Cocktails & Spice: Ethio-Rican Fusion

Virginia Beach, VA, USA

9 reviews
Dec 5, 2020
Group size: 1 - 18
Cocktails & Spice: Ethio-Rican Fusion
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

9 reviews

Dec 5, 2020
Group size: 1 - 18

About this trip

*** Please Note: This is not a trip/tour.  This is a public, in-person event. ***

Cocktails & Spice is a spirit tasting/education and food pairing series.  Enjoy small plates prepared by a local Chef and three custom cocktails created by a spirit brand.  Entertainment will be provided by a local DJ.  The event will be limited to 18 people to allow for a more intimate experience. 

Details About This Event

Get ready for an flavor explosion with Ethio-Rican (Ethiopian-Puerto Rican) Fusion cuisine theme night. You are probably wondering what exactly is Ethio-Rican fusion cuisine.  Staple spices and herbs of each cuisine are taken and combined into a unique spice blend.   When paired with Cognac, it can create a stunning tasting combination.  Your purchase includes three small plates and three cocktails. 

** Please Note: Seafood will be served in one or more of the three dishes. 

Event Date: Saturday, December 5, 2020

Event Location: Gather (Virginia Beach Town Center)

Event Address: 249 Central Park Avenue (3rd Floor), Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Event Start Time: 5:00 P.M.

Event End Time: 7:00 P.M.

Event Theme: Ethiopian-Puerto Rican Fusion

Feature Spirit: Cognac

Featured Chef: Chef Gevena Johnson

Chef Catering Company: nineDnine Confections

Chef Background: Chef Geneva Johnson, Owner and executive chef of nineDnine's Confections, over 12 years in the culinary field. Her love affair with food began when she saw Jacques Torres, a French Chocolatier, make amazing sculptures and decedent desserts out of chocolate. This inspired her to become a pastry chef. 

After working receiving her Associate’s in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute and Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management with a concentration in advanced culinary from Stratford University, she started nineDnine’s, a personal chef and catering service in Virginia Beach, VA.  Her company's name is derived from the nickname of her older brother, Jordan Wayne (aka "99"). In 2004, he was killed. The company was named in his honor.  Today, Chef Johnson is extremely well known for her unique confections and has clients all over the world. 

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What’s included

  • Food
    Three Small Plates
  • Drinks
    Three Cocktails

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9 reviews
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Great trip! I learned about Harriet Tubman's early life experiences that prepared her to be a successful conductor on the underground railroad. I also learned that living on the water and there being so much marsh land, the slaves had a different experience than those who lived further south and inland and learned a different skill set. After emancipation, they used those skills to build a thriving community with a school, hospital, businesses, and owned their own land and homes. Then there is the sad, too often repeated, story of how it was taken from them. There are two museums - one sponsored my the community and the other by the National Parks Commission. Both are worth visiting. After the history lesson, there was the crab feast which also featured chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, Cole slaw, and baked beans. Alex, Lisa, and extended family members were personable and hospitable. Alex and Lisa have grown up and lived In the Cambridge area all their lives and it is quite evident that they are proud of its history. I have eagerly told my friends about this trip and three immediately tried to register for the August trip, but there was only seat left! I plan to go again because it it too much to absorb in one trip and I want to take my granddaughter.
By LYDIA A for Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Experience Bus Tour & Crab Feast on 09 Jul, 2021
Great trip and host. I learned so much on the tour. Everyone traveling was friendly and courteous. The bus driver was great. Helped me off and on the bus each time and was pleasant. Not enough leg room for the bus when sitting upright. I had to swing my legs in aisle to be comfortable. Andrea was great. Otherwise crab feast was just awesome and the place we had it at were so nice. Food was good. Would recommend trip.
By Patricia P for Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Experience Bus Tour & Crab Feast on 06 Jul, 2021
Awesome experience!!! Educational destination, great company and delicious food.
By Dellareese T for Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Experience Bus Tour & Crab Feast on 06 Jul, 2021
I had a great time. Harriet Tubman Tours is a fine outfit. Mr. Green was full of information. His wife heads a talented catering team with great food. Thank you Andrae and Preston !!
By Cecilia S for Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Experience Bus Tour & Crab Feast on 05 Jul, 2021
Had a good time, learned a lot more about Miss Tubman and her journey to freedom and people she helped.
By Sylvia S for Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Experience Bus Tour & Crab Feast on 05 Jul, 2021
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