Cold Water Wonders at God's Pocket Resort

      Port Hardy, BC, Canada

      Blue Planet Scuba
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      136 reviews
      Aug 27 - Sep 2, 2022
      Group size: 12 - 12
      Cold Water Wonders at God's Pocket Resort
      Port Hardy, BC, Canada

      Blue Planet Scuba
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      136 reviews

      Aug 27 - Sep 2, 2022
      Group size: 12 - 12

      About this trip

      Join Blue Planet for our first adventure diving the cooler waters of the Pacific Northwest! We have been waiting years to put this trip together, and now you can finally join us to explore Browning Pass and see its incredible marine life. This trip alone should be motivation to get your drysuit certification and log some cold water dives!

      God's Pocket & Browning Pass 

      This little slice of divers' heaven sits in a small cove on Hurst Island, a wooded wonderland in British Columbia. The area is known for cold, green water and strong currents which sustain prolific marine life of all kinds -- varieties of fish, huge anemones, urchins, crabs, sea stars and all manner of nudibranchs. Plus wolf eels, Giant Pacific octopus, sea lions and more! We'll swim through kelp forests and along walls absolutely covered in life. It's a photographer's paradise both below and above water. 

      The Diving

      Minimum dive certification/experience: Drysuit certification and cold water experience required! Enriched Air/Nitrox certification also recommended. Most of the diving along walls with free ascents and descents, currents, variable visibility, etc.

      The currents make the diving challenging, and it requires strong local expertise to drop you in at the right time and the right place. Fortunately the crew at God's Pocket are experts on diving the area and will make a custom plan for our trip to match the weather, tides & currents.

      We'll have 5 full days of diving with the opportunity to go out on 3 boat dives daily. Dives are typically 45 minutes to an hour long to match the slack tides, and when you’re done you’ll be hoisted up on the boat's dive elevator without having to take off a single fin.

      Our package include the use of a 85 cubic foot LP steel tank and weights. All other gear you'll need to bring with you, including a dive computer and SMB. Nitrox (32%) is also available on site. 

      Other Activities

      If you have time between diving, there's kayaking, hiking, shore walks and wildlife viewing, including whale watching. Or curl up with a book and relax in the sun. 

      God's Pocket Resort

      God's Pocket Resort, operating for over 25 years, is a land-based diving location for cold-water divers of all levels. Accessible only by boat, it is a secluded wilderness spot surrounded by forested islands and the waterways of the Queen Charlotte Strait. Divers come to God’s Pocket to see and experience beautiful things in their natural settings, from whales and dolphins to tiny sculpins and tube worms.

      Nestled in a protected bay, this rustic resort is immersed in nature. You will have access to National Geographic-style experiences, while enjoying a cozy space with a warm shower in every room and a home cooked meal on the dinner table.

      Their cook makes three healthy meals a day to keep you rejuvenated during your stay. There are heated, double occupancy bedrooms with an ensuite bathroom.  


      We will fly into Vancouver (YVR) and then either charter a bus or fly to Port Hardy. An overnight may be required in Port Hardy to ensure we make the boat to the resort on August 27th. Same goes for the return on September 2nd. We'll share more details as we get closer to the trip dates. Please email or call the shop before booking any flights!   

      Cancellation Policy

      Upon cancellation of a reservation for any reason, the refund of the deposit and payments made or due will be contingent upon Blue Planet reselling the participant's reservation. Any refund may also be subject to a $250 cancellation fee and payment of any non-refundable fees imposed by the tour company, dive operator or any other contractor associated with the trip. 

      Dive accident insurance is required for all divers on this trip. We strongly recommend travel insurance to protect your vacation investment. Contact us if you need more information. 

      What’s included

      • 6 nights accommodation
        Double occupancy
      • 15 boat dives
        5 days of diving with 3 dives a day
      • Shore diving
        Off the resort's dock
      • All meals
        On-site at the resort
      • Taxes, etc.
        All taxes
      • Flights
        flights to Vancouver or Port Hardy
      • Scuba equipment
        Only tanks and weights included; rental gear available from Blue Planet
      • Tips
        Tips for the dive shop's excellent crew

      Available Packages

      Double Occupancy

      *Please note pricing is in Canadian dollars. Credit Card is the only payment option.* Double occupancy in room with 2 beds or 1 queen bed. Each room includes an en-suite bathroom. 

      Deposit: C$1,000

      Available options

      Your Organizer

      Blue Planet Scuba
      136 reviews
      Blue Planet is a different kind of scuba diving organization — aimed at providing the best education and experiences to divers in the Washington, DC area and beyond, while harnessing the excitement and adventure of scuba diving to help protect our fragile oceans.


      Trips with Blue Planet continue to amaze! The Sea of Cortez liveaboard was great value for the money- comfortable rooms, friendly and capable crew, and highly enjoyable diving. There are lots of moving parts re: a liveaboard and Blue Planet consistently provides excellent support. I highly recommend any and all of their trips!
      By Andy M for Sea of Cortez Liveaboard on Nov 12, 2023
      Jen is a fantastic trip leader! She really made the trip great! She made everything easy. Thank you!
      By Dee B for St Croix: Escape to the US Virgin Islands on Oct 22, 2023
      Hi Dee! Thanks so much for joining us, we enjoyed adventuring with you. Hope to sea you on another trip soon!
      By Blue Planet Scuba on Oct 22, 2023
      Another wonderful trip with Blue Planet! Thank you so much for coordinating a day with Dr. German Mendez and the Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program as well as setting up an opportunity for us to volunteer with baby sea turtle hatchlings. Helping to plant coral and release baby turtles into the ocean was truly life changing. Oh and I guess the diving was pretty good too. 😉 Thanks again BP! Looking forward to the next one.
      By Kristin D for September Certification Weekend in Cozumel on Oct 19, 2023
      Another great Blue Planet trip in the books!!! This was a very laid back and relaxing destination, I enjoyed every minute of it! Our trip leader Jen was awesome she was on top of everything and kept us informed!!! Cane Bay diving was great! The whole crew was very nice, communicated with everyone and was very friendly. I felt like I had already knew them, made me feel very welcomed! The topside events was fun, including the underwater pumpkin carving which I've never carved a pumpkin before and was able to do it Looking forward to our next adventure together some where around the world!
      By MICHELLE S for St Croix: Escape to the US Virgin Islands on Oct 17, 2023
      Thanks for joining another Blue Planet adventure, Michelle. We are so glad you had a great time and congrats on your 300 dive milestone. Sea you again soon!
      By Blue Planet Scuba on Oct 17, 2023
      This was my Open Diver certification weekend in Conzumel. It was a lot of fun and relaxing, at the same time, hanging out with an amazing group of people. The Resort and the restaurants that we visited during the trip were great (Wet Wendy's - Ask for Alex). Cozumel and the Dive Paradise shop was a perfect setting to complete the training under exceptional Blue Planet instruction and guidance. The training gave me the knowledge and confidence to continue my trip to Costa Rica and dive with family. I really can't express the value I received from my dive certification and my first diving experiences with Blue Planet. Special "Thanks" to Anthony and Joe. A+++++++
      By Jason S for September Certification Weekend in Cozumel on Oct 16, 2023
      So glad you had such a great time, Jason! You were a great student and it was a pleasure having you with us. We can’t wait for the many more adventures to come!
      By Blue Planet Scuba on Oct 19, 2023
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