TAJ Hotels in every city. Every hotel is a 5-Star Hotel and will give you a chance to rest, recharge and put yoga, wellbeing and adventure first for almost 2 weeks. Every day we practice traditional yoga and have philosophical discussion to ignite your physical & radiant bodies but also your mind and wisdom. Yoga, Meditation, Local Temples, Diwali celebrations: we will find the sacred and the positive wherever possible. 

Morning Sadhana with Claire: every morning we begin with meditation, deep vinyasa yoga, morning kriya and intention setting in our main group sessions. Learn Kriyas, Meditations and Sacred Yogic Technology to supplement and upgrade your main yoga practices. If you are a regular student of Claire, you know that you will continue to be encouraged to open up new avenues of understanding of yoga, either intellectually or physically. 

In the evenings, we practice Meditations, or Kirtan, or read sacred yogic texts or do some fun and inclusive group work. All space is held within the sacred understanding of non-dogmatic practice that is welcoming, supportive, trauma informed and caring. No BS culty vibes allowed here - just honest, down to earth, loving devotion and inclusion. You are all welcome no matter what. 

We will be participating in some Seva in various places: children’s homes and an ashram. Ideally, you come with an idea of a workshop or a creative offering you can make. Previously we have run dance workshops, made art and drawings, offered breath-work and yoga, cricket even! So think about what you can run on your own or assist each other somehow in an offering of your creation for the children. 

Accompanied by expert local guides throughout the entire trip will ensure a smooth, comfortable and authentic experience. We look forward welcoming you to help create some rich memories,  and to opening our hearts and minds to this ancient, spiritual culture where our beloved Yoga first began. The ground partners for the trip are Distant Frontiers, part of SITA, and established travel company in India. DF are responsible for arranging all our local transport, guides, booking domestic flights and all logistics of the trip within India. 

Where we stay - Taj Hotels India

I fell in love with the staff, ethos and accommodations of the Taj Hotel after staying in the Taj Mumbai hotel every year since 2001. After the catastrophe of 2008, the manager Karambir Singh Kang, the ethos of the company and integrity of the brand become extremely clear - this is no ordinary profit driven hotel group.  I have researched and worked alongside Taj for the past 2 years and am so proud to collaborate with them on this trip. This working relationship has so far been one of the most authentic of my teaching career. The hotel is known for the highest levels of quality, its ability to go many extra miles for guests, and its staff of highly trained employees, some of whom have worked there for decades. It is a well-oiled machine. 

The Taj Group prefers to go into small villages and schools to recruit their exceptional staff because that’s where traditional Indian values—such as respect for elders and teachers, humility, consideration of others, discipline, and honesty—still hold sway. Therefore, as we are staying only at Taj Hotels, you will experience an incredibly welcoming, beautiful hotel in every location. Lastly, they need our tourism back, after a devastating pandemic, India is one of the countries that is built on a delicate micro-climate of employment from tourists coming to enjoy the richness of (yoga) culture that India has to offer. 

We obviously all need to be mindful about how we now travel and choose to spend our precious incomes. What you know from this trip is your investment is also helping to keep many of these carefully chosen staff their jobs, which is also a form of Seva in itself. 

After our last trip in 2019, which was with a mix of different hotels to stay in, some good, some not so great, it was clear that there could be ways of offering the trip to India where the quality of the hotels was exceptional throughout.  Where and how is your trip investment spent? This is a valid question! Each Taj hotel is of the highest quality as described above, and after the pandemic the cost of 5 star hotels has inevitably risen, plus, one would also expect that in 3 years there is always a rise in prices for most goods and services. Where possible we have the best possible group rates for the hotels without compromising quality - Taj hotels are expensive to stay in but you receive an unparalleled quality in return. Our trip is 12 nights and 13 days in excellent hotels, including all your yoga, breakfasts and evening meals, organised excursions, organised ground transportation and much more. Please see below "what the trip includes". 

Food as Nourishment

Your evening meals and your breakfasts are included in your trip. 

Each morning, after your yoga sadhana practices, we will gather for buffet breakfast (also my fave part of staying at Taj hotels, they serve an absolutely delicious, nourishing, fresh breakfast!). Chai, Indian Malabar Coffee, fresh fruits, waffles, healthful juices and everything you could fancy to fill yourself up for the day ahead. 

Lunch is left for you to decide: we can give options for lunch out during excursions. There are many places to eat safely in India however we do not suggest eating from curbside or street food vendors for lunches as the hygiene may not be the same as a restaurant or cafe. We will advise in every location some options for your lunch. (Lunch is not included in your trip cost so is additional). 

Dinner: the best part of a group trip is that we meet every evening together at 7pm in the hotel restaurant for a Satsang dinner of sattvic traditional food, such as a vegan or vegetarian thali, a healthful and filling meal together as a group as inclusive. Every Taj Hotel has a wonderful chef and we can accommodate gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian diets. Our meal includes filtered safe drinking water and in some locations a simple fresh dessert.  

