Connection and Belonging

Arenal, Provincia de Guanacaste, Tilarán, Costa Rica

Tula Vida
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Duration: 5 days
Group size: 2 - 12
Connection and Belonging
Arenal, Provincia de Guanacaste, Tilarán, Costa Rica

Tula Vida
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Duration: 5 days
Group size: 2 - 12

About this trip

It is time to CONNECT back in with yourself, which is the root of connection with EVERYTHING ELSE - other people, animals, nature, peace, power, positive energy and even the universe.

You have all the wisdom you need inside you – even when it doesn’t always feel like that.  You just need the right setting and the right tools…and we know just the place…

Join us at Tula Vida on a fun, impactful, rejuvenating retreat in gorgeous Costa Rica, where we will be sharing and exploring the secrets of a fully connected life.  This retreat includes transformational experiences with horses, plenty of time in glorious nature, great food, yoga, mindfulness and relaxation, balanced with activities and adventures to nudge us out of our comfort zones - where the magic happens!

Many people are feeling isolated or disconnected, needing to numb the uncomfortable stuff (with phones, food etc) and wondering – especially after Covid – how can I find real connection? Or how can I find what I am missing?

And a huge part of that answer is connection.  Actually SELF Connection.  Learning to listen at a deep level to what’s really on going for you, exploring what stresses you out and what lights you up, who are you really with other people, and who do you want to be?

THE GIFT OF HORSES – as sensitive herd and prey animals - is an amazing capacity to sense, read and respond to what we are feeling on the inside.  They know when we are connected, when we are not, when we are authentic and when we are not (even when we don’t know ourselves) and they act accordingly. Their survival depends on it. They don’t have the capacity to be inauthentic and, being wired to do whatever they can to create positive connections, they actively WANT US TO BE PART OF THE HERD.

A horse can – with their reaction to us and interaction with us – gently guide us to be in our best place, authentic, connected with ourselves and valued herd members.  Add in the base level support of beautiful, vibrant nature and the volcano energy and you will feel the benefit of a full nervous system reset, a top up of good feelings and the secrets to feeling connected in life.  Nature knows, horses know, we can practice.

When we are tuned in and aware, we find the answers.  And once we know how to CREATE CONNECTION with ourselves, everything falls into place.

This is week where you can experience, explore, unwind and be fully yourself.  Expand past your comfort zone and actually enjoy the ride – and do it with a group of people who came for the same reason.

Are you READY?  

The horses are waiting for you!

See you soon,

Sally, Eric and the Tula Vida herd

The Place - Tula Vida Ranch

Away from the sights and sounds of busy human life, we have created an oasis for both humans and horses. Every time we step onto the land we feel the power of the natural world to soothe, nourish and restore us. 

Tula Vida Ranch

Tula Vida Ranch is surrounded by 3 volcanos, an expansive sunset view and pristine rainforest, with rivers, springs and ponds - the horses roam freely in this stunning environment where you will find you can breathe more deeply and re-discover your flow.


Our rooms are beautiful and comfortable with a terrace and individual bathrooms.  

The Villas are double rooms with private bathrooms and a stunning terrace. The Horse Manor has private rooms with a shared kitchen/living area and a stunning terrace where the horses may come and join you for your morning coffee. 

Our communal lodge is where we share meals, practice yoga and is a safe, comfortable space to rest. 


Meals are home-cooked with love, using fresh local ingredients.  Our water comes from our abundant natural springs and we have air fresh from the trees to breathe - everything is designed to be in harmony with the surroundings and support your mind, body and spirit to rest, re-energise and renew.

Environment and Herd

We are 100% off-the-grid with our own solar power and fresh spring water living in harmony with nature while remaining a safe, comfortable human retreat. We even have good internet!

We have planted 1000s of trees and plants already, including a food forest and a nursery for endangered trees, to encourage the forest to regenerate and give wildlife corridors to pass through the neighbouring national parks.  It is a true sanctuary for all visitors, which includes shy tapirs, rare bell-birds and plenty of toucans, sloths and monkeys.

We spend a lot of time out on the stunning 72 acre property - with trails, rivers, waterfalls, valleys, primary rainforest and abundant wildlife - truly accessible nature.  

Tula Vida Foundation is a 501c charity registered in the US with a mission to rescue horses in Costa Rica and sponsor people to come for transformational horse experiences and retreats.

A visit to us supports not just yourself but also the natural environment, the rescue horses, the local community who work with us and people without the means to have these kind of experiences.

What’s included

  • Transportation
    Roundtrip group transportation between Liberia International Airport (LIR) and Tula Vida at set times on Retreat Arrival/Departure Dates
  • Accomodation
    4 nights at Tula Vida Ranch with full access to miles of trails, surrounding horses, spring-fed pond and more
  • Meals
    3 meals per day, starting with arrival dinner on Day 1 and ending with departure breakfast on final day
  • Yoga
    Daily mindful movement with Eric Kolesar
  • Daily horse experiences
    Transformational equine experiential learning with the Tula Vida herd, facilitated by Eric & Sally - create a connection with a horse, become part of the herd, and see where connection can take you...
  • Sunset moments
    Gather for spectacular sunsets to savour the moment and practice gratitude together
  • Massage
    Enjoy a 1 hour intuitive, therapeutic massage

What’s not included

  • Airfare
    You arrange your own travel to/from Liberia airport (LIR) in Costa Rica on retreat arrival/departure dates.
  • Alcoholic beverages
    We recommend not drinking alcohol during the retreat so as to be full present and connected.
  • Trip insurance
    We require that travel insurance is purchased in case of any need to cancel, travel disruption or medical emergencies.
  • Tips
    This is optional but often people want to leave tips for staff and drivers,.

Available Packages

Room for 2 people
Available until 2 days before departure

Sharing a double room in our Villas, with private bathroom and stunning terrace

Deposit: $900

Available options

Your Organizer

Tula Vida
With stunning, vibrant and accessible nature all around, Tula Vida offers transformational horse experiences and other retreats in Costa Rica aimed at supporting your whole system to settle back into balance, allowing the stress to melt away so you can (re)find your positive energy, self-connection and sense of harmony.