Cocktails & Spice: Baking and Bourbon

Virginia Beach, VA, USA

11 reviews
Dec 6, 2020
Group size: 1 - 18
Cocktails & Spice: Baking and Bourbon
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

11 reviews

Dec 6, 2020
Group size: 1 - 18

About this trip

*** Please Note: This is not a trip/tour.  This is a public, in-person event. ***

Cocktails & Spice is a spirit tasting/education and food pairing series.  Enjoy small plates prepared by a local Chef and three custom cocktails created by a spirit brand.  Entertainment will be provided by a local DJ.  The event will be limited to 18 people to allow for a more intimate experience. 

Details About This Event

Bourbon is a great addition to dessert! Baking and Bourbon will feature three food items (one savory and two dessert options) paired with three bourbon cocktails.   Your purchase includes three small plates and three cocktails. 

** Please Note: Nuts/Bacon may be served in one or more of the three dishes. 

Event Date: Sunday, December 6, 2020

Event Location: Gather (Virginia Beach Town Center)

Event Address: 249 Central Park Avenue (3rd Floor), Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Event Start Time: 5:00 P.M.

Event End Time: 7:00 P.M.

Event Theme: Baking and Bourbon

Feature Spirit: Bourbon

Featured Chef: Chef Claire Martinez

Chef Catering Company: SilverSpoon Bakery 

Chef Background: Chef C.C. (Claire) Martinez has owned and operated Silver Spoon Bakery and Gourmet Gifts for over ten years.  She developed her love of baking as a child with her Easy-Bake Oven and is now best known for her luxury pound cakes, artisan cupcakes, and her special occasion and wedding cakes.

While custom and wedding cakes are all unique and made to order, there are always an assortment of treats in the shop.  You will find a variety of cupcakes, and more often than not, you’ll find a few pound cakes (try the lemon!), bread pudding, brownies and bars, krispy rice treats, cake pops, and maybe even some chocolate covered bacon.

Cancellation Policy

All payments are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another trip/tour/event or another person.  

Terms and Conditions

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Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact us at (757) 805-5759.

What’s included

  • Food
    Three Small Plates
  • Drinks
    Three Cocktails

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The Pack Roadtrip Travel Club
11 reviews
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For $200, I excited to finally see the ponies crossing the river, but didn't find out until I was on the boat that it had been canceled this year. Only a few horses grazing on the bank. I was disappointed that the Crab feast served menu items only one at a time in small boats. I purchased the "pineapple" drink the DJ repeatedly advertised. I was surprised that the one drink was $30!! For that price, I expected one of those large obnoxious drinks that could be shared. But it turned out to be a pineapple "pina colada" for one. Worse, for dramatic effect, they served the shot of alcohol separately in huge syringe! When I tried to add the alcohol, it couldn't penetrate the thick liquid already in the cup, so the drink immediately overflowed spilling all of the shot onto the table. When I complained to the waitress, she was informed by the bartender that it was not their fault, meaning I was charged $30 for a virgin drink. One of the other diners asked to see the manager. The manager repeated that it wasn't their fault that the drink did not absorbed the side shot. Furthermore, she asked the where about of the syringe 3 times--which was obviously more important than the visible puddle of alcohol on the table--to which she was informed 3 times, by myself and other diners, that the busboy took it with the table scraps. I told her that for $30, I should not have had to mix my own drink, otherwise there should have been room left in the glass for the extra liquid. Finally, she brought me another shot of "something" but in a glass. Lastly, after an exhausting day, I had the privilege of sitting directly in front of the only loud talkers on the bus, whose disregard for the comfort other passengers. When they began to sing, another passenger loudly cleared her throat. They laughed and exchanged tales stretching from their relatives to what kind of pornograpy they liked (LITERALLY!!). Otherwise, it was just good to get out.
By Melanie J for 2021 Summer Getaway Assateague Island & The Crab Place Feast Bus Trip on 02 Aug, 2021
I just wanted to try something different. I didn’t know what to expect. What are the venues going to be like? Who are the other travelers? (We’ll be stuck together ALL DAY.) Hands down… I was not disappointed. Our trip was worth the money spent. Good food, good people and great vibes!
By Sharise D for 2021 Summer Getaway Assateague Island & The Crab Place Feast Bus Trip on 01 Aug, 2021
Great trip! I learned about Harriet Tubman's early life experiences that prepared her to be a successful conductor on the underground railroad. I also learned that living on the water and there being so much marsh land, the slaves had a different experience than those who lived further south and inland and learned a different skill set. After emancipation, they used those skills to build a thriving community with a school, hospital, businesses, and owned their own land and homes. Then there is the sad, too often repeated, story of how it was taken from them. There are two museums - one sponsored my the community and the other by the National Parks Commission. Both are worth visiting. After the history lesson, there was the crab feast which also featured chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, Cole slaw, and baked beans. Alex, Lisa, and extended family members were personable and hospitable. Alex and Lisa have grown up and lived In the Cambridge area all their lives and it is quite evident that they are proud of its history. I have eagerly told my friends about this trip and three immediately tried to register for the August trip, but there was only seat left! I plan to go again because it it too much to absorb in one trip and I want to take my granddaughter.
By LYDIA A for Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Experience Bus Tour & Crab Feast on 09 Jul, 2021
Great trip and host. I learned so much on the tour. Everyone traveling was friendly and courteous. The bus driver was great. Helped me off and on the bus each time and was pleasant. Not enough leg room for the bus when sitting upright. I had to swing my legs in aisle to be comfortable. Andrea was great. Otherwise crab feast was just awesome and the place we had it at were so nice. Food was good. Would recommend trip.
By Patricia P for Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Experience Bus Tour & Crab Feast on 06 Jul, 2021
Awesome experience!!! Educational destination, great company and delicious food.
By Dellareese T for Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Experience Bus Tour & Crab Feast on 06 Jul, 2021
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