Continental Divide Adventure Ride JULY 12-15 '24

      Salida, CO 81201, USA

      Exit Tours MC
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      6 reviews
      Jul 12 - 15, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 25
      Continental Divide Adventure Ride JULY 12-15 '24
      Salida, CO 81201, USA

      Exit Tours MC
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      6 reviews

      Jul 12 - 15, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 25

      About this trip

      Continental Divide Adventure Ride: July 12-15, 2024
      Ready for an epic adventure? Join the Continental Divide ADV Ride!

      Location: Start at Colorado Springs Airport, for a journey through the Rockies.
      What to Expect:
      • 4 Days, 900+ Miles: Tackle over 11 stunning mountain passes.
      • Routes:  Adventure bike-friendly paths, old railroad trails, and high-altitude  passes like, Independence Pass, Weston Pass, Marshall Pass and more.
      • Gear Portage: Let us carry your gear.
      • Camping: Included at scenic spots like the Arkansas River and a private campground near the confluence of the Colorado & Eagle Rivers.
      • GPS Tracks: Navigate with ease using phone-compatible tracks.

      Why Join?:
      • Scenic Beauty: Experience breathtaking views that will leave you speechless.
      • Camaraderie: Ride with fellow enthusiasts and make unforgettable memories.
      • Support: Gear portage, Chase truck and trailer for assistance.

      • Meals: Breakfast included Sat-Mon, and dinner available at designated stops.

      Ride Highlights:
      • Day 1: Explore from around Pikes Peak and camp on the Arkansas River.
      • Day 2: Pass through Aspen, ride to Sweetwater Canyon and camp.
      • Day 3: Conquer multiple passes, return to the Arkansas River.
      • Day 4: Optional Pikes Peak ride, wrap up at Colorado Springs.

      Ride is Friday to Monday

      Join the Club:
      • Cost: $450, discounts for family members.
      • Extras: GPS tracks, gear portage, support vehicle, and more.

       July 12-15 ’24 Continental Divide Adventure from the COS Airport



       4 Days of Adventure loops over 11+ spectacular mountain passes and old railroad right-of-ways. 

      • Ride up Pikes Peak on Day 4 if you wish. 

      These are Adventure Bike suitable routes. We are not out to torture anyone. These are un-guided rides with cell phone compatible GPS tracks, even without a cell signal. Ride over Mountain Passes you've only heard about:

      • Victor Pass*
      • Trout Creek Pass
      • Weston Pass
      • Independence Pass*
      • Tennessee Pass*
      • Cottonwood Pass*
      • Cumberland Pass
      • Waunita Pass
      • Blacksage Pass
      • Old Monarch Pass
      • Monarch Pass*
      • Marshall Pass
      • Ute Pass
      • Pikes Peak (Not a Pass)*
      • Over 80,000 feet in cumulative elevation gain in 4 days
      • * = Paved

      Where are we going ?

       Colorado Springs Airport to the Continental Divide. And Back. 

      • 11+ Mountain Passes 
      • 4 Days, 750+ miles 
      • Drift In on the Arkansas River
      • Sweetwater Creek near Dotsero
      • Drift In on the Arkansas River
      • Ride up Pikes Peak on Day 4 if you wish


      Day 2 to Opa's Camp in Sweetwater Canyon near Dotsero. LINK:  OPA's Camp: 

      Roosevlet said about the trip...

       President Theodore Roosevelt said on a Train ride in 1900 to Cripple Creek that the beauty of the route from Colorado Springs…

      “This is the ride that bankrupts the English language.”

      Club Membership Includes:

      Club Membership for the Divide Ride includes:

      • Phone compatible GPS Tracks 
      • Gear Portage 
      • T-Shirt 
      • Route Maps 
      • Chase Truck and Support trailer 
      • 65% Off-Road
      • Campsites on the Arkansas River are included Friday & Sunday
      • Lodging is Not Included 
      • Club has held discounted lodging near Dotsero and Poncha Springs
      • Club will supply 2 meals.
      • Breakfast Saturday & Monday
      • Trail snacks & bottled water
      • There is a Bar & Grill at the Drift-In Campsite on the Arkansas River
      • Saturday Night we'll stay at Opa's Camp on Sweetwater Creek. 
      • Lodging or camping not included.
      • Dinner & Breakfast Included with Lodging or Camping.