Please note: Additional drinks (soft, alcohol, bottled water etc) is additional at your own choice and cost. Additional plates, sides, fish/meat plates are additional and will be added to your room bill. If you have any allergies, sensitivities, cultural or ethical food considerations please let us know in advance and we can alert each hotel. 

This gathering in the evenings is a chance to decompress, make new friends and feel part of a yoga community that has been missing during the pandemic. You may feel nervous about this socialising, which is completely understandable. You will be supported gently in this Satsang and we will do some activities to ensure everyone is included, feels comfortable and supported and we enjoy breaking the bread together in love. 

Included in your trip:

What’s Included in this incredible India trip: 

After our last trip in 2019, which was with a mix of different hotels, some good, some not so great, it was clear that the trip needed to be consistent where the quality of the hotels was exceptional 5-star throughout.  

Where and how is your trip investment spent? This is a valid question. 

1) Each Taj hotel is of the highest quality. After the pandemic the cost of 5-star hotels has inevitably risen, plus, one would also expect that in 3 years there is always a rise in prices for most goods and services. Where possible we have the best possible group rates for the hotels without compromising quality - Taj hotels are not budget hotels. The hotels are some of the best in the world to stay in and you receive an unparalleled quality in return for your payment.  You are welcome to independently research this for yourself if you like! 

2) Evening meals are now included. For our trips hereon, the evening meal is included in your trip cost. This is so you know you can eat well, healthily, safely and together in Satsang each evening. This way, you do not need to stress about the bill, having cash, etc. Please read below regards food as it sets out what would be additional such as alcohol and additional plates etc. Each night we eat at 6.30/7pm in the hotel restaurants. 

3) Price includes your group airport transfers, breakfast, evening dinner at the hotel, internal flights, excursions, yoga and meditation. We will be visiting beautiful cities, offering Seva projects as well as travelling through the most sacred sites in northern India for our own reflection, Sadhana practice and historical understanding. 

4) All your yoga, meditation, talks and group morning / evening sessions with Claire and assistant. 

Your trip cost also includes all the following: 

  • All local temple Aarti, morning or evening Puja. 
  • 12 nights single occupancy in gorgeous accommodation in world-class luxury Taj Hotels. (Discount for a couple share or other scenarios), all 5-Star hotels. 
  • Daily Exquisite Breakfast Buffet in each hotel.
  • Evening meals are included! Sattvic vegetarian evening meal is included each night inc (safe) spring water at hotels, beginning with our welcome Diwali meal through to our farewell evening meal. 
  • Tea/snacks on travel days on arrival in Ganges Varanasi + Connaught Delhi.
  • Group internal flights through each place visited* (note: regards supplement for luggage weight on some internal flights are not included and you will need to pay extra for your own luggage.) 
  • Day trips when offered including transportation in A/C Toyota Innova Cars or Mini (lux) coaches. 
  • Guide accompaniment for the group. 
  • Entrance Fees to local sights.
  • Boat ride on Ghat in Varanasi evening Aarti. 
  • Hand sanitisers, tissues, mosquito spray and wellbeing pack. 
  • Water. Please bring your own reusable water bottle: safe, clean drinking water will be provided for refilling in most hotels. (We may need to purchase some bottles in certain places.)
  • Airport transfers: International arrivals on 24th Oct, transfers for all internal flights to hotels and venues, transfers to outbound flight on 5th Nov included. **please note, if you arrive on other days, the international transfers are not available. 
  • Local guide tips and hotel porters. These will already have been covered on your behalf. Please note: there may be additional tips required for main guide at the end of the trip that are not included. 

Things to arrange/ not included:

What is Not Included on the trip (so you will need to budget accordingly): 

