Conscious Leadership Training • Self-Led Course

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      Dance The Medicine
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      28 reviews
      Duration: 7 days
      Group size: 1 - 25
      Conscious Leadership Training • Self-Led Course
      Online via Thinkific

      Dance The Medicine
      • Email address verified
      28 reviews

      Duration: 7 days
      Group size: 1 - 25

      About this trip

      Learn the art of event organization & conscious entrepreneurship at your own pace with our self-led training, empowering you to create, maintain, and nurture a conscious dance community.

      Empower yourself with essential knowledge and skills to host truly transformative events, classes and gatherings. Learn to grow your conscious business while evolving into a dynamic and influential leader who has the capacity to build and nurture a thriving conscious dance community.

      Is our Conscious Leadership Training for you?

      → do you dream of starting your own Ecstatic Dance community, but don't know how to begin?

      → are you a conscious dance teacher who struggles to attract the numbers of dancers you desire?

      → are you ready to elevate your existing dance event and take it to the next level?

      → Do you organise events and aspire to evolve them into a profitable, conscious business? 

      If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then there is no need to wait. Gain instant access to our self-led training program and begin your dance towards success today! 

      What to expect from the Conscious Leadership Training? 

      The organization of a conscious dance event involves skill and hard work! Our curriculum is delivered in 9 modules, each building upon the last. We will teach you new skills, encourage your existing talents, and deliver wisdom drawn from both our success and failures. We answer the many commonly asked questions about running a vibrant conscious community, while creating a successful business. 

      Upon enrolment, students instantly gain access to a detailed 200+ page manual and 22 hours of video learning for recordings of the 2022 training. As a commitment to the continuous learning journey, unrestricted access to all class recordings is granted for a full nine-month duration.

      This the Self-led Training Format is for you if…

      → You enjoy learning at a pace that suits your personal needs.

      → You absorb knowledge better when studying independently

      → Your schedules make it challenging to attend our live training sessions? (to the Aussies and Kiwis out there!)

      → You are seeking a more cost-effective learning opportunity

      → You don’t require/desire certification

      Would you prefer to train live online?

      Join our ONLINE CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP TRAINING  and immerse yourself in an enriching and vibrant learning experience. Our Live Training format includes live classes via Zoom, interactive breakout groups, somatic-based activities, and comprehensive Q&A sessions.

      As you journey through the training, you'll connect with a diverse cohort of peers from all corners of the globe, weaving into an enduring network of supportive, like-minded Conscious Dance Leaders. To further enhance this sense of community, you'll be granted access to an exclusive WhatsApp group to foster discussion, share, resources, and create networking opportunities. What's more? Our Live Training also paves the way for you to become certified!

      The Live Training Format is for you if...

      → You seek a vibrant learning cohort and future colleagues

      → You thrive when learning within a group setting

      → Your schedule is aligned with our live training hours

      → You value interaction with both instructors and fellow students

      Alternatively, if you’re looking for Dance Facilitator or DJ Trainings, please check OUR FULL LIST OF PROGRAMS OFFERED as we add new trainings regularly.

      The Curriculum

      Module 01 • DANCE 

      → What makes conscious dance 'conscious'? 

      → Why are conscious dance communities so connected?

      → What does it take to run a successful Ecstatic Dance?

      Module 02 • VISION 

      → How do I turn the community I dream of into a reality?

      → What format will best serve my community?

      → What are the first steps I need to take?

      Module 03 • COMMUNITY 

      → How do I attract a diverse community?

      → What is the best location for my dance? 

      → How do I gather a dream team to help me?

      Module 04 • VENUE

      → How do I find the perfect venue?

      → What should I look for and what pitfalls should I avoid?

      → How do I negotiate with the venue manager?

      Module 05 • MARKETING

      → What are the most effective ways to promote my dance?

      → How do I create artwork that will draw people to my dance?

      → How can I grow my following on social media?

      Module 06 • MUSIC 

      → What music is appropriate for Ecstatic Dance or conscious dance events?

      → What is required to create a dance journey specifically for conscious dance?

      → How do I select the right DJs, and hire them?

      Module 07 • MONEY 

      → Can I make a living running an Ecstatic Dance?

      → How do I calculate my pricing?

      → What should I pay my team?

      Module 08 • FACILITATION

      → Is it necessary to have an opening and closing circle?

      → How do I facilitate the dance in an embodied way?

      → Does a conscious dance have to be spiritual?

      Module 09 • ONWARD 

      → How do I keep momentum once my dance has begun?

      → What top tips do you have to avoid common pitfalls?

      → How do I continue to grow my community?

      The Teachers

      BERNICE RAABIS Founder of Dance The Medicine

      Having begun humbly in the Kootenay Mountains of Western Canada, Bernice is now a respected mentor for Conscious Dance Leaders across the globe. Her journey started with hosting Dance Church for over ten years, where she harnessed her expertise from training in various disciplines, including Soul Motion, Movement Based Expressive Therapy (The Life Art Process), and Relational Somatic Therapy. These were brought together to nurture her local multi-generational dance community, which flourished and surpassed even her most ambitious expectations.

      In 2016, she stretched her wings co-founding Ecstatic Dance International, facilitating successful leadership trainings in the US, the Netherlands, Guatemala, and Portugal. Driven to incorporate DJ and dance facilitation skills into available trainings, she used the name of her unique practice, and founded Dance The Medicine, a collective of accomplished conscious dance professionals determined to infect the world with dance. 

      While Bernice loves DJing and creating transformative events, her deepest fulfilment comes from facilitating deep somatic processes using a combination of dance, art, and ritual; to help dancers find freedom through connection to self, community and humanity.

      RENÉE LACROIX • DTM Co-teacher, Ecstatic Dance DJ, Retreat Creator & Founder of Ecstatic Dance UK & Ecstatic Experiences 

      Renée's spiritual journey is rooted in meditation and Buddhism, and eventually led her to the conscious dance scene through 5Rhythms. She found her “ikigai” (reason for being) in Ecstatic Dance, and after training with Bernice in 2018, she soon became the lead organizer, facilitator, and DJ for the successful Ecstatic Dance UK. She swiftly carved out a name for herself in both the London and international conscious dance scene, and by the end of 2019 was recruited by Bernice to join the team. Since then, she's assisted, organised, and co-taught several DTM trainings and conferences.

      Renée’s path showcases robust leadership skills and an innate ability to build successful communities. When the pandemic abruptly halted the EDUK Sunday morning dances, she shifted them online and later outdoors with silent disco headsets, ultimately strengthening the community. Now living in Lisbon, she joined Ecstatic Dance Lisboa and founded Ecstatic Experiences, a DTM offshoot company, successfully delivering dance retreats in Portugal and the UK.

      In addition, Renée offers business mentoring and consultancy to aspiring conscious dance entrepreneurs. Each step of her effort supports her vision to make Ecstatic Dance more accessible and mainstream, by hosting welcoming and inclusive events that appeal to people from all walks of life.

      ALEX SEVILLA • Resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Madrid & Co-teacher @ DTM DJ Training

      After more than two decades behind the decks as a club DJ, Alex stumbled upon conscious dance. This encounter reshaped not only his personal life but also his profession. He soon traded in his career as a computer engineer to become a conscious dance entrepreneur, sharing his passion for dance, music, and consciousness with the world. Stepping into his new life, he became a resident DJ at Templo del Baile, a hugely popular conscious club in his hometown Madrid. Two years later, an invitation to play Ecstatic Dance Madrid, enabled him to take this newfound career to the next level. 

      During the pandemic, it became Alex’ mission to help the worldwide Ecstatic Dance community by navigating the technical challenges of live-streaming dance and music events as we all struggled to fulfil our need to dance during lockdown. Post-restrictions, he facilitated in-person dancing again by offering donation-based sessions in the streets of Spain, giving birth to a monthly gathering known as La Plaga del Baile (The Plague of Dance) In May 2020, Dance The Medicine recognized Alex’ talent and generous nature recruiting him as a teacher and tech guru during their first Ecstatic DJ Conference. He has been with us ever since, lucky DTM! 

      ESTA POLYESTA • Co-teacher @ DTM, Global Ecstatic Dance DJ & Dance Facilitator, Event Organizer & Resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam & Ecstatic Dance Goa
      As a full time globe-trotting DJ and ceremony leader from Amsterdam, Esta has significantly influenced global beats and Ecstatic Dance worldwide since 2005. While celebrated for her playful facilitation and adventurous sets, her skills extend past the decks to ritual design, music production, and Trance Dance facilitation. Additionally, she has pioneered Ecstatic Dance at various locations, mentors emerging DJs, and teaches in several trainings. As DTM’s first DJ coach, she has played a key role in shaping DTM’s identity as professional, supportive, and fun, and remains a valued member until today.

      RICHARD BATTS • DJ Coach, Ecstatic Dance DJ, Dance Facilitator, Event Organiser & Co-Founder of Ecstatic Dance UK

      Richard, a former corporate construction manager, turned to the London conscious dance scene entrepreneur. His instant sold-out Ecstatic Dance success reflects his skilful marketing, quality production, and marked an impressive entry. Shortly after, he became a DJ, began managing EDUK, and launched a successful weekly event. After attending several DTM conferences, the synergy between Richard and DTM was obvious, and he quickly secured his place within the team. 

      MAYRA HERNADEZ (La May) • DJ Coach • Ecstatic Dance DJ, Dance Facilitator & Founder of Ecstatic Dance Colombia

      Mayra, "La May," journeyed from Buddhism studies in India to Hridaya Yoga in Mexico, and ultimately found her passion in conscious dance and movement meditation. As a DJ, she harmonizes diverse cultural roots in her sets, while elegantly incorporating live vocals. She also guides individuals in Ecstatic Dance production, DJing, digital marketing, embodiment, and ceremony leadership. Certified by DTM in 2019, her skill in dance facilitation and music production propelled the Ecstatic Dance Colombia community to flourish. 

      Testimonials from Graduates

      "This training is for the big visionaries, event organisers, and executives of dance programs out there. It takes you through step by step how to create an Ecstatic Dance event. The best part is, you’re surrounded by super rad people who truly believe in the vision as much as you do, and who feel alive in sharing that vision. I feel absolutely honoured to be a part of this amazing group of dancers, organisers, and beautiful human beings. Showing up with my whole heart, it changed me, and I feel like I’ve grown a lot."

      Carol Boccaccio - Canada

      "Dance the Medicine prepared me with the tools to grow as an Ecstatic Dance leader and warrior! The container held, even online, was potent and full of space to explore the building blocks for the foundation of my dance. It was an honour to be a part of this community of conscious dance leaders. I now feel fully equipped to go out and infect my communities with the medicine of Dance! 

      → Elissa Eskridge - Costa Rica

      "This online training has come at the right time, just when I felt the call to share the awesomeness of conscious dance with my people, after such a crazy year. I am amazed by the connections I have made during this training and the quality of its content, which was more than I expected."

      → Dounia Acef - Morocco

      "Bernice, Renée and the DTM team are a knowledgeable, grounded and experienced group of teachers. They REALLY care about their students, and it's obvious when you experience the quality of the production and information they share. They attract a huge variety of students and the opportunity to network during the course is high."

      → Rafaél Suvaii - Canada

      "Through powerful visualisation exercises, sharing of invaluable wisdom and experience, and creation of a supportive community, I now have the confidence and knowledge to go out there in the world and make an impact through dance. This training was everything and more that I needed!"

      → Lien Kabelka - Belgium

      "The leadership in this training was outstanding. The content was very well-thought-out, relevant and rich.  It filled in a lot of questions I've long held around how to do a great job leading conscious dance, but also provided examples of many different approaches. I loved connecting with people from all over who are passionate about the same thing as me."

      → Sarah Hall - USA

      "Renée and Bernice - you two are the leaders we need right now. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!"

      Nadine Guldimann - Switzerland  


      → Will I receive a certification? 

      Only those taking the training live via Zoom will be certified and receive a certificate. We do not certify those who take the course self-led, as we have no way of knowing whether they have completed the course and homework. If this is an issue for you, please contact us, so we can discuss it.  

      → Will this training cover DJing?

      We have one module dedicated exclusively to music (what music is appropriate for conscious dance events? What structure is used to create a conscious dance musical journey? Etc.), but it is NOT a DJ training, and we won't cover any of the technical aspects of DJ-ing. We do offer Online DJ Training for both beginner and Intermediate students. If you prefer to learn DJ skills, join us at our IN-PERSON ECSTATIC DJ TRAINING, ONLINE ECSTATIC DJ TRAINING, ONLINE BEGINNER ECSTATIC DJ TRAINING, or ONLINE INTERMEDIATE ECSTATIC DJ TRAINING  

      → For how long will the recordings be available? 

      The videos will be available for a period of 9 months, starting from the moment you begin the course. 

      → I'm not sure which path is right for me. Can you please advise me? Absolutely! Simply send us a message here on WeTravel or email us at

      → What's your cancellation & refund policy?
      In case of cancellation from your side, we don't offer any refunds, regardless of the reason.

      What’s included

      • 9 Extensive Modules
        A comprehensive curriculum with a total of 21 hours of video based on years of experience which will support conscious entrepreneurs to create, maintain and grow a conscious dance community
      • Course Manual
        200+ page DTM Conscious Leadership Manual & Workbook in PDF format for you to print
      • Immediate access
        Instant unrestricted access to all recordings for a 9-month period
      • Assignments
        9 assignments to keep you engaged and put your knowledge to practise
      • Private coaching session
        A 45-min 1-on-1 mentoring session with a teacher of your choice

      Available Packages

      SELF-LED TRAINING | Recordings

      → Immediate access to a comprehensive 200+ page manual and engaging video content

      → 9 carefully curated content modules, providing a total of 22 hours of video learning

      → Unrestricted access to all class recordings for a 9-month period

      → A 45-min 1-on-1 mentoring session with a teacher of your choice

      SELF-LED TRAINING: Certified

      You receive everything in the Zoom Recordings package, and you would be required to:

      • For each module, submit a picture of the homework and a short paragraph to explain your work. The intention here being we know you are grasping the content and doing the work.

      • Take a 1-hour one-on-one whenever you wish


      Available options

      Your Organizer

      Dance The Medicine
      28 reviews
      Our Dream Team at Dance the Medicine includes established Conscious and Ecstatic Dance event organizer, movement facilitators and DJ's, We are diverse, coming from a wide array of backgrounds and modalities with varying visions about how to deliver our dance medicine to the world. What we share is a love of dance, music and community. We are collaborative, empathetic, action-minded and believe that dance has the ability to change the world! Come learn, play and DANCE with us!


      I am proud to have become part of the DTM Family. It was a real "trip" with wonderful people, all items I wished to be handled were explained and trained so intensely. Of course one will learn the most from doing, but a gentle push into the right direction is so welcome :-) Thank you all!
      By Roel H for Ecstatic DJ Training 2024 • Masterclass Series • ONLINE on May 26, 2024
      Thank you Etienne for your kind explanation of Midi Mapping. I can't say I saw the need to midi map very much but I now see it opens such a lot of possibilities and working free from the laptop/keyboard/mouse... Thanks!
      By Roel H for The Monthly Masterclasses! Continuing Education & Support on May 26, 2024
      As always when connecting to the Dance the Medicine team one feels very nurtured. It was a great informative masterclass….Renee Lacroix was extremely Professional, adaptable, knowledgable and generous in her presentation. No question was left unanswered. Loads of great ideas to take away in terms of promoting your event As an older less technical learner I have never felt ridiculous or stupid when having to ask rather basic questions around social media or computers….I’m looking forward to ongoing training I would recommend them whole heartedly ☮️❤️
      By Joules K for The Monthly Masterclasses! Continuing Education & Support on Apr 21, 2024
      Very helpful and friendly masterclass ! Such a pleasure to exchange with this great team.
      By Bruno A for The Monthly Masterclasses! Continuing Education & Support on Feb 18, 2024
      Great time with fine and experienced people. A pleasure journey!
      By Roel H for Ecstatic DJ Training 2023 • Beginner • ONLINE on Feb 02, 2024
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