Cloud 9 Retreat

Aseredores, Nicaragua

Alwynn Taylor
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Feb 1 - 9, 2020
Group size: 1 - 8
Cloud 9 Retreat
Aseredores, Nicaragua

Alwynn Taylor
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Deposit: $400
Feb 1 - 9, 2020
Group size: 1 - 8

About this trip

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The moving body.

The moving mind.

Practice with purpose.

A peaceful, off grid and welcoming piece of paradise. This tranquil retreat is 8 nights and 9 days. Feb 1st - 9th 2020.

Cloud 9 Nicaragua

Envision yourself here. Misty cloud forests. Lush gardens.  Rich hues of red blended oranges, purples, and crimson sunsets.  

Hammock naps. Beach bum days. magnificent mountains.  Be prepared to have your spirit soar on this Cloud 9 Retreat. 

Open-hearted locals. Hummingbirds - crickets - dragon flys - volcanoes.  A true patchwork of natural beauty.


Located in Aseredores, Nicaragua, set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it is a Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes, and beaches.


Nestled in northern Nicaragua we will practice Pilates twice a day, sunrise and sunset on a platform known as a Yoga Rancho nestled amongst gardens, trees, and mountains. 


The menu for this retreat has been specially crafted to nurture your body. This is an alcohol-free retreat. The menu is fully plant-based and anti-inflammatory. All meals are prepared by our chef, nutritionist, and wellness professional Grace Van Berkum and her team. All of the meals are plant-based and locally sourced. The main club house has a fully equipped kitchen where cooking classes are offered. 

Gracious Living Oasis

GLO is a 1-acre, private retreat home handcrafted and built by locals. The main clubhouse has a full kitchen for all nutrition classes, a private movement rancho deck which also doubles as the community dining area for guests. GLO offers simple, clean three-bedroom cottage that sleeps 2 to a room, complete with: 

• 3 secured rooms with ceiling fans and individual bed fans

• A shared shower for 2 rooms, Private shower for Master room

• 6 beds (2 singles, 4 doubles)

• Private washrooms complete sink, toilet & running non-heated water

• Tiled floors

• Bedding/linens

• Filtered Colloidal Silver Infused water

• Unlimited herbal detox tea

• Wellness offerings (massage, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine treatments) available upon request 

• Private single room cabins are available upon request


GLO is in tropical nature, that means you will see bugs, spiders, ants around. They are more scared of you then you are of them so resign yourself to co-habit peacefully with your surroundings. 

We would best describe GLO as one step above “glamorous camping”. So if you are ok with that, you will be just fine! 

There is no hot water, but it is hot here so you will love your showers. They are not cold! They are just not hot. Very refreshing. 

Sometimes the power goes out (we live off-grid in nature). At this time we will put on candles and enjoy the adventures and our company. This only happens every few months. 

GLO is a wellness center focused on healing, recalibration, and reducing inflammation as quickly as possible. For this reason, we do NOT serve alcohol or condone the use of drugs. The underlying intention of GLO SelfCare Center is to help you reconnect with the real you so you can live your most empowered life possible. 

Cellular Nutrition

Cloud 9 and GLO are pleased to offer you rejuvenation, detoxification, and recalibration through our Level 1-5 “Cell Health” Plant-based nutrition.  Our Level 1-5 GLO “Cellular Nutrition” (RAW, VEGAN, PLANT-BASED, GLUTEN-FREE, SUGAR-FREE, ANTI-INFLAMMATORY Menu) 

Program descriptions:

“Beginner” Level 1 CELL HEALTH Menu:

Intro to Plantbased, Vegan Eating with raw & cooked fresh, vegan wholefoods. (no sugar, includes beans + gluten-free grains)

“Digestion Fire” Level 2 CELL HEALTH Menu:

Intro to Plantbased Eating with raw & cooked vegan wholefoods + digestive health drinks + superfoods. (no sugar, includes beans + gluten-free grains)

“Anti-Inflammatory Acceleration” Level 3 CELL HEALTH Menu:

All of the above + ayurvedic herbs. (no sugar, includes beans + gluten-free grains)

“ RAWCalibration” Level 4 CELL HEALTH Menu:

Completely rawfood/livefood vegan menu. (vegan ketogenic which means NO beans or gluten-free grains, no sugar)

“Ultimate Detoxification” Level 5 CELL HEALTH Menu:

This is a “no chew” menu for ultimate detoxification and healing. High plant protein, good fats,

anti-oxidant-rich liquids only to help repair gut quickly and release toxins quickly. Tonics, elixirs, smoothies, juices, wheatgrass, soups, and puddings are served. (vegan ketogenic in liquid form which means NO beans or gluten-free grains, no sugar)

**All GLO menus are designed to reduce inflammation, repair digestion, and support refined sugar detoxification.

**NO sugar, no chemicals, no gluten, no wheat, no soy is ever used in our GLO superfood kitchen.

You will be able to choose the GLO menu program that meets your comfort and goal levels. If you are not sure, we are here to help provide you with the best nutrition support & coaching.



Fly into Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport


Upon Arrival 

Bring $10 US which will be collected when your passport is stamped at customs 

NOTE: US $ is taken all over Nicaragua. 

The entry form for customs requires your destination. You are going to: AZUL NICARAGUA in Chinandega. Once I have received airport arrival times from everyone, I’ll make arrangements for shuttle service(s) and will send out an email with a schedule. A driver will be waiting for you outside the exit doors of the airport holding a “GLO” sign. Feel free to tip if the driver was excellent and helpful. The drive takes approximately 3-4 hours. Be sure to stay hydrated. 

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    8 nights, 9 days, Daily cleaning of rooms
  • Food
    3 super food plant based meals per day, 1 daily gut shot elixir, 1 daily power protein snack, Unlimited detox tea, morning nutrient dense coffee
  • Pilates & Meditation
    Daily Pilates & Meditation including aromatherapy, 1 block therapy class
  • Taxi Services
    1 per day to/from the beach.
  • SUP yoga with boat ride
    Stand up paddle board
  • Cooking Classes
    $40 for 2 cooking classes, 2 Nutrition classes (Best Balanced Smoothies, Detox Juices, Healthy Chocolate Making, Delicious Soups). All classes include materials, Q&A, and a nutrition lecture
  • Volcano Boarding
    $80 per person. Includes transportation and guide to/from the Volcano followed by a trip to the second largest city in Nicaragua, Leon.
  • Volcano Hike
    $70 per person. Volcano hike with transportation and guide.
  • Chinese Medicine
    $40 per person. Treatments to include acupuncture/cupping/Ayurvedic massage.
  • Massage
    $30-$50 per hour depending on the type of massage.
  • Flights & Transportation
    To and from GLO

Available Packages

Early Bird Reg (USD) - Double Occupancy
Available until Nov 08, 2019only 2 left

*Early bird pricing: Save 200 USD

Deposit: $400
Early Bird Reg (USD) - Single Occupancy
Available until Nov 08, 2019only 1 left
Deposit: $400
Regular Reg (USD) - Double Occupancy
Sold Out
Deposit: $400
Reg (USD) - Single Occupancy
Sold Out
Deposit: $400
Deposit: $400

Early Bird Reg (USD) - Double Occupancy
Past Trip


February 1
Arrival at Glo

Tour of the GLO property  

Welcome & meet greet  

Plant-based nutrient-dense dinner 

Wind down time 

Your Organizer

Alwynn Taylor
Alwynn possesses a love of movement, a passion she developed at an early age through studies in the performing arts. Alwynn's knowledge of movement stems from a background in teaching professional tennis, nationally and internationally. Alwynn embraces the practice of Pilates for the intrinsic mind-body connection, the graceful nature of the work and the challenging exercises that the classical repertoire is built upon. Alwynn's style of teaching is focused, patient and intuitive with a contemporary approach. She challenges oneself in