  • Flights To & From Delhi from your home country. Suggested arrival times and flights will be given as guidance, and we will inform you if others are on the same flight if you wish to familiarise yourselves. 
  • Indian Travel Tourist Visas: all visitors to India require a travel visa. This is different in each originating country but will normally require an appointment at the embassy, a payment, time (leave at least 3 weeks) and organisation plus printing out. Please plan in advance as the Tourist Visa is absolutely imperative and you will not be allowed in without it. 
  • Any vaccinations required for travel. Check, check and check again which certificates you require, small pox for instance is mandatory. 
  • Tip for Main Guide - at the end of the trip we will collect a tip for the main guide, please budget £20+ each at the end and have it in local currency (Rupees) 
  • Porterage at airports. 
  • Massages or any other personal treatments within the spas. 
  • Luggage costs on internal flights. At some airports there are limits on 15kg-20kg luggage. You may be asked to pay additionally for your luggage on internal flights where requested. The cost is hard to determine as it changes all the time per kg anywhere from £1-£4 per kg. We may be able to be more specific nearer the time. 
  • Laundry - in each town there are always somewhere to drop off and pick up (non-precious) clothing items at relatively low cost. You can also choose to have the hotels do your laundry at your own cost (this is normally more expensive). 
  • Travel Insurance and personal insurance: You must buy adequate travel and personal insurance to include medical and all travel related risks. Covid-related tests and any travel visa costs are not included and you must prepare for all eventualities and be covered by insurance for the whole trip. 
  • Please note: alcohol, mineral water bottles, soft drinks, additional mains, sides or desserts, and all other meal additions are not included and must be paid for separately from group meals. 
  • Lunch is not included, as most people will have a light lunch in the daytimes while out. Hotels can suggest where to find light lunch items. Please do not eat from cheap roadside snack bars, ever. Only eat at cafes with other people eating at them (i.e do not eat at empty cafes),  which is safer. Please do not ever drink water that is from an already opened bottle. Outside of the hotel, never drink table water: only unopened bottles for water safety.
  • Hotel to Flight transfers outside of trip start and completion date. 
  • Additional nights accommodation: you may choose to arrive early or stay on after the main trip. These additional nights accommodation are your responsibility and not included in the trip. 
  • Transport outside of guided itinerary: if you choose to go somewhere yourself in free time, this cost is additional and arranged and paid for individually. 

Packing List - things to bring

Travel essentials for India: 

Two weeks before you travel, it is suggested to check with your doctor that you are safe to take probiotics with anti-parasitic qualities. This helps your stomach be more prepared for travel. We recommend these Paracel Tablets. Good supplements to bring with you to help should get a tummy upset are Zeolite, Black charcoal and Oregano oil. Drinking lime water in India helps too. 

  • We request that you bring your own yoga mat (and a belt and blocks if you usually practice with them) and any props for your yoga practice. No mats will be provided. 
  • Your medication. If you are taking any medication bring it all and more with you as it may be hard to find it in India. 
  • Anti-bite, anti-histamine and ibuprofen. 
  • Bring as many Covid-19 Lateral flow tests for the time you are there where possible. We do not provide them on your behalf so please bring a pack from home. 
  • Make sure you take a good light sunscreen and hat. 
  • Probiotics, arnica, Black wormwood drops, ibuprofen, Vicks vaporub, diarolyte, essential oils. 
  • Face masks. 
  • Buy Mosquito Spray  – you will need plenty. Personally, I get bitten to shreds by any bug, and have rarely had a bad experience in India, however, it is imperative to carry bug spray at all times just in case. Citronella, tea tree, lavender and lemon oils mixed into a mixture of alcohol and witch hazel could also work well. 
  • Away from the main hotels toilet facilities will be basic and more likely a hole in the ground; take your own toilet paper and anti-bacterial handwash. and face mask. A microfiber travel towel is a good idea too – these fold up really small and dry quickly.
  • No matter how good a sleeper you are we suggest you pack ear plugs as this can feel like a country that never sleeps. There are Claire's recommended ear plugs
  • Don’t drink or even brush your teeth in tap water. Therefore, bring your own reusable water bottle for refills. 
  • A rucksack for excursions, and please keep your wallet, purse, phone and valuables in a cross body bag if possible. 
  • To use electrical gadgets you may need a travel adaptor plug, depending on your country of origin. For instance this is the converter plug UK to India. 
  • Avoid paying unexpected baggage fees – use an accurate luggage scale to ensure you keep within the weight allowance. 
  • Headphones for longer journeys. 
  • Notebook/Journal and pens. 
  • Presents for children: art materials, pens, 100% cotton underwear and socks, pyjamas and small gifts. 
  • Small torch – Super handy for the many power cuts that happen in India occasionally. 


Using your bank card: 

You can’t buy Indian Rupees outside of India, so the suggestion is to bring a few means of paying for things.   If you plan to use your debit or credit card don’t forget to notify your bank that you will be traveling so they don’t block your card. Starling Bank in the UK which doesn’t charge foreign transaction or withdrawal fees which saves money. Otherwise you can bring GBP / USD and your credit card and also plan to change up cash in an exchange suite (not in the hotel). 

Covid-19 Considerations

Covid-19 Protocol for the trip: 

Claire Missingham and the local hosts Distant Frontiers are able to manage the trip whilst fully complying with all local COVID safeguarding measures and that these do not negatively affect the trip experience. We invite you to book and travel with an adaptable mindset. Your trip to India will be extra special and has been created with great care and months and months of planning and admin. There is always a chance it could be postponed if we are unable to meet safety guidelines if they change. If restrictions prevent us from running the trip, we will re organise the trip for another date. If this is impossible to do, the trip may be cancelled and you will be reimbursed based on the information below. 