      Lodging Link

       Stay in Colorado Springs on Thursday July 11 and Monday July 15 ’24 

      Stay on Monday night in July if you wish.

      Discounted rate at the Raddison Airport Hotel in Colorado Springs

      Call and use Code LEXIT OR THIS BOOKING LINK

      Radisson Hotel Colorado Springs Airport 

      • 1645 Newport Rd
      • Colorado Springs, CO 80916
      • Phone: (719) 597-7000

      Ride HQ on Day 1 & 3 is at the Drift-In near Salida on the Big Bend of the Arkansas River.

      • Camping at the Drift-In is Included with the Ride
      • There is a Bar & Grill onsite. Right on the Arkansas River.
      • You need do nothing to camp, other than bring your camping gear the club will portage.
      • Breakfast both days is included with camping.


      Option on Day 1 & 3 to Lodge at the Lodge at Poncha Springs

      At the Crossroads of the Rockies, Hwy’s 50 & 285.

      Where Adventure & Cozy Collide.

      • < 4 miles from Campground HQ
      • Call to Confirm with your CC.
      • Friday & Sunday July 12 & 14
      • Phone: (719) 539-6085
      • EMAIL:
      • The Lodge at Poncha Springs
      • 10520 Hwy 50 West
      • Poncha Springs, CO 8124

      • OPA's CAMP on Sweetwater Creek on Saturday

      Motorcycle Only Campground near the Confluence of the Eagle & Colorado Rivers at Dotsero, CO.

      • Sign-Up Now to reserve your spot at Opa's Camp for the Continental Divide Adventure Ride.
      • DATE:  Saturday JULY 13 2024   
      • DINNER & Breakfast is Included at OPA's Camp.
      • Rates are $75 for your single occupancy Tent
      • Pop- Up Trailers or Glamping Tents are $150 for single or Double occupancy.  
      • Constant  flow swimming pond, instant 'On' hot shower , Starlink Wifi, Fishing  Poles at Pond & Creek, Fire Pits, River ambiance.  All Included.           
      • Adult beverages are available for a donation.   

      LINK to Lodging or Camping INFO at Opa's Camp Saturday on Jotform

      Ride Webpages:

      ADV Ride on the Divide Facebook LINK

      ADV Ride on the Divide Facebook LINK

      Divide Ride Photo Share Links


      What’s not included

      • Lodging
        Lodging choices are avaiable
      • Lunch
        Lunch is available on the loops
      • Adult Beverages
        Adult beverages are not included
      • Fuel
        Fuel is on the loops

      Available Packages

      Divide Adventure Ride JULY

      Join the club in and this ride is part of your Club membership: $450. 

      • Your Dad, adult children, Wife or anyone you share a last name with may ride with a Club Member for $325. 
      • Your 2nd or subsequent rides are only $375.

      You will receive:

      • Phone Compatible GPS tracks, with maps of the routes, electronic roll-charts and voice navigation if you wish.
      • T-shirt
      • Participant pin. 
      • Ride with GPS Club Membership and the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts. 
      • The club will Portage your gear.
      • Chase truck and trailer so you may ride unencumbered.


      • Camping is Included Friday & Sunday at the Drift-IN Campsite on the Arkansas River.
      • The Drift -IN sits on the Arkansas River and has an onsite Bar & Grill.
      • If you do not wish to camp we have asked that rooms be held at the Poncha Lodge, 3 miles from the campsite in Poncha Springs.
      • Lodging is not included.
      • Discounted Lodging is available at the COS Airport Radisson Hotel on Thursday and Monday
      • Camping spots are included at the Drift-in near Salida on the Arkansas River on Days 1 & 3. 
      • You may also choose to stay in a Hotel in Poncha Springs or Salida on Days 1 & 3. 
      • On Day 2 we will stay at Opa's Camp on Sweetwater Creek near Dotsero. Breakfast & Dinner are included with Camping or Lodging at  Opa's Camp, which is not included.
      • LINK TO OPA's CAMP: On Jot Form

      Secure Truck parking is available in the COS Airport long term parking area for $8 a day. 

      We will stage and leave from the Airport. Riders Meeting at 8 AM.

