Kýthnos, Greece

Thorne Wellness
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Jun 13 - 20, 2020
Group size: 10 - 20
Kýthnos, Greece

Thorne Wellness
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Jun 13 - 20, 2020
Group size: 10 - 20

About this trip


Hey, beautiful! We’re so excited that you’re interested in joining our retreat on the magical Greek island of Kythnos 13th-20th June 2020. We know you have so many ways to spend your hard earned money and we’re so thankful you’re considering treating yourself in Greece with us. Find out below about the magic of the retreat, hotel, and island. 

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"Soul Sounding is a transmission of high vibrational energetic tones that help shift you (the listener) into a deeper state of awareness, allowing you to re-member Home. Home is where the Heart is . . . where unconditional love, unlimited joy, and peace reside. This tonal offering has the potential of slowing down if not completely halting confusing mental chatter giving you the opportunity to enter into a timeless state of balance and clarity." - David Kennet

Throughout his childhood, David suffered from debilitating, life-threatening chronic asthma. However, shortly after he began singing regularly in his early 20's, his asthma miraculously began to completely heal. "Singing literally saved my life,” says David.

David is a voice coach, Reiki Master, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Allergist, and Massage Therapist. At age 21, he made his debut at New York City’s Lincoln Center with the internationally acclaimed a cappella group the Star-Scape Singers. He has lectured and offered workshops across Europe, Russia, the Middle East and ching. He shares over 25 years of experience utilizing the “open voice” and is a protege of the late Canadian metaphysician Kenneth G. Mill. David also studied with sound healers Tom Kenyon and Jonathan Goldman and is a member of the Sound Healers Association. In addition to his private professional practice, David as offered lectures on the practical application of sound therapy for the University of Santa Barbara California, Antioch University, Bastyr University, and the United States Air Force.


Founder of Thorne Wellness, Becca works with women from all around the world supporting and empowering them on their journeys to live their most authentic, intentional, joyous lives in bodies that they love, respect, and cherish. She’s a yoga teacher, international holistic health coach, retreat leader, writer, and Beauty counter advocate. Becca has been a local to Athens, Greece since 2014.

Becca first found yoga 14 years ago in her hometown of Los Angeles. Yoga became her medicine during her depression and healed her from trauma, both saving and transformation her life mind, body, and soul. In the past six years since her first yoga teacher training, it has been Becca’s passion to share these healing powers of yoga with the world. Since then she has completed 730-hour of yoga teacher training in vinyasa, transformational hatha, restorative, yin and yang, pre and post-natal, therapeutic, and SUP yoga. 

In 2016 Becca graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as an internationally certified holistic health coach, expanding her yoga business to include all health and wellness: what we put in our bodies, on our bodies, and how we move our bodies as well as how we feel about our bodies, how we use our minds, and how we honor our souls.


David and Becca met in 2018 at Elysia Yoga Convention in Amorgos, Greece and became fast friends. That was when Becca first experienced David’s work one-on-one and in group workshops, and when David experience Becca’s yoga class. The met again the following year at Elysia, where they first talked about collaborating together. Their first time working together, David played for one of Becca’s yoga classes in San Diego. They realized they could create something really special together combining their unique talents. The power of sound and therapeutic yoga together is powerful. They’re both so excited to bring you the Coming Back Home Retreat: Transform Your Life with Yoga & Sound in Kythnos, Greece.


Travel, Greece, Kythnos island, the sun, the sea, vacation, adventures, new experiences and connections, delicious and healthy food, yoga, beautiful sound, David Kennet and Becca Thorne… all reasons to come on the Coming Back Home Retreat.

But most of all, YOU. Your heart and soul deserve to be taken care of, supported, nourished, and fulfilled. It’s okay to slow down and press pause. It’s okay to prioritize your health. It’s okay to have fun. We all need to and we all deserve it. You don’t have to earn it. You already have simply by being alive as a human being today and being here.

This retreat is created to help push your forward in your transformation and healing journey. Whether you’re looking for big shifts and holistic tools in your life, or you want a fun wellness vacation in Greece, this retreat is for you.


