Come Home to YourSELF: Ladies Healing Adventure + Surf Retreat

Playa Gigante - Nicaragua

Room to Roam
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Dec 3 - 10, 2021
Group size: 1 - 20
Come Home to YourSELF: Ladies Healing Adventure + Surf Retreat
Playa Gigante - Nicaragua

Room to Roam
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7 reviews

Dec 3 - 10, 2021
Group size: 1 - 20

About this trip

Escape to a tropical beachy village on the Pacific Coast of Southern Nicaragua!  Let this all-inclusive experience get you off the beaten path with ease and stay comfortable at our 4-star beachside boutique hotel.  

From this beautiful space of adventure and support, dive into the transformative wellness journey lead by Yoga Therapist and Holistic Wellness Coach Paleena, Transformational Breathwork and Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner Karen Winter, and Neuroscience Physical Therapist and consciousness coach Cathleen King.

When we have a sacred container to dive  and explore beyond the surface of our fears, the roots of those fears are brought to the surface/illuminated.  Here we are empowered with new choices to unwind and unravel habitual patterns that are no longer serving our highest vibration/version of our SELF.  

Imagine it’s like a tree that’s fallen in our path, we just need a map to illuminate the paths that we can’t already see.  

For the unknown to unfold in magical ways It takes courage, trust and the willingness to show up for your own SELF.  You cannot change what you’re not willing to dive below the surface and explore. 

If you have a tenancy to hold back from fears, trauma, self doubt or negative self talk this sacred container was designed just for you.  Braving the depths of our inner Ocean will empower you with new tools to ride both your life waves and Mother Ocean’s Waves with more grace, ease and Joy!

Transformational Breathwork

Transformational Breathing is a self-empowering and dynamically powerful healing process that utilizes a high vibrational energy force created by a specific breathing pattern. The three levels of transformational breathing will allow you to breathe better, have more energy, feel more peaceful and ultimately attain higher levels of consciousness. Learn how to use your breath to access your electromagnetic field at the cellular level and create permanent healing and transformation.  

The first level will open and expand your breathing so that you have more energy and support for your body's natural healing abilities.  

The second level works on healing traumas and negativity in your subconscious mind such as unexpressed emotions, negative beliefs, old tapes and past memories. 

The first two levels enable you to utilize the third level of breath work which is consciously connecting with our higher aspects of conscious reality and self. 

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower essences are homeopathically prepared from the blooms of plants bushes and trees. They are energetic remedies that work to stimulate your vital life force. These remedies work on every level to permanently heal instead of mask symptoms. The remedies flood your body with beautiful vibrations of your highest nature. These are completely safe, non-toxic and have no side effects. 

Somatic Movement THerapy

 You will be guided to explore new patterns of movement that free your body from what has become automatic.  It’s a fact that how you're moving now is from years of practice.  So to unwind these patterns we practice new patterns of movement. 

Brain Rewiring Attunement

Cathleen King will be offering guided brain rewiring attunements, a revolutionary technique combining neuroscience and quantum healing principles.  A brain rewiring attunement allows for memory reconsolidation to rewrite our deeply held emotional and behavior patterns that are limiting us from bringing our True Self fully into the world.

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    7 nights in either Single or Double Occupancy options in our comfortable rooms equipped with Hot Water, A/C, and WiFi in all rooms.
  • Airport Shuttle
    Roundtrip transportation between airport and retreat. Easy, Safe, and Coordinated for you.
  • Food
    4 local, fresh, + healthy meals daily from our onsite Palapa Restaurant, Dietary Restrictions can be accommodated
  • Daily Somatic Movement
    With Paleena
  • Breathwork
    2 Transformational Breathwork Sessions with Karen
  • Custom Bach Flower
    Customized therapeutic Bach Flower Remedy blended by Karen
  • Rewiring Attunements
    Cathleen will be offering guided brain rewiring attunements, a revolutionary technique combining neuroscience and quantum healing principles. A brain rewiring attunement allows for memory reconsolida
  • San Juan Del Sur Trip
    Full day trip to zipline amonst the canopy overlooking San Juan Del Sur, bayfront lunch, and a surf adventure outside of Gigante
  • Daily Surf Trips
    With local, pro guides for the best spots.
  • All Surfboard Rentals
    over 30 Boards in our quiver
  • Travel Insurance
    We can help you navigate any requirements or recommendations to protect yourself while traveling.
  • Optional Gratuity
    Did you love your experience and want to say thanks to the staff? We split all tips evenly amongst our local staff of 14 people.
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    We invite you to use this week to truly connect inward with clarity of mind and connection to the moment. However, if you do choose to consume any alcohol, we will just add to your tab, no judgement!