      • With all the  widespread OHV closures, knowing where to go and how to get the best out  of your riding day is now more valuable than ever before. 
      • We have scouted out the best routes and eliminated the dead ends and U-Turns at closed routes.

      Since you will be self-navigating the route with GPS Tracks, there is no official start time. 

      You may start any time you wish, though typically we like to see everyone on the road before 9 am. The Club insists everyone use the Buddy System and look out for each other throughout the day. 

      • Check-out each morning and check-in each night. 
      • We do not ride in large groups. 
      • There are no guides.

      Fill out the form and use discount code 2NDRIDE if this is your 2nd or subsequent ride:

      2NDRIDE $75 OFF

      Fill out another form for a relative and use discount code RELATIVE for your son,brother, Dad, uncle, wife, daughter.

      RELATIVE $125 OFF

      LINK to OPA's Camp on Jotform:


      Deposit: $125


      ADV Ride on the Divide
      Adventure ride on the Continental Divide July 12-15 '24

      Show up on Thursday for the July Ride on the Continental Divide. 

      Ride Friday to Monday

      • Stay at the COS Airport Raddison Hotel
      • Day 1 Ride around the east and south side of Pikes Peak on spectacular old Railroad right-of-ways. 
      • Ride to the Heart of the Rocky Mountains on Day 1.
      • Spend the first night camping on the Arkansas River. 
      • Or stay in a hotel in Poncha Springs or Salida.


      • Day 2 ride over the 3rd highest paved Pass in the country.
      • Pass thru Aspen and have Lunch in Basalt.
      • Ride a section of the COBDR to Gypsum on Day 2. 
      • Day 2 ride over 3  high mountain Passes.
      • Spend the 2nd night near Dotsero at a private campground.
      • Dinner & Breakfast included at Opa's Camp.
      • Day 3 ride 7 mountain passes 
      • Ride over the 2nd highest paved pass in the country.
      • Spend the 3rd night camping on the Arkansas River. 
      • Or stay in a hotel in Poncha Springs or Salida.
      • There are options for a shorter loop on Day 3


      • Day 4 ride a 65 % off-road loop back to Colorado Springs, where your truck has been securely parked at the Airport.
      • Ride up Pikes Peak if you wish. 
      • Or ride thru Garden of the Gods.

      Your Organizer

      Exit Tours MC
      6 reviews
      Exit Tours MC is a Unique Club Concept. If you are looking for a challenging ride in spectacular scenery, look no further than Exit Tours MC. Exit Tours is actually a non-profit motorcycle club that puts on Limited Entry Club Rides for 3 disciplines. Dual Sport, Singletrack and Adventure bikes. Amazing destinations in CO, CA, AZ, NM, NV, UT, Baja to Los Cabos & even rides in Cuba! These club rides are open to any Like-minded enthusiasts. These are not beginner rides. Though they do offer routes around many challenging sections.


      A great group of like-minded moto enthusiasts. A great time was had by all! Bonfire and music with laser light show was once again top notch!
      By Mark M for Free Father's Day ride on Jul 01, 2024
      Exit Tours nailed it yet again! We had some great music and light shows by one big stud of a DJ, loads of good friends and family, totally inappropriate bonfires, and a flame thrower! The planned rides were all amazing. Sunday breakfast was on point as well. This is a great event to get to know other moto minded people. Can't wait for another Exit Tours ride!
      By Kevin G for Free Father's Day ride on Jun 27, 2024
      Had a wonderful time. Very well planned and prepped. Good times had by all. Will do it again if we get the opportunity.
      By Jeff R for Free Father's Day ride on Jun 26, 2024
      My wife and I had a great time. Views from the camp were stellar! Breakfast was good and plenty. A grill was available Saturday evening for you to BBQ what you brought. Campfire was he best ever and the light show with the great sound system made the whole experience legendary! The routes were many and varied with memories guaranteed. There were maps and apps for all the rides. A great group showed up and I will definitely be in for another Exit Tour adventure.
      By STEVE P for Free Father's Day ride on Jun 18, 2024
      My first experience with Exit Tours. Well organized, friendly people, great routes, good efficient communication. I will definitely be back and recommend you try them.
      By George E for Free Father's Day ride on Jun 18, 2024
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