We must expect that Covid tests to travel will be required for some time to come, and travelling will continue to involve an element of uncertainty in 2022. While we prefer all the people participating on the trip to be vaccinated against Covid-19, we obviously cannot say this is a necessity as it is up to each individual situation as to receiving a vaccination, therefore if you are not vaccinated you may be required to submit additional border / visa information and it is up to you to ensure you have all paperwork and tests required, so please check and read very carefully the rules for non-vaccinated individuals arriving in India as tourists. The trip destination country, India, borders are currently open to UK citizens without any quarantine restrictions on arrival. You must have a visa for entry, and perhaps show either vaccination or Covid negative tests on arrival. 

To be clear: if you do not personally choose to comply with India current Covid-safe tourist law on arrival and your trip is cut short or does not happen for any reason because of your own mistake or inability to comply with Covid border law safety rules, either internationally or domestically, our cancellation policy does not apply in this situation. You must supply all your own paperwork and testing as required at any border or flight with guidance issued by local and international governments. 

A flexible booking policy: 

The trip has flexible booking terms in place to make sure you are not out of pocket, if any cancellation is beyond your control. You are also advised to ensure that as soon as you book your trip, you also purchase travel insurance against the trip and all cancellation possibilities.

If we have to cancel your the trip due to changes in Covid guidelines, and cannot offer alternate dates for the same location for another time, we will refund you in full. If your the trip is postponed to new dates, we will automatically transfer your payment(s) to the trip’s alternate dates, which we will confirm in writing to you. 

If the trip is going ahead on new dates, but you decide to cancel as you cannot make the new dates, the cancellation fees and timeframes apply. These terms also apply if the trip is happening on the original dates, but you decide to cancel your place on the trip. 

Days Before Departure Cancellation Charge

90 days or more: 25% of your the trip cost

30-90 days: 75% of your the trip cost

Less than 30 days: 100% of your the trip cost

Flexible flights and travel insurance

It is absolutely recommended your book flexible or refundable international flights in case of any changes to your trip. Claire Missingham India Trips Ltd will not be responsible for any monies you have paid for travel, so please make sure you have booked flexible flights with an airline that will allow free date changes or that issues credit vouchers for future flights. 

All guests will be required to provide proof of their comprehensive travel insurance which should cover the activities you plan to undertake and have adequate cover for travel delay, trip cancellation and curtailment, medical expenses and your personal belongings. Your policy should include cover for any medical or quarantine claim due to Coronavirus and trip cancellation due to you falling ill with Coronavirus and being unable to travel or being required to self-isolate. It is recommended you buy the best and most comprehensive cover possible. 

Travel and testing rules

Knowing the travel and testing rules to enter into the country is your responsibility. You must make sure that you have the required negative Covid tests and/or vaccines and tracking forms as requested by the country you are visiting. To be clear: if you do not personally choose to comply with India current Covid-safe tourist law on arrival and your trip is cut short or does not happen for any reason because of your own mistake or inability to comply with Covid border law safety rules, either internationally or domestically, our cancellation policy does not apply in this situation. You must supply all your own paperwork and testing as required at any border or flight with guidance issued by local and international governments.

Three days prior to the trip you will be asked to complete a Health Declaration Form certifying that you do not have any symptoms of Covid-19 and have not been in contact with anyone you know is infected. We cannot permit a person who has recently tested positive for Covid-19 or been experiencing Covid-like symptoms on the trip and you will in this instance need to contact your insurance company. 

Testing before travel: We require all guests to take a Lateral Flow/Antigen before attending any of our the trips. You may be asked to take a PCR or Antigen test and provide proof of a negative test result before your departure and/or on arrival to the trip locations and back to your home country. It is your responsibility to check the latest regulations from your home country and we will provide updated information on the entry requirements for your the trip location.

Excellent hygiene standards: Each of our the trip locations has a protocol in place that covers their cleaning, hygiene and disinfection processes, how they manage public areas and shared bathrooms, staff training, the use of PPE and local testing procedures.

Expert local information: We have a great relationship with our local hosts, Distant Frontiers, who are closely monitoring the situation in their countries and providing up to date information to ensure we are safe and well looked after.

Indoor spaces: Our yoga rooms and dining rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and completely aired between use. We request that you bring your own yoga mat on the trip for now (and a belt and blocks if you usually practice with them). 

What happens if you have Covid symptoms while on the trip?

Please bring a few lateral flow tests with you in your suitcase, so you can test if you develop symptoms. If your test is positive, you will be quarantined away from the group and we will assist you to get a further PCR test and ensure that you are well looked after until you can get home. 

It is important that you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical costs incurred due to Coronavirus, as all expenses for PCR testing, treatment or self-isolation will need to be covered by you. You’ll be asked to confirm this when you book and again before you travel. 


