Costa Rica Yoga Retreat (August 2020) Blissful Mind Yoga & Meditation

Puntarenas Province, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Aug 10 - 15, 2020
Group size: 8 - 18
Costa Rica Yoga Retreat (August 2020) Blissful Mind Yoga & Meditation
Puntarenas Province, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Deposit: $500
Aug 10 - 15, 2020
Group size: 8 - 18

About this trip

Balance your Nervous System, reduce stress and anxiety, build community, and connect to Mother Earth with a week-long transformational yoga retreat in sacred, magical rainforest and pacific Coast of Costa Rica. 

The Experience

A 6-day Costa Rica Yoga Retreat where you’ll learn powerful yogic tools to balance your nervous system, and reduce stress and anxiety, while building community, connecting with nature, and traveling the world. 

This yoga retreat will take place in Costa Rica, Central America, August 10 through August 15, 2020. 

You’ll practice daily yoga and meditation on an oceanfront yoga studio, while taking the time to explore the jungles, wildlife, and sacred lands of Costa Rica. 

About Blissful Mind

Blissful Mind is a yoga-based program that teaches you powerful tools to balance your Nervous System, reduce stress and anxiety, and create a sustainable self-care practice. 

The program is comprised of five core practices: Breath, Mind, Body, Heart, and Bliss. 

Each day on retreat includes 2 Blissful Mind classes focusing on one of these core practices. The 2 classes, one morning, one evening include:


  • A brief introduction to the theme of the day
  • Energizing Morning yoga and guided meditation


  • Journaling practice
  • Mindful movement
  • Restorative & Yin
  • Full Yoga Nidra

What You'll Experience

A deep connection to Mother Earth, by exploring the luscious green jungle, the tropical rainforest, deserted beaches, and sacred wildlife in Costa Rica. 

A new perspective on the practice of yoga as a tool towards healthier living, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Relaxation, restoration, and healing through self-care and ancient therapeutic yoga techniques.

A disconnect from the things that bring stress and anxiety (social media, TV, email, work, etc), and a reconnection to the things that promote peace, groundedness, and well-being (nature, community, simplicity).

Community and long-lasting friendships

Is this Yoga Retreat right for you?

This retreat is for you if…

You wish to learn and practice powerful yogic techniques to balance stress and anxiety.

You’re a true nature lover or wish to explore it. 

You enjoy ALL things nature including fresh, semi-open-air accommodations, outdoor showers, secluded beaches and waterfalls, and the most biodiverse wildlife this world has to offer (monkeys, exotic birds, turtles, butterflies, etc.). 

You appreciate simplicity and rustic luxury. 

You enjoy making friends and building community just as much as you enjoy time alone. 

You appreciate and respect culture everywhere you go. 

You seek an authentic & mindful yoga retreat experience where you’ll get to disconnect, reconnect, recharge, and explore meaningful transformation. 

This retreat is NOT for you if…

You cannot tolerate heat and humidity.

You have some type of bug phobia or think bugs are dirty. The rainforest is their home, we are the visitors. 

You get easily scared by animals you don’t see everyday (monkeys, macaws, hummingbirds, frogs).

You need to be connected to wifi at ALL times 

You cannot roll-out of bed without your blow dryer, checking email, social media, and watching the 8 o’clock news. 

You simply cannot live without some of the comforts of home (hot water, AC, appliances, hailing a taxi or ordering takeout). 

Unpaved roads are not your thing. 

You have a mobility concern that would prevent you from climbing a few stairs on a daily basis. 

Getting There

Step 1 - Fly to Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO), San Jose, Costa Rica. 

Step 2 - Take a 50-minute flight to Puerto Jimenez. 

You can book your flight with Sansa at: It is highly recommended that you book your flight early as they do fill up quickly. 

Step 3- Wait for, and board the pre-arranged taxi and head to Finca Exotica. 

The ride from Puerto Jimenez to Finca Exotica takes around 1.5 - 2 hours. Please plan to arrive early to mid afternoon as the road is much easier to drive during daylight hours. 

Payment & Cancellation Details

Payment Details 

Reserve your space with a non-refundable deposit of $500. 

The remaining balance will then be paid in 2 equal payments. To qualify for the early bird deadline, you must submit your deposit by February 29, 2020

Your second payment (after the initial deposit) is due May 10, 2020.

Your third (and final payment) is due July 10, 2020.

After January 9, 2020, no more deposits will be accepted. You may still reserve after this date (pending availability), but your full payment will be required at booking. 

Cancellation Details 

We understand life happens and you may need to cancel your reservation. 

If cancellation request is submitted 90 days or more prior to retreat date, all payments made minus deposit will be refunded.

If cancellation request is submitted 31-90 days prior to the retreat date, 50% of payments made minus deposit will be refunded. 

If cancellation request is submitted less than 30 days prior to retreat date, no payments will be refunded. 

What’s included

  • 5-Night Accommodations
    Beachfront, mostly open air cabins surrounded by tropical rainforest and the beautiful sound of birds, optional candle light, mosquito nets, outdoor showers, ocean views or luscious gardens.
  • 3 meals per day
    3 delicious healthy meals prepared with fresh, organic, and local ingredients from Finca Exotica’s own garden and neighboring local farms.
  • 2 yoga classes daily
    Note: there will not be a morning class on the day of the hike. You will, however, get a delicious post-hike evening yin/restorative practice for the most blissful happy ending of the trip!
  • 2-3 jungle excursions
    2-3 pre-scheduled group activities with experienced, licensed naturalist guides are included.
  • Airport Pick-up
    Shared transportation to and from Puerto Jimenez Airport will be pre-arranged and included for those arriving on March 9th and departing on March 14. The local taxi drivers are safe, friendly, and ful
  • Gratuities
  • Taxes
  • Wifi
  • Roundtrip Airfares
  • Travel Insurance
    Note: this is highly recommended
  • Spa treatments
  • Smoothies
  • Cocktails, Beer, Wine
  • Additional Excursions

Available Packages

Shared Glamping Tent
Available until Feb 29, 20204 left

Two single beds, or one double bed  - you'll share with one other guest.  (no roommate necessary, we will pair you up).

Share communal bathrooms and showers with other guests. 

Tiki Tents are spaciously spread across the garden, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature.

Deposit: $500
Private Glamping Tent
Available until Feb 29, 2020only 2 left

Your very own tent, no roommate, no sharing, no nothing! You’ll enjoy one queen bed and share communal bathrooms and showers with other guests. 

Deposit: $500
Shared Cabin (Double)
Available until Feb 29, 20204 left

This cozy, jungle cabin features a king sized bed or two single beds, a private bathroom, private outdoor shower and quick beach access, just a 3 minute walk to the shore.

You'll share with one other participant.

Deposit: $500
Private Cabin
Available until Feb 29, 2020only 1 left

Your very own cabin, no roommate, no sharing, no nothing! 

Located in the midst of our tropical garden, this cozy cabin has a very nice lounging area for viewing wildlife and enjoying the outdoors. It also boasts easy beach access, just 2-3 minutes from the shore.

You'll have king size bed, private bathroom, and private outdoor showers.

Deposit: $500
Deposit: $500

Shared Glamping Tent
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