You’ll wake up on beautiful Kythnos Island with the crystal clear Meditteranean sea right in front of the hotel. You’ll start your day with class led by either David or Becca. Following will be a delicious Greek brunch. Then the day is yours! You choose your own adventure…

You can go to the local beach or hang out at the pool and catch up on reading between taking dips in the water. You can explore and adventure around the island. You can nap and have “me-time” or take private sessions with David or Becca. Some days will have optional workshops (see below “What Your Trip Package Includes”).

In the evening, there will be a gentle, restoring class led by either Becca or David, followed by a group dinner at the hotel.

This retreat is a choose your own adventure. We fully support you doing you. You’re coming on this retreat for a reason—live that up and fill yourself up. There are no shoulds on the island; follow your desires and needs.


*7-nights of accommodation at K4 Kythnos Villa—either all to yourself as the queen you are, or in a shared room with 1 other person for a lower rate.

*Transfers from the Kythnos ferry port to K4 Kythnos Villa on the start and end date of the retreat—arrivals and departures that deviate from this time and location are at the responsibility of the traveler to arrange directly.

*Daily brunch—it’s the perfect post-yoga breakfast meal of vegetarian, vegan & gluten free options.

*Daily Snacks—because we know what it’s like to get the yoga munchies. Don’t worry, you won’t go hungry.

*Filtered water—some people drink tap water on the islands because of the taste or they don’t trust it. This causes a lot of waste of plastic bottles. Please bring your own reusable water bottle to help our mother earth.

*Nightly dinner—Nutritious, delicious, nourishing Greek food made by loving people! All eating preferences will be taken care of. 

*6 yoga classes—(1) Morning yoga flow that is tailored to all levels. Whether you’re a yoga newbie or have been practicing for 20 years, you’ll be taken care of. Embrace what you need through modifications, whether that’s slowing down or adding on. (2) Evening gentle, restorative, or yin yoga class with pranayama (breath work) and meditation class.

You can expect Becca's yoga classes to open your body, calm your mind, and soothe your spirit, allowing for complete relaxation. On this retreat she’ll teach both yin and yang classes. The mornings will be a mix of vinyasa and hatha suitable for all levels; the evenings will mix of restorative and yin asanas, and extra pranayama (breath-work) and meditation, bringing you into deeper alignment on all levels—physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

*Use of yoga equipment—the hotel provides all the yoga props you may need: yoga mats, two blocks/person, yoga belts and blankets. But, please feel free to bring any personal props you just can’t practice yoga without.

*Use of the private pool—get your dip on! The ocean is freely accessible as well. Water is a very powerful element and may be influential in the transformative retreat.

*Unlimited Internet access—a tech-tox (technology detox) is always rejuvenating. It’s nice to disconnect from your phone, computer, and social media to enjoy the magic and bliss of Amorgos. But, just in case you want to Instagram or even work, you have wifi, although it’s not perfect in all of the villa or island.

*30-minute holistic health coaching session—time focused solely on you and your health. You can choose the focus, the area you feel you need the most support. This can range from food, self-care, self-love, physical activity, home-cooking, relationships, road-blocks, goals, dreams, or anything your heart desires. If you’re unsure or don’t feel comfortable in any way, don’t worry—I’ll lead the way for you. If you don’t know what a holistic health coach is, we can spend time discussing that (or any other questions you have). It’s all about YOU. And, remember, everything is optional. 

*Goals Setting Workshop—You’ll learn what S.M.A.R.T. goals are and set you own, what CDFs are and set your own, the difference between intentions and goals, what your roadblocks are, and how to keep yourself accountable. There’s a power in sharing your goals aloud with others and putting that energy into the universe, and you’re going to harness that power.

*Integrative Nutrition Workshop—you’ll learn the four core principles of integrative nutrition and how to apply them to your life in a sustainable, bio-individual way. You’ll learn how to deconstruct your cravings and how to positively shift unwanted habits out of your life and replace them with fulfilling habits. We’ll talk about how to feed your soul, heart, and mind because health is holistic.