Entry Visa

Remember that entry into India requires a passport and visa. UK citizens can apply online for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) that allows for a single‐ entry tourist visa upon arrival. Visit the India E-Visa site to learn more about the e-Visa and fill out your e-Visa Tourist application. You can apply for India visa up to 120 days (4 months) before your travel. It is best to apply as early as you can. After submitting the required application, documentation, and fee, you’ll be emailed an ETA confirmation via e-mail within 3–5 business days.

During the visa process, you may be asked if you are traveling on a package tour. Your response to this question should be “No.” 

Although we are traveling together in India, your travel to India is not a package tour because your arrival to and departure from India are both independent of this trip and not with the larger group. You may also have your own travel plans before or after the trip, and as such, your travel to India should be considered independent.

Given the difficulties and errors we have seen people encounter trying to acquire visas on their own, we highly recommend using a visa processing service and believe it to be well worth any additional cost.

During the visa process, they will ask for your address while in India. Provide them with the address associated with the start of your trip:

The Taj Connaught Hotel 

37, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, Shivaji Stadium, Connaught Place, New Delhi, , 110001, INDIA


The best way to ensure you have the most current information on entry requirements is by contacting the Embassy of India or the nearest Indian consulate. You may also find helpful information on the GOV UK Travel Service website.


At least 8 weeks before your trip, check the latest country-specific health advice from the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) on the Fit for Travel website. Each country-specific page has information on vaccine recommendations, any current health risks including Covid-19 considerations or outbreaks, and factsheets with information on staying healthy abroad.  

Please note: Ideally everyone on the trip will be vaccinated against Covid-19. If you are not vaccinated for any personal reasons, please ensure you comply with all international and national and domestic rules and laws. If you do not comply out of choice, you may not be able to travel into India, please read all government advice carefully as we do not offer any reimbursements or refunds in the instance that Covid rules have not been adhered to out of your own choice that then would impact on your ability to travel. 

What to wear when travelling in India

The patriarchy is alive and well in some parts of traditional and conservative India. Interestingly India is home to large communities of Hijra/Kinner, essentially a large transgender community mostly of trans-women. Even the Mahabharata includes an episode in which Arjuna, a hero of the epic, is sent into an exile. There he assumes an identity of a transgender being and performs rituals during weddings and childbirths that are now performed by hijras. 

So, with this understanding that Indian society is one of the most diverse, yet traditional societies, the following paragraphs are written with gender specificity. If you are non-binary or non-gendered or trans, please feel free to choose any of the below as guidance. We happily welcome all identities, in all ways, and ask you to choose whatever works for you from the below, or, you can disregard completely, we will all support each other in Satsang. You are welcomed no matter your gender expression or presentation even though the below is gendered to "women" and "men." 

For women, India is still largely a traditional society, and most Indians still favour modest, traditional clothing.  There are two things to keep in mind when planning your India packing list: shoulders and knees should always be covered. Wearing modest clothing in India is a good idea for many reasons, and one of them is that it shows cultural respect. 

Knowing what to wear when travelling in India can really make a difference to how comfortable you feel: not just in the heat of the day but also as a woman in a new cultural environment. Modest, comfortable Indian outfits such as kurtahs (tunics), scarves, pashmina shawls, salwar kameez, Indian dresses, leggings and cool long sleeve tops and sandals or trainers are good. 

Tiny vests, shorts and exposed arms and shoulders would not be appropriate for temples for instance, so travelling about with a thin light pair of cotton trousers and a shawl to throw on is a good idea. In our western society, you can wear pretty much what you like and be all for positivity of expression. However, in India, if you wear skimpy, tight, western clothing or little shorts and vests is really a culturally insensitive choice to make, and one that may mean you are stared at in a way that is not comfortable for you. Women tourists to India have to pay more attention to modesty than they’re probably used to. If you are in some parts of Delhi you can get away with wearing western clothing, as long as it is not tight, skimpy, or revealing. But otherwise, you should always make sure your legs and cleavage are covered, and in many cases, also that your shoulders are covered. Flowing, loose, cotton clothing is ideal in India. It’s affordable to buy in stores or markets, it’s cool and comfortable, it shows cultural respect and it suits the need for modesty. You may want to wait until you arrive in India, as you could purchase a simple cotton pull on trousers and a long sleeve kurtah for around £20. 

PS - going to the gym or a swim or just finished our yoga class? Please change out of your sweaty mini Lululemon shorts before heading to the breakfast buffet! 

Please read this: 

For men, however, your considerations are less - cover your legs and shoulders in a temple, some hotel restaurants for dinner will request a long sleeve top. Wearing a kurtah style cotton top can feel appropriate. Otherwise, you are lucky to be able to wear pretty much what you like apart from vests and very short shorts. It is advised not to carry your wallet in your back pocket.  

