Ouray Colorado Level 3 Training

      Ouray, CO, USA

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      20 reviews
      Sep 7 - 8, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 17
      Ouray Colorado Level 3 Training
      Ouray, CO, USA

      • Email address verified
      20 reviews

      Sep 7 - 8, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 17

      About this trip

      Level 3 Training will be held in Ouray, CO September 7-8.

      Level 3 Advanced Training

      You don’t have to aspire to ride like Chris Birch to take our Level III Training, but you do need a strong desire to perfect your riding techniques. You must also take our Level II Training as a prerequisite to this class. Offered exclusively at our location in breathtaking Ouray, CO and taught by West 38 Moto Founder and Chief Training Instructor, Dusty Wessels, this 2-day training class builds on the mastery of clutch, brake, and throttle control, and further expands on proper body positioning and understanding weight transfer at both low and higher speeds on dirt and gravel.

      Level III Training is for advanced riders who are also life-long learners and want to keep their skills sharp for every riding season.  This class is also a great for advanced riders who simply want a good refresher each year.  Want to make it an even better experience? Pair it up with our Beyond Training Advanced Immersion Tour immediately following this class, allowing you to practice your skills under Dusty’s watchful eye while riding some of the most technical and scenic backcountry routes in the country.

      What’s included

      • 2 Full Days of Training
      • Group Campsite
        Bathrooms and showers are available. See Itinerary below for more inclusions.
      • Post Training Q&A
        Relaxed group chats and specific clinics about riding apparel, bike protection, camping gear, tools, gps and phone navigation, preparing to ride a BDR route and more!
      • Permits
        We have all the necessary private and public land permits required for training and riding.

      What’s not included

      • Motorcycle
        You must have your own motorcycle. We do not rent motorcycles. We are happy to assist you with a recommendation to a local rental company.

      Available Packages

      2 Day Training
      Sold Out
      Deposit: $250
      Refund Policy Information Only
      REFUND POLICY Information Only


      • If you cancel 14 days before event: FULL REFUND
      • If you cancel after 14 days before event: DEPOSIT FORFEIT
      • Full amount due 1 month prior to event
      • Option to roll balance into a future event
      • If you cancel 30 days before event: FULL REFUND
      • If you cancel after 30 days before event: DEPOSIT FORFEIT
      • Full amount due 45 days prior to event
      • Option to roll balance into a future event


      CO Training Itinerary
      2 Day Training
      • We like to camp during our events! It’s a fun way to keep the camaraderie going. The crew will have reservations at the Ouray KOA.
      • If you are not into camping, additional local lodging options will be shared upon booking.
      • Training will be Saturday and Sunday from roughly 9-5. 
      • Nightly reservations will be made at local restaurants to keep the camaraderie going!
      • All lodging and meals are at your own expense.
      • Meetup Option – Friday evening prior to the event we will meet at a local restaurant for dinner and drinks. Exact meet up location will be shared upon booking. 
      • If you are arriving on Saturday, specific meeting time and place will be shared upon booking.

      Your Organizer

      20 reviews
      This is your event. We are here to help you succeed in your own way. West38Moto offers a different experience than other off-road motorcycle training and tour companies. We recognize that not everyone functions well outside their comfort zone, while others want to be pushed out if it. People learn at different speeds, in distinctive ways, and will reach individualized goals. Because everyone has to start somewhere, our focus is on teaching off-road fundamentals at your pace and expanding the size of your comfort zone.


      Incredible instructors, awesome training. Had a great time and learned more than I could have imagined.
      By Sean I for Northern Colorado Level 2 Training on Jun 14, 2024
      Although I have owned an Adventure motorcycle for over 20 years, substantially all of my riding experience had been riding on the street. I decided that it was time to expand my riding horizon to include offroad riding as well and I began to research (primarily through YouTube and website searches) various training programs. West38Moto stood out to me as the perfect fit...and it certainly turned out to be a tremendous experience. The location, instructors and classmates were outstanding. Two days of working on the fundamentals while being encouraged by very experienced coaches, followed by a day long training ride with instructors to apply what we had learned was a very effective course structure. (If you have the time, i highly recommend the day long training ride). I'm really looking forward to attending the level II training to further advance my riding skills. Many thanks to Dusty and his team of coaches, especially John, Brian and Colin.
      By Stephen H for Northern Colorado Level 1 Training on Jun 12, 2024
      I recently took West 38 Moto’s Level 2 adventure motorcycle class, which was an incredible experience. This class significantly improved both my riding skills and confidence when navigating off-road terrains on big adventure motorcycles. The curriculum was well-structured, and Level 2 catered to riders with prior experience riding off-road motorcycles (they offer Level 1 if you don’t – which I previously took). The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and extremely skilled. They provided clear, practical instructions and personalized feedback, ensuring everyone made progress. Their passion for off-road riding and teaching is evident, which made the learning process engaging and fun. Not only that, but the laid-back environment put me at ease, making it easy to focus on learning and improving. The environment was supportive and encouraging, which added to the overall positive experience. The class focuses on exactly what you need to know to ride the trail, and not on trivial things you’ll never use. We covered various techniques essential for off-road riding, such as handling the bike in slow tight turns, navigating steep inclines and declines, mastering tight turns on uneven terrain, and many more essential skills. Each exercise was designed to build our confidence and competence progressively. I rode several thousand miles through several states to do a BDR ride and found it to be an almost impossible ride. At the time I legitimately thought about quitting riding adventure motorcycles, I almost convinced myself I just didn’t have the off-road riding skills. But I decided to take a few courses from West 38 Moto (Level 1 and now Level 2) to give it one last try before throwing in the towel. I can't recommend West 38 Moto enough, it transformed my ability to ride off-road and made me a better on-road rider too. For anyone looking to learn how to properly ride off-road motorcycles, or just enhance their off-road motorcycle riding abilities, West 38 Moto is the place to do it. If you take the instruction seriously, pay attention, put in the effort, and are willing to learn you'll find immense value in the expert instruction and practical experience offered. A special thanks to the West 38 Moto Team. I’ll see you all for Level 3 in 2025.
      By Jason R for Northern Colorado Level 2 Training on Jun 05, 2024
      I had a great time learning off-road skills and still can’t believe how much have I improved over only three days. I couldn’t be happier and strongly recommend the course. Will be back next year for the Level 2 training.
      By Dimiter A for Northern Colorado Level 1 Training on Jun 05, 2024
      Just finished the AZ BDR tour with ADV—absolutely epic! The guides were top-notch, and the whole experience was unforgettable. Can't wait to join more tours with them. Highly recommend!
      By Mehdi D for 6 Day AZ/UT BDR Camping Tour on May 30, 2024
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