Climb Kilimanjaro 2022-2023 Rongai route 7 days

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

About this trip

 Explore Kilimanjaro Trek 2022-2023 via Umbwe route for 6 days itinerary with Africa Natural Tours,umbwe hiking route has a well-deserved reputation of being the most challenging route on Mount Kilimanjaro. Due to the fast gain in elevation to high altitude, this route does not provide the necessary stages for acclimatization. Although the number of people on this trail is very low, the chances of success are also low. Umbwe is considered to be very difficult, taxing route - one that should only be attempted by strong and experienced hikers who are confident in their ability to acclimatize quickly to altitude. On this route, approaching from the South direction, the Umbwe route is a short, steep and direct climb. After reaching Barranco campsite, the trail turns East and traverses underneath Kilimanjaro's Southern Ice Field on a path known as the Southern Circuit before summiting from Barafu. Descent from summit is made via the Mweka route. 

What’s included

  • Guide
  • Park Fees
  • Tax
  • Gate transfer
  • Crew wages
  • Environment fees
  • Flights
  • Tipping the crew
  • Visas


Day 1
Moshi to Rongai gate to Simba Camp

  • Rising: 1387/915m to 1950m to 2750m

 • Stretch: 9 km

 • Hiking Time: 4 hours

 • Habitat: Montana forest

Starting an early breakfast that followed with about 2-3 hours road trip towards Rongai gate 1,950m (6,398ft) which the trip will cut across many villages and coffee plantation. After signing in porters will be ready to hike with hickers on a wide path winding through fields of maize and potatoes heading montana forest, afterward trekking will continue gently while enjoying beautiful view of greenish forest consist of wildlife. As you move away of the forest towards Simba Camp 2,600m or 8,530ft with beautiful views over the Kenyan plains.