Male identified bodies: you are all asked kindly to keep a top on during the yoga sessions, or bring a couple of vests with you to class if you get very sweaty. If you take your top off during yoga sessions for any reason, you will not receive any hands-on yoga assists during the time your top is off for hygiene purposes.  Women: wearing a sports bra is fine in yoga class. 

Please bring something to cover up with to move between class and your hotel room. 



The meaning of Satsang is Gathering Together To Inquire Into Our True Nature. The implication of Satsang as stated in the Upanishads is to "sit down together", therefore, this trip is one of coming together, in yoga practice, Seva/service to the children and people we will serve meals to, and as a tourist to visit and respectfully learn about another culture without appropriation but still knowing our own personal limits or boundaries for exploration. 

This is a trip of a lifetime, intended to create a balanced mix between yoga, meditation, intention, Seva/service of others, cultural learning and experiencing the incredible country that is India, through travelling. We would like a cohesive group where everyone is enthusiastic about doing new, different and challenging activities. Sometimes travel is easy and sometimes travel in new places is tricky. In India, the best thing to do is relax into the ‘chaos’ of some situations and places. Being open to change and the experience of travelling is one of allowing life to be what it is in that moment. India can be intense, busy and totally surprising. We will work together and help each other if someone is feeling that intensity. Then India can be calm, beautiful and the people the most loving. It's a country of dichotomy at it's core. 

The hotels are 5-star luxury as are the majority of our group travel and experiences. Sometimes, even with best intentions, plans can change. Things can go wrong. That is life and that is what can happen when exploring the world. Please don't freak out, blame, demand or be a grumpy group member. Nobody likes a misery as the saying goes. Please don't be that person if things go wrong: let's think strategically, help each other when stressed, and find solutions that create union rather than separation. That's yoga. 

Therefore, if you feel you may want one-off extra special personal treatment: from hotel staff, local guides, the group leader, your yoga teacher or anyone else, this may not be the trip for you as that will not be possible. We are all equals. We are here for each others growth and experience. We need to work together with all the other people who are helping your trip of a lifetime to make this experience wonderful and open our eyes together and make this special.

You will make big investment into this trip. So begin with the intention of it being an incredible experience you are investing in from the get go, with people who have life experience, interests, skills and knowledge that you would be curious and enthusiastic to find out about. 

In between all of that excitement, there is time for you to reflect, have space, and recharge. Like me, you may be desperate to leave after 14 days, then, the minute you touch down on home turf, realise you want to go back more than anything. That is India. That's why I love it. I hope I can show you. Ram Ram. Claire x 

Our travel partners on the ground

Our travel partners will be helping with booking domestic flights, all guides and excursions, local travel planning and the group room bookings for Taj Hotels. All of this is taken care for you by Distant Frontiers whom are exceptional travel planners on the ground. 

Distant Frontiers / SITA 

Attention: Ichcha Dupitha 


Tower B, Delta Square, M.G. Road, Sector 25, Gurgaon - 122001, Haryana, National Capital Region of Delhi, India + 91 (124) 4563000






YOUR CONTRACT IS WITH Claire Missingham India Trips Ltd and our partner in India Distant Frontiers/SITA. 


(a) On making a booking with Claire Missingham India Trips Ltd and Distant Frontiers/SITA, each person making a deposit is accepting the terms of these Booking and Cancellation Terms and Conditions.

(b) If the booking is made 10 or more weeks in advance of the departure date a deposit payment is required on booking in order to secure your place.

We request: 

A non-refundable deposit of £750 to cover admin costs and room reservations. This payment is immediately transferred to Distant Frontiers/SITA for room reservations. 

Monthly payment plans can then be arranged for the trip. You may pay up front and will be allocated your room first. 

The final payment is due no later than 10 weeks before the first day you are due to arrive on trip. Wetravel will send an auto email to remind you of an upcoming payment being taken from your chosen payment card. If the monthly payments are not paid in time, we reserve the right to cancel your place, retain your payments and apply the Cancellation Charges. 

(c) Where a deposit or part payment has been paid, a final request will be sent to you 4 weeks before your departure date and payment of the balance of the price of the trip will become due 4 weeks prior to your departure date. If the balance of the price of your trip is not paid within 14 days of sending our invoice, we reserve the right to cancel your place, retain your payments and apply the Cancellation Charges and you lose your place on the trip. 

(d) For bookings made within 10 weeks of the date of departure, the full payment will become due immediately upon confirmation of the booking., Unless you are on the Once payment plan which takes automatic payments. Any subsequent cancellation will incur Cancellation Charges as set out. 

(e) Your booking is considered definite and a contract will exist between you and Claire Missingham India Trips Ltd and Distant Frontiers/SITA. 


(a) Claire Missingham India Trips Ltd and Distant Frontiers/SITA reserves the right in any circumstances to cancel your trip at any time up to 4-8 weeks before the start date, in which case we will offer a refund in full of all monies paid for the trip as set out in the cancellation information. 

(b) Claire Missingham India Trips Ltd and Distant Frontiers/SITA reserves the right in any circumstances to postpone and reschedule your trip at any time up to 10 weeks before the start date, in which case we will offer to transfer your deposit and payments to the new dates. Any other trip payments will be refunded. 

*Due to Coronavirus implications of last minute travel changes, the final payment due date is 4 weeks before travel, so that we can make informed and up to date decisions about travel and safety based on Foreign Office advice. Claire Missingham India Trips Ltd and Distant Frontiers/SITA will not be responsible for any monies you have paid for travel to India, so please make sure you have booked flexible flights with an airline that will allow free date changes or that issues credit vouchers for future flights.


You are responsible for arranging full travel insurance which should cover you for the activities you plan to undertake and have adequate cover for travel delay, cancellation and curtailment, medical expenses and your personal belongings and all Covid related changes to plans.  Your policy should include cover for any medical claim due to Coronavirus and cancellation due to you falling ill with Coronavirus or being unable to travel or being required to self-isolate. Your insurance should also cover early trip cancellation for Covid-19 reasons such as testing positive, needing to isolate or going home early. Please research and buy the best possible comprehensive cover, this is a good investment. 


You may cancel your trip at any time providing that the cancellation is made by the person submitting the booking form and it is communicated to us in writing. Cancellation will take effect the day such notification is received. 

When you cancel your trip place, we will retain the deposit in all circumstances. The following cancellation charges then apply up to the maximum shown below: 

Cancellation Charges:

90 days or more before the trip start date: Deposit payment cost 

30-90 days: 75% of your trip cost

Less than 30 days: 100% of trip cost will be retained. 

Important Notes: 

(a) Compensation payments will not apply if payment for your trip has not been received by Claire Missingham India Trips Ltd and Distant Frontiers/SITA by the stipulated payment date.

(b) Compensation will not be paid if Claire Missingham India Trips Ltd and Distant Frontiers/SITA is forced to cancel or in any way change your trip due to war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, a pandemic, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, seriously adverse weather conditions, technical or maintenance problems with transport, or other circumstances which amount to force-majeure. In this instance the trip will be postponed until such time that it is safe to travel. 


We reserve the right to increase the price of your transfer arrangements to allow for variations in transportation costs due, taxis or fees chargeable for services and the exchange rate applicable to your travel arrangements. No price increase will be made within 30 days of your departure date. 

6: The trip PRICES

The trip prices include accommodation, breakfast and dinner as advertised and all group yoga classes. The trip price excludes international flights, travel insurance, tips, additional excursions not arranged by us, transfers from airports and train stations unless otherwise stated. 


We do not book international flights. We may recommend suitable flights and provide directions but Claire Missingham India Trips Ltd is not responsible for your travel plans and arrangements. It is your responsibility to confirm your flight times and check in with your airline before your outward and return journey. Any internal domestic flights will be booked locally by Distant Frontiers on your behalf to ensure a group rate and that the group are all on the same internal domestic flight, if you prefer to book your own internal domestic flights this is possible - this is all arranged by Distant Frontiers/SITA. Claire Missingham India Trips Ltd do not arrange any flights whatsoever. 


  1. We accept responsibility for ensuring that the trip that you book with us are supplied as described and that the services we are contractually obliged to provide to the standard expressed in the trip description. 

(b) There are risks inherent with any physical exercise such as yoga, hiking, walking and taking local transport in the country. We strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before travel to advise on your ability to undertake strenuous exercise and the activities and travel involved in the trip. You should make your medical care provider and us aware of any medical condition that may affect your ability and comfort when undergoing vigorous exercise.


While on the trip, you have an issue with the yoga practice, itinerary plan, seva plans, or personal issue with a group member or a presenter issue, please speak directly to Claire Missingham. In all instances your complaint will aim to be resolved locally with minimum distribution to the group and itinerary plans. If your complaint cannot be resolved locally, you must advise us in writing immediately on your return for resolution. In this instance, your complaint would be dealt with under UK Law. 

If your complaint is regards hotel, food, domestic travel, ground transportation, itinerary execution or local transportation, local guides or any other trip implementation this is directed to our contact at Distant Frontiers. In all instances your complaint will aim to be resolved locally with minimum distribution to the group and itinerary plans. If your complaint cannot be resolved locally, you must advise us in writing immediately on your return for resolution. In this instance your complaint would be dealt with under local law to Distant Frontiers. 


Please familiarise yourself with the local customs of India. Especially the more conservative culture, or religious ceremony customs. Guests who are deemed by our the trip hosts to be acting in a way that is inappropriate or in the local environment or towards the trip team, or other guests , or hotels staff, waiting staff or any other staff members delivering excellence on the trip, you will be requested to stop. If the inappropriate conduct continues our the trip host may be ask the guest to leave the trip.