*Vibrational Resonance Immersion Workshops and Private Voice Coaching—The focus is to experience and explore the practical applications of sound therapy. Intentional sound is a safe and effective way to communicate with the cells of our body and our subconscious mind, restoring balance within the mind, body and Spirit.

Vibration Resonance Sound Therapy Intensive

Whether you are familiar with sound baths or sound therapy or you are a complete novice, this workshop is an exciting opportunity to take sacred sound to a whole new level. Vibrational Resonance or sound therapy is a method of allowing specific intention (information) to travel deep into your physical and emotional body. During this empowering sacred sound immersion, each participant will receive a one-on-one, customized sacred "soul song" to help balance the body, mind, and spirit. 

During each class, David will be sharing both ancient and new techniques that will empower you in nearly every aspect of your life. Private sound healing sessions and voice coaching will also be offered during the week.  

Level 1

In this first workshop you will learn:

• How to find your core sound or Vibrational Resonance

• How to use sound to purge lower vibrational energy from our vital organs

• How to use sound to help balance your endocrine system or chakras

• How to use sound to scan the body for imbalances

• How to use sound to clear lower vibration or negative energy from your home or office

• How to effectively mitigate stress and anxiety using intentional sound

Level 2

In this second workshop you will learn:

How to perform applied kinesiology (muscle testing) on yourself and others

• How to muscle test animals or toddlers

• How to use sonic homeopathy to let go of addictions and bad habits

• How to release shock or past trauma using sacred sound

• How to invoke optimal athletic performance, release bad habits, heal emotional triggers and to balance the body systems using Vibrational Resonance

Level 3

This third workshop introduces you to advanced sound therapy techniques:

• How to full open your voice, discovering your Soul Sound

• How to create overtones with your voice

• How to create intentional harmonic patterns to uplift the spirit and to raise the vibrational resonance of yourself and others 

Level 4

In this fourth class, you will have the opportunity to review and to practice techniques learned in the previous 3 levels as well as explore:

• How to surrender to your primal sound, allowing the voice of the ancients to speak through you

• How to incorporate sacred geometry and/or reiki into sound


*Your round trip flight to Greece—It will be easiest to fly into Athens. Try to arrive at least a day before the retreat in case of flight delays. The more cushion time, the better so you can adjust to the time change, relax after traveling, and see the ancient city of Athens.

*Your ferry tickets—Take the ferry from either Piraeus port or Lavrio port to Kythnos island. You can use the sites: or

*Daily lunch—so you have to the day to explore your options and experience new tastes on the island.

*Alcohol—it’s a nice week to detox but as stated above, you do you! It’s your retreat vacation, and the greek wine is worth trying (if you drink).

*Sunscreen—bring plenty and higher SPF than you normally use. The sun in much stronger in the Mediterranean islands. Please protect your precious skin.

*Travel medical insurance and cancellation insurance

*Extra Island Activities—anything outside of “What Your Trip Package Includes” is on you.



*Enrollment Deposit: $150 save your spot and pay next year (dates below under payment policies)

*Full Retreat Tuition: For everything mentioned above in "What Your Trip Package Includes.”

- Single Room: $2,100

- Double Room: $1,700


*Early Bird: $150 OFF! - Pay your enrollment deposit before February 1st 2020 and you'll SAVE $150 when you pay for your retreat ticket. E-mail me for your discount code.

*Pay in Full: $150 OFF! - Pay retreat ticket in full when you sign up and you'll save $150 on your retreat ticket. E-mail me for your discount code. 

If you're an early bird and you pay in full before February 1st, you'll save $300 on your retreat ticket.


- Select "Tickets" --> Select "Enrollment Deposit" to save your spot - OR - select your room preference and pay in full. 


• The enrollment deposit of $150 is non-refundable.

• 50% payment (price depends on room) is due before March 1st, 2019. 

• The rest of the payment (price depends on room) is due before May 1st, 2019

• Tuition payment is refundable until May 13th 2019. After May 31st, 2019 there will be no refunds given. 