Available Packages

Double Occupancy
11 left

Our double rooms are equipped with 2 single beds (can also request a single queen), side table/desk, built in dresser, blackout shades, hot water shower with treated water, and refreshing A/C. 

Deposit: $500
Single Occupancy
6 left

 Our private single  rooms are equipped with a queen size bed, side table/desk, built in dresser, blackout shades, hot water shower with treated water, and refreshing A/C. 

Deposit: $500

Your Organizer

Room to Roam
7 reviews
Room to Roam is an all-inclusive retreat service provider focused on enjoying locations off the beaten path while keeping the experience accessible and easy to navigate. Not only do we streamline, simplify, and take care of the retreat planning process for wellness leaders, we keep the travel experience safe, reliable, and consistent with guided support every step of the way.


Not only was the purpose of the trip - the fitness and wellness portion put on by Nicole Hansult, our coach- well organized and rewarding, but the rest, relaxation, and side trips were second to none. I didn’t even notice the 30% of the time that I had to divert for work! After spending most of my life traveling continuously worldwide, this was one of the most pleasant trips I’ve ever taken, highly relaxing, and with the best camaraderie throughout - not only with the group I went with, but with the staff and even other locals. After 40+ countries visited across more than 600 trips (maybe even many more), both business and personal, during the past 35 years, I can say this trip was among the top-rated and most enjoyable.
By Alan K for Total Body Reset in Nicaragua on 28 Sep, 2021
My friend and I decided to join this retreat with no expectations...we just packed a bunch of bikinis and went for it. Little did we know we were embarking on a life changing trip that would rank as one of the best of our lives. The resort was storybook...perfect indoor/outdoor living, pool, hammocks, a full quiver, icy A/C in our rooms, and a warm friendly staff like no other. The food was a highlight...pure, fresh, and local and my body never felt better. Located across from the beach in a quiet part of town, this is the ultimate getaway. When we arrived we were so excited and said this could rank in the top 10 of our world travels, and by the end we had ranked it #1. We will be back.
By Kelley S for Yoga + Surf + Chill on 28 Jul, 2021
I had a wonderful time at RoomtoRoam in Nicaragua. Kate and Chance are amazing! It was a perfect mix of sight seeing, surfing, yoga, and relaxation. The accommodations, pool, food, air conditioning was fantastic! The staff was amazing! I will definitely be going back soon.
By Lindsey S for Nicaragua Summer Surf and Yoga Trips on 25 Jul, 2021
I felt completely relaxed for my weeks stay. Breath work/sound wave healing & yoga classes could not have been better. The staff was delightful and the food first rate. The help Room to Roam owners Chance and Kate provided with all aspects of travel arrangements was the best I’ve ever experienced. Kudos to Room to Roam for making this vacation the best ever!
By Mary C for Breathe. Heal. Play. on 14 Jun, 2021
Wow! I had An amazing to with Room to Roam Retreats. I can't say this enough or tell you enough how this trip had changed my life. Definitely didn't expect this trip to be life changing. I don't travel alone much, But Kate and her staff welcomed me home with open arms. Answering all my non-stop questioning and motivated me to have fun. This might sound bizarre but I don't usually do things for myself let alone by myself, but Room to Roam guided me along every step of the way to Nicaragua, during my stay, and back home. Thank you.
By LARRY G for Yoga + Surf + Chill on 14 Jun, 2021
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