Colombia road trip 2021

Bogota to Medellin

About this trip

10 day road trip from Bogota to Medellin full with activities and unique experiences.


- Visiting the paramo of Colombia, an unique ecosistem

- Enjoying hot springs at 13.000ft

- Staying at accommodations that makes a difference

- No internal flight. Visiting the special places by road

- Activities for multigeneration families


Day 1 & 2

In the Andes, at 8530 ft altitude, we find Colombia's capital, Bogotá, with an estimated 9 million inhabitants. With residents from all around the globe and a thriving cultural scene, Bogotá is a city that a lot to offer. The metropolis has several museums, such as the Gold Museum, the National Museum and the Botero Museum, where you can immerse yourself in Colombian history and culture. In addition, Bogotá is known for its graffiti street art. Amazing murals that often portray a political or historical message can be found throughout the city. Bogotá is also a popular city among cycling enthusiasts: nowhere else in Latin America will you find more bike paths in the city, and consequently the bicycle is a frequently seen means of transport. Most travellers go to the Candelaria district, the beautiful colonial centre of Bogota where it is enjoyable to stroll around the sloping streets with their colourful colonial houses. To the north, there are more posh, modern neighbourhoods, with world-class restaurants, as well as cocktail bars and cafés.

Learn more about the history of Bogota during the citytour at the Bogota's historic centre, La Candelaria, the famous Gold Museum as well as the Botero, Colombia's most famous artist, Museum. Or make a Bike Tour which will also bring you to the biggest market with fruit from all over Colombia and many other local products from Colombia, enjoy the grafity scene of Colombia and visit a local coffee roasting house.

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