Inappropriate conduct includes verbal abuse, gender based abuse, racial abuse, aggressive behaviour and violence, repeatedly disruptive behaviour, consuming excessive alcohol, consuming drugs of any type (which is not accepted whatsoever on this trip), sexual harassment, including sexual comments and unwanted touching.  

It also includes unwelcome behaviour that intimidates, offends or humiliates a person because of a particular personal characteristic such as age, race, gender, disability, religion or sexuality. No refund will be given in this circumstance and all costs for early departure must be met by the guest and you will be asked to leave the trip/group immediately. 


You are responsible for ensuring that you have a valid passport, any necessary visas and any necessary or required inoculations or other health requirements. You are responsible for arranging your own travel insurance which should cover you for the activities you plan to undertake and have adequate cover for travel delay, cancellation and curtailment, medical expenses and for your personal belongings. We recommend you take out travel insurance within 15 days of booking your trip. Travel insurance is mandatory for all of our trip and you will be asked to produce details 2 weeks before the trip.  If you do not produce the necessary information your place may be cancelled and no refund given. 

Available Packages

Previous India Participant Double/King
Available until September 24, 202210 left

This is a special discount for those who came on the India trip pre-pandemic in 2019. 

This is for a single person in your own luxury double/king room and bathroom throughout the trip in every hotel. 

Payment plan available. 

Thank you for rebooking! 

Deposit: £750
Two People Sharing Room Per Person
Available until September 24, 20224 left

This is the amount for a couple sharing the same double/king bed where a discount is applied. Please click amount "2" as this is the amount PER PERSON. 

We cannot guarantee twin beds in all hotels if needed. 

Payment Plan available. 

Obviously, for your internal domestic flights and all other activities you are considered two separate people with individual seats.  Both people participate in yoga. 

We do not pair unknown participants together and this is only for booking two people at once. 

Bringing your child under 5 years: 

In this category, children under 2 years old can travel free as long as they are on the parent's lap for flights. If a child seat is required, an additional fee is required (tbc). 

For a child below 2 years, a cot is provided in the room. 

For a child between 2-5 years, they would need to share the parent's bed. 

Deposit: £750
Single person with Child Over 12 years
Available until September 24, 20224 left

This package is if you are a single person with a child over 12 years old sharing the same room / bed or with an extra bed in the room. This is the price Per Person so you click "2" as the number. 

We welcome travellers who would like to bring their child over 12 years, but you are responsible for your child at all times, there are no kids clubs and no nannies. 

Perhaps your child will join in the yoga classes and all our excursions too. 

Below is the price per person, meaning, the price for you and the price for your child over 12. You must be sharing a room or a bed. Extra beds can be arranged at an additional cost not covered in this amount. 

Payment plan available. 

For a  couple bringing a child between 5-12, please contact us for Per Person costs. 

Deposit: £750
Single person double/king - payment plan
Available until August 24, 202210 left

This package is our main offering for this trip. 

You are a single person in your own luxury double or king bedroom and bathroom in each Taj Hotel. 

This includes everything noted in the trip description including evening meals. 

Please note, costs for all travel, hotels and domestic travel within India has risen considerably in the past 3 years since our last trip in 2019 (all over the world), so every payment has the option for a monthly payment plan to help you spread the trip cost. 

You are able to clear the payment in full at any time. 

Deposit: £750


Seva / Service
How we help others on this trip

Rishikesh - on the morning of our day in Rishikesh we will make a visit to Ramana's Children's Home, to offer an hour long workshop for the children here as we did on our last trip. The workshops offered will be based on the skills and interests of our trip participants: art, dance, yoga, storytelling, jewellery making, even a game of cricket, whatever you would like to offer the children from the home. 

A short time after the workshops we will have a group lunch nearby in a cafe before moving on to the rest of the days activities. See more info at:

Jaipur - We partner with Go Dharmic to offer a full day of Seva serving food and also helping Go Dharmic efforts with a local library for local children. See more info at

We also may offer a day of service at the Bal Ashram, outside Jaipur, depending on the current situation. Please read more about BBA / Kailash Satyarthi here:

We ask that everyone coming on the trip plan to be involved in the Seva, as our time and resources are real and have impact, no matter how small. 

Your Organizer

Claire Missingham
Claire began teaching yoga 22 years ago. Initially her yoga clients came from the film, TV + music industry: Neve Campbell, Minnie Driver, Katie Puckrick, Danny Huston, Natalie Imbuglia among others. Then in 2009 Claire opened the first Vinyasa Yoga Certified Teacher Training School in London and continues to train highly skilled, unique and deep thinking yoga teachers. Claire has written on yoga for Yoga Journal, Tatler, Grazia and Vogue, as well as leading retreats worldwide for 20 years. Her philosophy is to serve through yoga.