Cooking Classes

Παναγία 858 00, Ελλάδα

Cooking Classes
Παναγία 858 00, Ελλάδα

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Our classes are based on our yiayia's culinary secrets. They embody everything we love. Simple, healthy, aromatic, and delicious food. A beautiful array of dishes, and their ingredients read like a poem. We feel like that is the food we have grown up on, and that is what Kasos food represents to us.

Picture this: traditional dishes being serving with big slabs of feta, bread, and a view of the Aegean Sea and to the sounds of cicadas. 

We will makes our own bread, as well as the island’s famous makarounes (local pasta). Everyone going to spend time around the prep table and in the vineyard while our meal cooked in the wood-burning oven. Each class closes with a big gathering around the table.

All meals are prepared with the freshest daily produce from our island and there’re always vegan/vegetarian alternatives. 

‘‘While you’re in the island, you must try our cooking class, as it focuses on sustainable organic local products, truly embodying the farm-to-table mentality.’’

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We are Kassiots, born, living and working throughout this remote Greek isle, whose local knowledge and passion for all things in Kasos is unsurpassed. Kasos Tours works with fixed itineraries for our direct inquiries, however we craft from scratch and build the tour you want. Our custom tours are private, guided and all-inclusive, so you can truly enjoy Kasos; explore the land, the art&craft culture and local gastronomy.