COME HOME WITH MICHELLE- A Journey to Wholeness

Accra, Ghana

MMH Tours
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 10 - 20
COME HOME WITH MICHELLE- A Journey to Wholeness
Accra, Ghana

MMH Tours
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 10 - 20

About this trip


After years of living in America and traveling back and forth to Ghana on a regular basis to visit my father, I made the decision to move to Ghana. That’s right! All my earthly possessions along with my dogs, three of them, were packed in a matter of three weeks after the decision was made and I’ve never regretted following where I feel God pointed.

Now I want to share with you everything I’ve fallen in love with. The sights and sounds, the people, the food, the art and fashion, the music, the atmosphere! But most of all the sense of wholeness I feel in this place. I felt it the first time I came—a familiarity I couldn’t explain. It was as if I had returned to my original home, my original self… it healed me. I know you will feel the same way too. 

Join me for, not just a journey, but an experience! This is not your typical tour. I’ve thoughtfully laid out a plan that promises to enrich, empower and transform you. And I will be with you every step of the way!

From the rich historic sights to the eclectic mix of old and new world culture, and breath-taking nature, along with a soul searching session with me I promise this will be a life changing journey back to you. 

And let’s not forget the fabulous shopping, delicious food, jaw dropping fashion and art! Ghana awaits you and you will never be the same after a visit. This is not the Africa you’ve been told about! So come--- Come Home with Michelle!


Ghana is considered one of the jewels of Africa. A peaceful Democratic nation that is considered one of the fastest growing economies in the world, it has become an inviting beacon and major tourist attraction. The Year of Return, a tribute to the end of the 400 year slave trade, opened the door to a barrage of celebrities and visitors from around the world that have not stopped coming. Opportunities for business, trade and purchasing real estate have attracted those in search of a greater quality of life. Who knows? Your visit may be the beginning of a new life for you!


Michelle is the sister/friend everyone wishes they had. Her personable, down to earth spirit makes travel and touring effortless and fun!! When are the dates? I’m coming back, y’all! --Angela Rye, CEO Impact Strategies, Attorney, Political Commentator on CNN, Political Analyst on NPR

"When I went to Ghana in 2019, Michelle was instrumental in making my trip a huge success. This tour will be invaluable to any visitor desiring to truly experience one of the Crown Jewels in the Motherland." --Roland Martin, Host/Managing Editor of Roland Martin Unfiltered, Political Analyst & Commentator


There is no better way to visit Ghana other than with Michelle McKinney Hammond.  Not only does she have the right connections to give you a VIP experience, you will leave with a sincere love for Ghana and it’s rich culture, fashion, history, and beauty.  From the dining, entertainment and shopping of Accra to historical Dutch slave ports and beaches of Cape Coast, she knows it all intimately.  Michelle truly provides a five-star experience you won’t soon forget and a yearning to go back “home” again and again. -- Peggy Austin, Founder & CEO, GoldStar Communications, Chicago, IL, USA

My first experience visiting Ghana was at the invitation of Michelle McKinney Hammond! And what an amazing time I had! Michelle is the optimal host… She knows everyone from the church folks to the president! The shopping was absolutely spectacular, and the food was phenomenal! Don’t miss this opportunity to come home with Michelle! 

--Dr. Teresa Hairston, Publisher/Emeritus “Gospel Today” Magazine, Founder Gospel Heritage Foundation Writer, Writing Coach

In 2012, I was privileged to “Come Home with Michelle” to Ghana, West Africa. I was turning 60 and wanted to do something extraordinary for my birthday. The trip was out of this world.  We toured the Nkrumah’s Mausoleum, the Art Center, and the slave dungeons at Cape Coast. We shopped at the Market, where we purchased Kente’ cloth and (the name of the fabric shop, where we bought fabric to be crafted into beautiful designer pieces by Vanessa Harrison. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, we partied at the Jazz Bar +232. I will never forget turning 60, thanks to Michelle! --Dr. Cynthia L. Hale, Pastor Ray of Hope Church, Conyers, Georgia 

To Michelle, my new friend. Spending a day with you in Ghana was the gift that kept giving. The fabric store you took me to has inspired a new and powerful body of work to be released soon. You are a beautiful Spirit and your generosity is unmatched. I give thanks to the Most High for connecting our spirits and making us friends. And I love! love! The bracelet you gifted me!!! --Leroy Campbell, Renowned Artist, Atlanta Georgia 

"One of the most transformative and soul enriching experiences of my life was my Ghana naming ceremony, held at the Accra home of Michelle McKinney Hammond. It felt like returning to my soul and retrieving something that had been missing for generations in my family. As a Black American and descendant of those taken from the African continent and enslaved, like millions of my brothers and sisters, I had been cut off from African roots and lineage. This electrifying opportunity strengthened my legacy and my faith." -- Charreah Katie Afua Jackson, Author, Speaker, Impact and Growth Coach, Consultant, Atlanta, Georgia

Michelle gave me more than just a tour of Ghana; she created an experience of a life time.  She is welcoming, knowledgeable, and creative in her approach, which makes her tours like no other.   She provided invaluable insight regarding the culture, history, and local “go to” spots that made me feel at home.   Once you go on a tour with Michelle, you will never want to leave. 

-- Jocelyn J. Jones,  Author, Minister, Chicago, Illinois

There was never a dull moment!  Michelle showed me the beauty of the land, food, culture and people of Ghana!  Some sights made me cry to be honest, but what I learned is so worth the pain!  I will be back! -- Dana Stevens, One Love  


Shopping at your own personal bazaar

Amazing culinary experiences

A cultural cacophony of art, fashion and culture

A visit to the Historic Slave Castles to reconnect with your ancestry.

Naming Ceremony- receive your Ghanian Name!

"Journey to Wholeness" Session with Michelle McKinney Hammond


An Open Heart- Get Ready to be Transformed!

Comfortable Shoes

Summer Clothing-not a lot because you will buy clothing here!


An Empty Suitcase-- you'll need it after shopping!


Travel Belt (Passport and Money) - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE 

Portable External USB Charger - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE 


Purell Hand Sanitizer - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Repel Insect Repellant (40% Deet) - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE 


Pepto Bismol Caplets - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE 



Delta and United both have direct flights to Accra, Ghana departing from New York and Washington DC. If you have travel points now would be a great time to use them to either book or upgrade your flight.

For those who need help coordinating their travel and obtaining a visa (required) to Accra we recommend the following travel agency.


CONTACT: Paul Odei



718-637-4005 WhatsApp


Reservations will be made for you at one of our 4-5 star hotels. Depending on the size of the group and availability. 


Ghana is known for its amazing cuisine. An array of flavors await you. Staples are chicken, fish, rice, potatoes, and native dishes such as waakye, banku, fufu, and gari. The debate has raged forever over who makes the best jolloff rice, Nigeria or Ghana, a local dish that is renowned and may we add addictive!

Vegetarians also have lots of options such as kontombre (spinach stew) Garden egg (eggplant) stew, groundnut (peanut) soup, rice and beans, red red (plantain and beans)  korkor (plantains) and many other delicious delicacies.


No refunds. We recommend you purchase travel insurance to cover any unexpected travel changes or cancellations. 

What’s included

  • Ground Transportation
    Ground transportation to and from scheduled destinations
  • Hotel Accommodations
    Double Occupancy OR Single Occupancy + Complementary Breakfast. Hotel upgrades available upon request. Additional fees will apply.
  • Admission To Activities
    Admission to all activities are covered
  • Surprise Bonuses
    We won't tell, after all that's what makes it a surprise!
  • Airline Ticket
    Several airlines make regular flights to Accra, Ghana your port of entry. You may use our recommended travel agent or book your ticket independently.
  • Passport
    The United States Postal Service offers passport services. is another recommended provider
  • Visa
    You will need a valid Visa to enter. Please do not wait until the last minute to obtain your Visa. Some countries allow border-entry VISAS upon arrival. is a VISA provider
  • Vaccinations
    The Yellow Fever vaccination is the only REQUIRED vaccination to enter, Malaria pills are highly recommended. Please see your medical doctor any other recommendations.
  • Lunch and Dinner
    You will be responsible for your own lunch, dinner and snacks. You will be afforded the opportunity to purchase lunch and dinner daily.
  • Travel Insurance
    Travel insurance is highly recommended. Trip deposits and payments are non-refundable. Therefore, it is prudent to protect your investment. Insurance option
  • Medical Travel Insurance
    Medical travel insurance is highly recommended & different from travel insurance. Your domestic medical policy may not cover an international medical emergency.
  • Gratuities
    Gratuities are not included but strongly encouraged
  • Covid Test (PCR)
    A negative result certificate is required to board flights to Ghana. Upon landing a Covid test is required upon landing before clearing immigration.



Upon arrival you will be taken to your hotel, have a time to rest before we gather for a special Orientation Meeting. You will have the opportunity to exchange money, shop at a private bazaar with hand-picked vendors by Michelle (her favorites)  and get measured for custom-made garments.  Following a lovely networking dinner at the hotel, we will turn in early to prepare for the next day! We're just getting started! 

*itinerary may change subject to availability

Your Organizer

MMH Tours
Michelle McKinney Hammond is a Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Emmy Award-Winning Television Cohost, Actress, Singer and Life Coach. Since moving to Ghana ten years ago she has become the go-to person for unique experiences while visiting Ghana. A local and International celebrity, she has access to things and people off the beaten track beyond the normal tourist locations. From celebrities to ministries to your everyday visitor all have glowing reviews of their time spent with her and so will you!.