• Payment plans are available. E-mail me ( for details. We want you to experience the bliss and magic of The Coming Home Retreat. So, let's find a plan that works for both of us! 


We recommend: 

Fly into Athens, Greece at least a day before the retreat in case of flight delays. The more cushion time, the better, so you can adjust to the time change, relax after traveling, and explore the ancient city of Athens.

Take the ferry from either Piraeus or Lavrio port to Kythnos island. You can use the sites: or

There will be transportation from the Kythnos port to the hotel.

Ferry Tips: If you experience sea sickness, bring dramamine or any other sea sickness aids. Bring snacks and a reusable water bottle. Be willing to go with the flow as there can be changes or delays in the ferry schedule.



"Participating in a Sound Healing session with David is a deeply moving, physical and psychic experience. I consider myself lucky to have been introduced to his particular genius." - Neal Dorfsman, Grammy Award Producer and Engineer for Sting, Paul McCartney, and Dire Straits

"David is AMAZING!” - P!NK 

"Deeply transformative and resolutely centering, David Kennet's resonances allow an opening for both spiritual and physical healing. Post-surgically, my patients have benefited from his talent with sound. Push play, and outer chaos dissolves through an acoustic journey of chords layered with centering peace. David possesses a unique gift of healing through sound.” - Elizabeth M. Palkovacs, MD, FRCSC


“When I came back from this experience, the only way I could describe it to my friends and family was life changing. This retreat helped me go deeper into my yoga practice, which was surprising to me since I was just looking for a fun vacation:) Becca made this retreat so welcoming to all of us! I have never felt so whole and loved by a yoga instructor. She didn’t just care about our poses, she cared about how those poses made us feel. I will definitely follow Becca around the world to practice with her again!!!” - Lynsay Case

"If you're looking for a trip that provides endless opportunities for relaxation, improving mind, body, & soul, connecting with Greek culture, and a place where you can explore the most beautiful beaches and eat the most delicious food - then Becca's Dream Greek Yoga Retreat is for you. This retreat was a complete reset for my soul and I fell back in love with yoga. All of the travel & lodging logistics are arranged for you yet there is plenty of time and activities to explore on your own if you like. This was an incredible experience all around and I will definitely be back again for another retreat of Becca's. Thank you for hosting this DREAM of a vacation!” - Cayla Perry

“Thorne Wellness Dream Greek Yoga Retreat was the most special thing I've done for myself in a VERY long time. Becca is an incredible yoga instructor! You feel her heart in everything she does and says. She is incredibly patient with every yoga stage and where each person is individually with their yoga practice, beginner or advanced and everything in between. She helped everyone of us participating feel included and special and created a bonded mini family during our week together. The island of Amorgos has a special energy. I loved the locals. Enjoyed our magical boat island tour, cooking classes, wine tasting, and visiting the essential oil store. The food and accommodations were exceptional. I came home more open to life, relaxed, and whatever this next year will bring and realized the importance of living from a place where my heart and intuition are aligned. Thank you Becca for providing this unforgettable experience for me! Anyone who attends this dream retreat will not leave disappointed!” - Brooke Metten



E-mail Becca at or David at with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Reminder: nothing is mandatory! We encourage you to give yourself what you need this week. So, if you want to sleep in or go for a run and skip morning yoga, that is more than okay. If you want to skip evening yoga and enjoy every moment of the sun, that’s also okay. We support you tuning into and honoring your personal needs.

Available Packages

Double Room
Deposit: $150
Single Room
Deposit: $150

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Thorne Wellness
Becca is 730-hr yoga teacher certified (vinyasa, transformational hatha, restorative, yin & yang, pre & post-natal, therapeutic, & SUP yoga). She’s a writer, international holistic health, & leader of yoga & wellness retreats around the world. Founder of Thorne Wellness, Becca works with women worldwide empowering them on their journeys to live their most authentic, joyous lives in bodies they love, respect, & cherish. Connect with Becca: Insta: Fbook: