Costa Rica Immersion

San José Province, San José, Costa Rica

Beyond the Map
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5 reviews
Duration: 7 days
Group size: 4 - 999
Costa Rica Immersion
San José Province, San José, Costa Rica

Beyond the Map
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5 reviews

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 4 - 999

About this trip

Costa Rica has been on the travel radar for years and for good reason! Each year, travelers from all over the world journey to the misty cloudforests in search of wildlife, they fly through the air on ziplines and sunbathe on the white sandy beaches. Those looking for a truly authentic experience may overlook Costa Rica, pinning it as a full-fledged tourist destination. We've accepted the challenge and turned an ordinary Costa Rica trip into a one-of-a-kind journey! Take everything you thought you knew about Costa Rica and throw it out the window- this is the real Costa Rica!

Why this trip is unforgettable

  • Discover a new home camping in a cave tucked behind a hidden waterfall  
  • Embark on a journey through the jungle and navigate class III-V white water rapids
  • Learn traditional Costa Rican recipes and handmade crafts from a local family 
  • Meander through the rainforest in search of sloths, monkeys & other wildlife
  • Uncover the secrets in the underground caverns of Costa Rica​
  • Live with a local family on their self-sustained eco-lodge and organic farm 
  • Take the plunge and rappel over 90 ft cascading waterfalls​
  • Hike to a remote village that is only accessible by foot 9 months out of the year

Details, Policies, Covid Protocol & More

Fitness Level

Required fitness level (1-5): (1 being low, 5 being high level of fitness) 3/5- This adventure may include 4-6 hours of continuous activities for multiple days. Participants should be in good physical condition and able to walk for several miles on uneven terrain. Many activities take place outdoors and you may be exposed to adverse weather conditions such as rain, heat, sun, and insects. For the best experience, it is highly recommended that participants carefully review the itinerary prior to joining and follow the packing list that is provided by the trip director. Our trip director will serve as a source of knowledge for planning and preparation prior to the trip. No experience necessary, just a calling for adventure!


The majority of our Costa Rica trips include unconventional accommodations in comparison to what most US citizens are accustomed to. This may include bed & breakfast, remote off-the-grid lodges and wilderness glamping (glamorous camping!)

B&B & Eco-Lodges: Each bed and breakfast & eco-lodge is different, however, each location will include rooms that are in a separated living area from the local family. The homes are always clean and comfortable but often lack the same luxuries that we may be used to in a standard hotel. This may include: no/limited electricity, cold/room temp showers, and shared common areas such as the bathrooms and a kitchen. While they may lack these items, they are the most authentic living experiences available and support the local economy as opposed to a large hotel chain. Many of our travelers enjoy these stays the most.

Wilderness Glamping: If your itinerary includes the overnight cave glamping, then you are in for one of the most memorable nights of sleep of your life! The accommodations include an open-air cavern with a waterfall on one side. The sleeping area is a shared area with plenty of room to spread out. We provide clean sleeping pads, sleeping bags and a pillow for a comfortable night's sleep. The cave is outfitted with a full (beautiful!) kitchen, multiple bathrooms, cold water showers and candles and lanterns at night for light.

The accommodations above are environmentally friendly and use fans and natural breezes to stay cool, there is no air conditioning.

Hotels: On occasion, we will stay in a standard hotel. This usually takes place either in San Jose or while staying at the beach. We rotate hotels depending on availability and the group, however, they generally include AC units, electricity, wifi and sometimes a pool.

Costa Rica Covid-19 Protocols

Please follow this link for more details: COVID-19 REQUIREMENTS. Your trip director will help you through this process. Please note, you may be required to get a negative Covid test for re-entry into the US. Our local guides will arrange this, however, the cost of the test is not included in the price of this trip.

Beyond the Map Covid-19 Protocols

Pre-Trip Precautions: All guides and operators will have a negative Covid-19 test within one week of the trip or will be vaccinated. Participants will not be permitted to attend if they have shown symptoms and signs of illness. If someone shows symptoms on the trip, we’ll immediately separate that person from the rest of the group and implement evacuation procedures to a nearby hospital for testing/assistance. We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone that appears to be ill. Temperature checks will be done at the beginning of each trip for each participant. Each guest will be required to fill out the pre-trip Covid-19 questionnaire. 

Transportation: Group transportation will be provided for this trip unless otherwise noted. 

Sanitizing: We’ve stockpiled soap, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, disinfectant wipes, hand wipes, etc. for our guide teams to have available to guests at all times during trips. 

Equipment: High-touch surfaces including equipment will be deep cleaned prior to use. Guests will have access to disinfectant wipes for their own use as well as an added precaution. Guests will constantly be asked to use hand sanitizer before/after handling of any equipment. Shared equipment will be kept to a minimum and/or be sanitized w/ a disinfectant wipe between uses. Guests will handle their own baggage and personal items. When possible, we will select activities that promote social distancing. 

Meals: Guides will either create “to-go” style picnic lunches in takeaway brown bags or will create a lunch/dinner spread in which the guides handle the serving utensils and put food on plates for guests. Guides will wear gloves and masks throughout food prep and serve. Dishes will be washed in the evenings after guest drop-off. Guests will be required to bring their own reusable utensils and water bottle. We will require handwashing prior to all meals. We will have handwashing stations set up and available at mealtimes.

Participant Interaction: All guests will be required to bring face masks and to wear them when in situations whenever they cannot maintain a distance of 6 feet from another participant. Typical greetings such as handshakes, high fives or hugs will not be permitted between guests (unless within the same party-friends, family, etc.). 

Cancellation Policy

The traveler agrees to notify Beyond the Map with written notice of cancellation 60 days prior to the trip date for a full refund. Refunds for cancellations after this 60 day period will vary and are dependent on the expenditures that the operator will absorb as a result of cancellation. Cancellations equal to or less than 14 days prior to the trip date will be charged the full amount of the trip and no refunds will be issued. If the operator cancels the trip due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances (weather, safety concerns, travel bans, etc.), then the customer will receive a travel voucher for the full amount of the trip cost. 

As a side note, during times of uncertainty, the operator is personally working with each guest to ensure that the cancellation policy is flexible and will protect the costs endured by both the traveler and operator. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover any unexpected travel interruptions.  

Please note that prices vary based on the number of participants.  

Travel Insurance

*Costa Rica may require travelers to carry travel insurance that covers Covid related expenses. Please see "Costa Rica Covid-19 Protocols" above. *

Due to the activity type, we highly recommend you purchase trip insurance. It allows you to seek reimbursement if you are forced to cancel your trip for unforeseeable reasons, or if you need to cover medical help, emergency transport, and/or theft or accidental damage while traveling. For travel insurance, we recommend DAN Travel insurance or World Nomads. Please note, Beyond the Map is not affiliated with either of these companies. It is your responsibility to review coverage details and to file a claim if need be. 

Trip FAQs

Visit for answers to frequently asked questions or contact us at or call 724-757-6474 with any questions. 

What’s included

  • All Meals
    3 meals per day. Vegan, vegetarian and special diets are welcome to join!
  • Accommodations
    See accommodation details above
  • Transportation
    Private transportation throughout the country
  • Activities
    All activities noted in the itinerary
  • Private Guided Trip
    24/7 guides for local knowledge and safety
  • Pre-trip Logistics
    Pre-trip meeting, packing list and expert tips and advice including Covid-19 protocols
  • Equipment & Gear
    Hike, camp, raft, canyoneer & specialized equipment
  • Permits & Fees

What’s not included

  • RT Airfare
    To/From San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Alcohol
    Anyone 18+ must purchase their own alcohol
  • Personal Items/Souvenirs
  • Travel Insurance
    Required to enter Costa Rica. See "Costa Rica Covid Protocols" details above
  • Guide Gratuity
    Not required but it is standard etiquette to tip 18-20% of the trip cost for a privately guided trip.

Available Packages

Standard Group Rate

For groups with 6+ travelers

Deposit: $500
Small Group Rate
Deposit: $500

Available options


Day 1
Welcome to Costa Rica

Hola amigos and welcome to Costa Rica! Arrive to Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose where our private transportation and Beyond the Map guides will be waiting for you with snacks in hand. Our journey immediately begins as we point our compass south towards the highest point in the country and over the Cerro de la Muerte, or "The Mountain of Death." Along the way, we will stop at a local soda (equivalent to a diner) for lunch or a snack. The journey includes a scenic drive until the road meets a turbulent river. From here, we grab our packs and set off on foot towards a village that is quite literally, beyond any map that we have ever seen. Tonight we stay at a small homestay tucked away in the jungle. Spend the afternoon becoming acquainted with the local trails, soaking in the river, or relaxing in a hammock. Our first group dinner will be followed by a brief orientation to the adventures ahead! Relax, you've made it!

Accommodations: Remote Jungle Homestay  (no wifi + electricity)

Driving Time: 3 hrs

Hiking Mileage: 1-2 miles

Activity Time: 2-3 hrs

Meals: Lunch & Dinner

Your Organizer

Beyond the Map
5 reviews
At Beyond the Map our mission is simple- to share this big and beautiful world in the most unique and adventurous way that we know how!


This was the trip of a lifetime. Absolutely unreal ecology and abundant biodiversity, with challenges daily that were so rewarding to complete. We snorkeled, canyoneered, hiked, ziplined...and had the most fresh and flavorful food for every meal. Our guides were so kind and knowledgeable and even helped us find a COVID testing location a day before we left. The two other women we met on our tour became long-time friends and we are already making plans for another trip. I would recommend Costa Rica and Beyond The Map a million times to anyone who wants a dreamy adventure vacation in the jungle! Thank you!!
By Sierra W for 4DAY_Costa Rica Adventure_Weir on Apr 11, 2022
The Costa Rica Immersion is a truly unique experience and allows the traveler to gain deep insight into the CR culture and lifestyle. Our guide Diego was one of the best we ever had, very knowledgable, hard-working, and caring. We loved the homestays, the meals, and day activities. We highly recommend this trip!
By Evelyn Z for Costa Rica Immersion on Apr 03, 2022
I had a great time and would highly recommend the Springs trip to others. It was a great group of people, good food, fun and educational. Cody and Allain are knowledgeable and ensured that we all felt comfortable and had a great experience.
By Alicia J for Outdoor Afro Florida Springs Camping on Mar 09, 2021
Great time. Great people
By Jeremy T for Outdoor Afro Florida Springs Camping on Mar 03, 2021
This trip was phenomenal. Pay was the absolute best guide we ever could have asked for! It was a very humbling, life-changing trip that I will remember forever.
By Abigail G for FIT Puerto Rico Community Service Spring Break Trip on Mar 22, 2020